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  • Published: 30 Jun 2016
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This gives all information about the prediction of magics.
i think u should read this




                               Peter and George were tired of getting into routes and decided to rest in saffron volcano. John came to know about it and he was planning to go to Black Magical cave as he wanted more Magical power to defeat Peter and John, so he went to Black Magical Cave when he came near that Magical Cave he saw a big ghost which was as big as mammoth, John used multiple tackle attack and multiplied himself. That ghost was confused, so he ran towards that Cave and when he returned he was with a big army, John was in a shield so he was safe

but not completely. Those demons attacked John and he too multiplied himself and started attacking that demon. John used a great strategy to kill those demons he said that technique as   The Two Diamonds strategy these tricks were used during the rule of Black Magicians over the world it was known as three diamonds but as John was not completely aware of those magician’s attack so he used the two diamonds technique, they all made two diamonds and slowly moved ahead destroying all demons. Then he was near the Black Magical Stone, and on the other hand the saffron Cave in which Peter and John were sleeping in the sense Peter was sleeping but not George, he was meditating and having a look over all the moves of George and he was waiting for a good chance to interfere. John was about to take the gem that a man crushed the wall and interfered him, his name was Frango. He used to live on the roof of that Cave with his brother actually he had two brother but he was always against him so he died in another attack. This time John was too confident and as usual he said to himself “I could easily defeat him as I have Black Magic” in that case John was wrong as Frango was a master of attacking. John said “come on! We will make a deal that you hand over the Stone and I will not kill you.” Frango replied “Leave about my life think about your life and you went a bit wrong in the deal you should make deal that you will not be killed by me.” “Don’t joke you small child.” Said John. George woke Peter up and took him to the Black Magical Cave. Peter attacked John and side by side protected that Stone Sam was too trying to attack him but they all were failed; John was totally achieved by that Black Magic. Peter and John started running ahead and also took Frango with them. John was also curious about the secret of that Magic              

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