The Great Escape

Jenna and Pia never thought they would get kidnapped, almost voluntarily. But they did, so now they must figure out a way to save themselves and the other girls before Tucker goes through with his awful plan for them all.


2. Two

We had been driving for what seemed like hours, when we pulled up to an abandoned house.

Tucker opened Pia's door, beckoning with his gun for us to get out slowly. We did so, and followed him into the house.

He unlocked the door and it blew shut behind us, making me jump. The insides greeted us with a musty but oddly comforting scent. Tucker then began to lead us up the steps.

We walked into a hall that had four closed doors, two on each side, and an opened door at the end of the hall.

He turned and began to stair at us, his palm on his chin, as if he were deep in thought. He was assessing and staring at us, as if we were dogs at the shelter that he couldn't decide to adopt or not.

Tucker slowly began to nod, and led us to the closed door furthest from us. He unlocked it and opened the door quickly, briskly walking in.

"Jenna and Pia. This is your new room. These are your roommates," he stated, gesturing to the two girls sitting on two beds pushed up against the wall, "and their names are Olive and Gretta. You two can fight over which beds you want over there. Olive, you can explain the rules to the girls. Goodbye." And with that, Tucker walked sturdily out the door, shutting and locking it with a loud click.

Olive looked at Pia and I appreciatively. She looked at Gretta.

"He picked some more pretty ones. Good thing you got put in here. We're the only room of girls that he doesn't hit." She said grimacing, obviously feeling pity for the girls in the other rooms.

"Ah. The rules. Here we go." Spoke Olive, looking at Pia and I, but we were both still relatively in shock over what had happened on just one seemingly plain September morning.

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