Gone |C•H|

We fell in love. All the fighting,tears and pain are gone.

Just like her.


6. 5

Calum's POV

Once I dropped Alana off,I went home.

I sat in my room thinking about her. How beautiful she looked,what she wore,about her bruises and scars.

I couldn't keep my mind off of her. She's beautiful. It kills me to see that kind of stuff on her.

Her gorgeous eyes that you could get lost in,her  beautiful coloured hair which you could run your fingers through early in the morning,her soft-looking,plump lips that you could kiss all day,her warm tan skin that you could cuddle with.

Then I was getting a FaceTime call from Alana.

Alana's POV

As I walked into my room I noticed my parents weren't home.

Nothing new.

Once I got to my room my door was already open.

As I walked inside I saw my ass of a boyfriend,yes I called him an ass,was sitting on my bed.

"Hey Evans what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Just to see what my beautiful girlfriend was up to." He responded.

I found it quite odd that Evan called me beautiful.

He rarely does it. He only does it at school.

"Oh I was at the beach with Melanie." I said.

"Oh how I love how your fucking lying to me. Who the hell was that,that dropped you off." Evans said angrily.

"He's just a friend I met today. I kinda hit him in the head with the football and we went with Melanie and his friend Michael to get ice cream. So he dropped me off here." I said with my voice shaking.

I knew what was going to happen next.

I decided to secretly FaceTime Calum in hopes that he would pick up. I hid my phone.

Evans came up to me and slapped me. Calum answered at the right time.

I felt a fist around my neck pushing me against a wall.

"Don't you fucking dare cheat on me you sluttly bitch." Evans yelled.

His hand tightened around my throat.

"Go fucking die in a hole you fucking cunt. Go fucking kill yourself now you fat bitch." Evans said and let me go.

When he let me go I dropped to the ground.

I began to cough up blood. This happened daily.

Calum had already hung up FaceTime.

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