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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this



 After that Peter was up to Blue Magic as he had decided to White Magic as he knew that there was a lot of time for the door to be closed, and when he was travelling for Blue Magical Cave he was missing his dear friend George, and when he reached the Blue Magical Cave and he saw a amazing thing there, that is none other than George. He said “I was never died my friend Peter, I was always with you all over when you’re in danger never miss me as I will be always near you just you call me and I will be with you. Go on and collect all the Magic, and be the great Magician. And don’t return me those powers as those powers are yours and not mine, now carefully listen to me how to achieve those Magic.” Peter interfered and asked “it means that you already have Blue Magical Cave.” 
                        George agreed 
                                 “If you ask I am ready to give you some Magic.” Said George. “What’s the use of the success that is without any hard work I will go on my route as I want to achieve that Magic on my strength, my powers, and also don tell me the way to do the same I will get it and then I will surely come to you, but would you stay with me and we will both achieve the Magic together.” Replied Peter. George said “I appreciate your self-confidence and I can’t stand with you as other people like you are waiting for me, so taking your leave. And George disappeared. When he entered that Cave he saw that the Stone was right in front of him, when he went to take that Stone. Some arrows attacked him. He defended himself and when he looked around the Cave he saw that there were hundreds of Blue Stone and then he started saying to himself “it means that if I choose any wrong Stone then there will be attacks on me. So which would be the original Stone.”, then he started thinking and when he was thinking all the Magical stones were disappeared and then he was able to take the original Stone and still there was a rush of diamonds towards him but it didn’t affect him as he had water Magic, and then he had Blue Magic. 

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