This story is a sneak peek to the actual story and I'd love to get feedback so I can grow this into something amazing.


1. The beginning

"He taunted me, beckoning me to give up. My heart pounded to loudly for me to determine who he was but something about his voice sounded so familiar. I couldn't take much more, I could feel my lungs burning. I knew if I kept going I would collapse but I skidded to halt when I realized that wasn't the problem. Rocks crumbled under my feet and tumbled into the icy waters below. "End of the road, babe." A pair of the most gorgeous blue eyes was all I could make out from the shadows that engulfed him. Babe? Adrenaline was pumping through my veins making it difficult to concentrate. Why would he call me babe? Who is he? What does he want? "I've waited a long time for you to come back, please step away from the ledge and come with me. I'll explain everything, I promise" Confusion twisted its way into my thoughts. I looked back at the icy tomb awaiting it's next victim. "You'll never have me." Was the last words I whispered before ending my life. "

Dr. Beckson closed my journal and gently placed it on the table along with her glasses. My mother found my dream journal and immediately dialed the shrink. Now I'm taking anti depressants and everyone thinks I'm a twig ready to snap at any moment. I was actual really happy before my nightmares began. "Drew it's time you started talking. You can't get any better if you keep refusing." All I did was shrug and stare off into the distance as usual. Don't get me wrong I did try talking once but it made things worse, especially when I brought up that I thought it was a past life experience. She shook her head, glanced at the clock and scribbled some garbage down in her book then nodded to the door, gesturing it was time to go. I made no attempt to make any kind gestures, instead I rushed out without a single word. It looked cloudy out and I swear I could hear thunder. I was five blocks away so I decided to start running. That wasn't the best choice apparently because I ran smack dab into someone. "Oh I am so sorry!!" I was still stumbling to get up but he was already standing. "H-how did you-" When I finally did stand a pair of gorgeous blue eyes stared back at me and, just like my dream, they were so familiar. "You...its you.." I stumbled backwards

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