The Great Escape

Jenna and Pia never thought they would get kidnapped, almost voluntarily. But they did, so now they must figure out a way to save themselves and the other girls before Tucker goes through with his awful plan for them all.


4. Four

I woke up in the middle of the night in a panic.

I calmed down, when I saw Pia in the bed next to me, but began to quietly cry when I thought about how my dad must be panicking right now.

I suppose it's good he's a worry-wart, because the police must be all over this. Along with Pia's parents, hopefully they'll find us in no time.

I looked over and saw Pia with her eyes wide open, and tears slowly rolling down her cheeks. She looked over and saw me as well, and beckoned me over.

We both layed on her bed for a while, just comforting each other by being near one another.

The sun began to rise, so I went back to my bed to avoid the possibility of getting in trouble. I fell asleep for around an hour before the sound of Olive and Gretta stirring woke me.

Pia's always been a deep sleeper, so she was still lightly snoring away. Good. She definitely needed to rest, after her night of woeful sniffling.

I sighed, looking out the old boarded window. This wasn't a nightmare after all.

I followed what Gretta and Olive were doing and began to neatly make my bed, then walked over to Pia.

"Pia," I whispered, giving her shoulder a few nudges.

"Pia, c'mon. Time to wake up," I said normally. She groaned and began to roll out of bed. She then proceeded to fall out of bed completely with a thunk on the floor, and caused Olive and Gretta and I to completely crack up.

She sat up, with a small smile playing on her lips, but the rest of her face read annoyed.

We heard footsteps coming down the hall, and quietly sat back on our beds.

Mr. Tucker opened the door and beckoned us out of the room.

Olive looked at us over her shoulder.

"Saturday is pancake day, and Mr. Tucker makes the best pancakes!"

Mr. Tucker turned around, trying to look pestered, but you could still see his smile.

"I would be mad for you talking without permission, Olive, but since it was a compliment for me, I'll let it slide." We all smiled.

And with that, we walked down the steps and into the kitchen, greeted with the best smell in the world!

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