Gone |C•H|

We fell in love. All the fighting,tears and pain are gone.

Just like her.


4. 3

                               Calum's POV

I had finished my ice cream. Both me and Alana had gotten up to throw out the cups.

"So what should we do now since Michael and Melanie are busy fucking?" I asked.

"Let's walk on the beach." Alana said.

"Alright let's go." I said. I remembered I had a radio in my car. "Wait I have to get something from my car."

First we went to my car and grabbed my speakers.

"What type of music do you listen to?" Alana asked.

"I listen to bands like Green Day,Blink-183,Good Charlotte,All Time Low,The 1975,The Neighborhood,etc." I responded.

"Me too." Alana looked up at me and smiled.

I connected my phone to my Bluetooth speakers.

I began to play 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighborhood.

I started singing along.

So did Alana.

As the song played,I went into the ocean water.

The water was cold,but refreshing at the same time.

I looked at Alana and she was sitting on her towel on the sand.

"Alana get in!" I said.

"No I can't swim." She responded.

"I'll teach you." I said.

I went over to her and practically dragged her to the water.

"Calum stop it!" Alana yelled.

Her feet were already in the water.

"Okay,give me your hands. When I start to pull you with me,start kicking your legs." I explained.

I held her soft hands and began to pull her with me.

She began kicking and after a bit I let go of her.

She began to panic and she was barely breathing.

I lifted her up by her waist and carried her bridal style.

Alana's POV

Calum let go of me without a warning.

I accidentally swallowed water and I could breathe and I began panicking.

I felt a pair of  strong hands on my waist.

I felt myself being carried and set down on my towel.

I coughed up the water I swallowed. I wasn't panicking anymore.

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