The Great Escape

Jenna and Pia never thought they would get kidnapped, almost voluntarily. But they did, so now they must figure out a way to save themselves and the other girls before Tucker goes through with his awful plan for them all.


1. One

My name is Jenna Trax, and my best friend is Pia Maxwell. We're both 17, and recently became seniors in high school. We are almost always together, but she's an extrovert and I'm the poster child for an introvert. She goes clubbing, while I'd rather spend my nights reading or watching Law and Order.

My dad and I live in a nice house, right down the street from the school, so I'm able to walk every morning. My mom died when I was 7 in a tragic car accident, and the only thing she left me with was my great great grandmothers locket, which I cherish and wear everyday.

One foggy, rainy, just blah kind of morning, I was making my way down the street to school, when a van pulled up. Pia stuck her head out the window, calling for me to get in. I jumped at the chance, because even though I live so close, I enjoy getting to school dry.

I looked at Pia questioningly as to who the driver was, and she smiled.

"This is Tucker. I met him last night at the mall. He's a college student working at the high school to shadow or something." She said, practically drooling.

I rolled my eyes. Pia gets attracted to random guys so easily. One of these days she's gonna get herself hurt. The van was driving down the bumpy road, but it passed the school. I looked up in surprise, and Pia tapped Tucker's shoulder.

"Tuck? You missed the drive to pull into the school," she said nonchalantly, assuming it was a simple mistake.

He pulled out a gun from his pocket, pointing it at us, and began to speak, low and gravelly.

"I know exactly where I'm going. Don't talk anymore unless you want my reply to be a bullet through your skull."

Pia and I looked at each other in terror, lunging for the door, only to realize the handles were taken out on the inside. He shook his head, chuckling.

"Do you stupid girls really think I'm that naive? I've been around the block a few times," he said with a cruel smile.

We sat quietly in the back, trying to formulate a plan as to how we were going to escape.

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