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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



  They saw a mountain in front of them, so they decided to go to the end of the mountain and cross it but they saw a big wall that seemed to be touching the wall, so they both decided to climb the mountain and then go to the other side, after walking for a long duration they were near to the tip of the mountain there was a separation of the way which met near the tip. Peter said “Take the right way and I will take the left way and then meet near the tip of the mountain.” They both agreed and then Peter started walking whereas John rested and then a voice wakened him up saying “start walking or else your companion will be killed.” He was scared that his friend shouldn’t die so he started walking. Those ways were the magical ways that gave the people Black, green and White Magic. Peter was on the route that gave green and White Magic. On the other hand John on the route that gave Black Magic. Peter was introduced to a soul whose name was Ron and simultane ously John was introduced to ghost Rick. The both ghosts told about them about their opposition and not telling about their Magic to the opposite. They both met each other at the end of the way, i.e. at the tip off the mountain there was a broken bridge that connected those island. They both discussed and decided that they will be going by the ropeway. John climbed the tree and attached the rope to one tree on Phayra and the other tree in Eagle's Nest. They were tired and at last reached Eagle's Nest                                                               



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