The Match

Got this idea from a tumblr post, saying that when you are born you should get this unique half necklace and your soul mate has the other half. This is my twist to it, enjoy!


2. One - Party planning

                Hunter Elijah is the typical student; average grades, has a small group, didn’t do anything spectacular with his life yet.

“So when is the party?” Brett asks

“It’s no-ot a party! It’s a get together,” Hunter Elijah whined.

“Anyway, when is it?” Brett shook his head.

“Can it be this Friday? I work Saturday and Sunday.” Callie speaks up.

“But my birthday is on Saturday,” he pouts

“I’m sorry, but I can’t ask off now!” Callie scoffs

“What time do you work on Saturday?”

“Ten in the morning,”

“Okay, so you guys can stay the night at my house and in the morning I can get my necklace and then you can go to work. That work for everyone?”

“Your room is small though.” Lawrence pitches in

“Sleep on the couch then!” Hunter Elijah rolls his eyes. He’s very, very close to cutting him out of his life. He’s always complaining about something to do with Hunter.

“I can bring some movies and snacks. Drinks?” Callie breaks the short silence.

“No drinks, soda will be fine.” Hunter Elijah awkwardly speaks.

“Such a downer, Jesus.” Lawrence rolls his eyes.

Hunter Elijah just walks away from the three people and into the cafeteria to get a salad. Nothing better than lettuce full of cheese, sliced turkey and chicken, carrots, and ranch, right? Just going to sit with someone else other than those three, typical Wednesday in Virginia I suppose. 

“You’re Hunter, right?” a brunette asks as she sits down with the same salad.

“Add the Elijah and you’ll be correct,” he huffs as he pours his ranch.

"Hunter Elijah, Callie's friend.. S-she invited me to a party - your party."

"It's not a party. Get together would be more like it," he huffs again. "What's your name?"

"Drew" the brunette smiled at him. Hunter Elijah chocked on his food.

"DREW??!" a few people turn around and stare. "Sorry, uh, you're Drew? The cheerleader friend, the short haired brunette friend."

"Yeah..?" she giggled "Let me guess, you thought I was a guy?"
"Precisely," he chuckled and sipped his water. "Sorry, guess I shouldn't have judged so quickly. You surely are beautiful and I'm sorry that I thought you were a dude."
"Well thank you and you're quite all right. Not the first time someone thought I was a dude. One time I was going to a job interview and the manager said they were expecting a male and sent me right home."
"Oh my gosh, no way! That's terrible. I'm so sorry."

                They sat there talking like that until the third lunch bell rang, making them ridiculously late to their next class - seeing as how they have first lunch and each lunch is fifty-five minutes long. So they decided to stay until all the lunches were over.

"So do you want to come to my 'party'? It'll be a over-night thing, you can sleep in the living room, o-or the guest bedroom. Well, if you want! You don't have to stay. But it's just that my birthday is on Sa-"
"I'd love to come. I'll stay where everyone else is sleeping. Here is my number, just text me all the details and the address and I'll be there Friday with the biggest gift!" She winked and slid a piece of paper across the table with her number scribbled on it.

                The last bell rang and they both got up and went to their next class. Hunter Elijah just stared down at the piece of paper, smiling. Does she really like him?? She's such a smart and beautiful person and she wants to be friends with him and hang around him. He walks into his next class, English, and sees Callie sitting alone so he decides to sit next to her.

"Thanks," is all he said.

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