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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



George, Peter and Frango were banging the head as they had failed to protect. The Black Magic Stone. Peter said. “We shouldn’t waste our time banging the head. We should now go to Green Magical Cave and have the unknown Magic and its secret.” 
                               George said “yes I agree but before that I want to know the secret of Black Magic. John has achieved it. We would be there in his place. We could only protect it as if we had achieved it we could be turned evil. So good that he has achieved it. But still it was good if we have stopped him before it would be good but………” 
                                      Peter said OK please stop your lecture, we shall now you to Green Magical Cave, before it’s too late 
                                    George said OK we shall before that we should ask Frango whether he knows the secret of Black Magic. 
Frango repeated the whole of history. 
Peter said “Oh my God what do you have Black Magic. Frango replied “yes, I have Black Magic, But due to my kindness and power of other Magic, Black Magic is not too effectible. So don’t worry I am not a Black Magician if a Black Magician would have a spirit in my body then, the spirit would not last for a long time. It would be destroyed inside my body itself. ‘Now to reach Green Magical Cave they had to walk 100kms. But they can’t afford it so, they began to make an air balloon in which they could travel to the Green Magical Cave. The air balloon was ready to surf in the air. They reached near Green Magical Cave and the air balloon was in danger, but they managed to land it safely and they were on the entrance of Green Magical Cave. That Cave was made of Green colored rocks when they entered the Cave a demon made of Green gems started attacking them, after a long duration of fight, George was fainted. Then Frango and Peter started attacking him with more force and then after a while Frango was too fainted. Peter was too annoyed that he started attacking with any break in between and Alas! That demon was died, Peter and Sam tried to wake George, but it was in vain as he was died and a gem came near to Peter as he was to pick the gem that gem started flying up and when he looked above he felt that the gem was going into the universe and a chamber was created, after few minutes that gem came down and as Peter took it, now Peter too had Green Magic. 

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