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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



                      As they reached Eagle's Nest they were too tired and decided to rest near Lectoreck village. They were now near that village as they entered that village they were seen by a small child that shouted something and all the people gathered and took them towards the house of George, George wasn’t present in his house. So they started looking at the pictures on the wall, at the mean time those people left the house. They saw a picture that looked alike as the paper given by that White Magician. As they were to take the picture George entered the house and attacked them. They said “why are you attacking us?” George replied “I don’t like Black Magician in my house.” Peter replied “I am not a Black Magician.” The gestures of John changed so George attacked John he dogged that attack and said “you will not be able to catch me.” And he disappeared with a Black gas.

                        “I knew these things but I was waiting for a good chance to kill him, but …” said Peter. John replied “I know, but he will not be able to get the Magic’s as the half paper is with me.”

                         Peter removed the paper from his bag and George removed the paper from the wall and joint them through Magic.     


George said “You might have got the water Magic and so ……” Peter interfered and said “………Water Magic from where do we get it.” George was shocked and he said “you didn’t collect water Magic.” He controlled himself. So they both went to Phayra and collected water Magic. Now they decided to go to all volcano to collect the remaining volcanic stones except the one with George.


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