Broken Beast

Humanity has lived in blissful ignorance for centuries. They've forgotten the nightmares they once lived in fear of. The nightmares they destroyed. Now they live on thinking of those horrors as nothing but fantasy until one night when one soul discovers the forgotten truth.
Awesome cover by Fallen_Skie


1. Chapter 1

"When I was a boy my father would tell me a story before I went to sleep. Even when I was a teenager I never grew tired of the stories my father told. He worked as a librarian and a part time author so there was no shortage of interesting stories."

A sickening crack followed by a muffled cry of pain filled the air as bone was crushed and flesh was torn. Fragments of bone protruded from the skin causing blood to trickle down the vice like a gorgeous little stream of red. This gruesome work brought with it the scent of fear and blood as the vice grew ever tighter causing even more cries of pain from the woman strapped to the metal chair.

"I think my favorite story was the one about the ogre who turned from the villain into the hero. If I recall correctly the ogre viciously ripped out the dragon's spine with his bare hands before crushing its skull. It was a very gruesome story no doubt but I often dreamed about the characters."

The woman in the chair struggled against her restraints and tried to beg for mercy but her words were inaudible through the bloody rag in her mouth. The woman's captor moved through the darkness while continuing to talk to her as they tightened the vice ever tighter drawing even more blood and cries for mercy.

"It was the ogre who I had the most fascination with. I always wondered what happened to the ogre after he saved the people. I wondered if the people of the town killed him despite what he had done for them. He may have saved them but humans are such fearful creatures. I have no doubt that somewhere down the road the townsfolk turned on the ogre forcing him to kill them all. I'll never know though. It's sad to not know what happens after the ending. You're always given the happily ever after thing but that's only because they don't want to tell what they did afterwards."

The woman's head started to droop and her eyelids began to close as her consciousness faded to black from the overwhelming pain causing her captor to fall silent. The captor knelt down and lifted the woman's face to look her in the eyes. The captor sighed and said, "Well at least you lasted longer than everyone else. It was a joy speaking with you so I think you deserve a little something."

A small flame from a lighter sparked in the darkness granting a little bit of illumination granting the woman a small glimpse at her captor. Despite her strength fading fast the woman had enough strength to widen her eyes at the sight of her captor's face. The woman let out a blood curdling scream that was cut short by a single wet crack that echoed through the air.

The flame from the lighter flickered out causing the captor to reach over to a wall and flip a switch causing the lights to come on. The lights brightly illuminated the scene revealing all that the darkness had concealed. Standing next to the now dead woman was a rather tall Caucasian man holding a bloody hammer in his right hand who sat down the hammer before taking off his gloves and running a hand through his short, black hair.

The man looked at his work with a small look of disappointment in his azure eyes. The woman he had abducted was still wearing her business suit, which was now torn to shreds and soaked with blood in some places. Her left hand was completely crush from the vice while her right hand had every nail removed then forced back in with the wrong end sticking out of her bloody fingers. To top it all off, her skull was caved in from the front. She didn't even look recognizable anymore.

The man shook his head and said aloud to himself, "You should have removed the suit first. If you had then you'd be able to see everything. Damn it. Next time remember to remove the clothing before you start. Well there's nothing you can do now. Just move on Derek."

Derek undid the straps that kept the woman still and loosened the vice enough to pull the mangled appendage that had once been a hand out of the now bloody contraption. Derek stood up and shook his head as he thought about the mess he now had to clean up. He tossed the woman's corpse into a body bag and zipped it up before tossing it over his shoulder.

Derek grabbed a shovel then exited the room that reeked of blood and fear. He made his way through the underground hallway before walking up a flight of stairs and opening a door that lead to the surface. Derek stood there for a moment and took a breath of crisp autumn air. The cold wind nipped at his face just the way he liked it and the sound of leaves crunching underfoot made it all the more enjoyable. Derek walked for about half a mile before he reached the cemetery and smiled contently. This was his favorite part of town and it was at his favorite time of night.

Derek looked up at the sky seeing the full moon making its way towards its highest point in the sky drawing a sigh of joy from the man staring up at it. Derek made his way to the cemetery and looked around the tombstones. He wondered about who he should give some company to this time. Eventually, Derek came across the grave of an old convenience store clerk and said, "How's about you old timer? You've been dead about twenty years. You're definitely due for some company."

Derek placed the body bag on the ground behind him then took hold of his shovel and starting digging a hole down to the coffin that laid six feet under. It didn't take him long to reach the coffin. Derek had gotten used to all the digging by now so it didn't take him much longer that fifteen minutes before his shovel collided with the steel coffin.

Derek smirked and pulled open the coffin to have a look at the corpse that laid there. It smelled awful and the corpse looked a little worse for wear than expected. All that was left of the corpse was small scraps of dusty old flesh loosely hanging from the bones. The corpse looked perfectly normal except for one thing that peeked Derek's interest. The canines were incredibly sharp for a corpse.

It was a bit odd and Derek would have liked to examine the corpse a bit longer but he knew what would happen if he didn't make it back home in time for supper. It'd be more likely that he would be on the menu if he didn't bring back at least a little something. Derek made his way out of the hole and opened up the body bag allowing him to pick out which parts he would take. The woman's thighs looked like they had a bit more meat on them than the rest of her so using the shovel Derek cut off the legs and kept them in the bag. The rest of the body Derek picked up and dropped into the coffin below. He then closed the coffin and started to recover the coffin while also speaking to the corpse of the convenience store clerk.

"I hope you enjoy her old man. She may not look as good as she once was but I'm sure you'll still be able to have a little bit of fun with her. You may have to help her around a bit though. I don't think she knows how to use her hands to walk."

Once the grave had been refilled Derek closed up the body bag with the legs and picked it up along with his shovel. He then started walking back home with his mind filled with many thoughts. The main one being what he was going to do for dinner. Derek was tossing it up between just a salad and a hot dog or just having steak. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I think I'll let Lyra and Max decide."

As Derek reached the gates to his home he heard a voice call out to him from just down the road behind him. He turned around and saw one of his friends waving to him from her truck. Sitting in the driver's seat was a Jamaican woman with wavy, chestnut brown hair with green eyes that sparkled in the night that was driving towards him. Derek placed his shovel and bag on the ground before waving back to the woman.

Once the woman had come close enough to not shout Derek said, "Hey there Alisa. What brings you to my neck of the woods?"

Alisa smirked and said, "Why do you think Frankenstein? I figured you'd be off work around now so I wanted to catch you on the way home to see if you wanted to head with me to get some drinks with the others."

Frankenstein was the nickname Alisa had given Derek because he worked at the graveyard both day and night. That and the fact that Derek was prone to groaning like the dead from time to time. Derek chuckled and said, "I would love to but not tonight. I gotta get home before the grumpy twins decide to eat me for not feeding them on time."

Alisa let out a short laugh before she nodded and said, "Alright, but tomorrow you have to come. We're doing a singing competition and Able thinks he's got you this time."

Derek grinned as he thought about that. Able had often said that he would beat Derek repeatedly. So far the score was thirty to zero in Derek's favor. "I'll be happy to crush him into the dirt once again. I'll let you know when I can steal myself away for a few hours tomorrow."

Alisa pumped her arms and said, "Nice! Send me a text and I'll get everyone together. Well, I'll see you tomorrow. Have a goodnight Derek."

"You too Alisa."

As Alisa drove off Derek smiled to himself. Despite his rather gruesome hobby he was able to live as a normal person without any problems. Probably because the people he killed weren't from around here. That probably was a factor. In addition, even if Alisa had asked about the blood on his shovel and the bag he could simply say that he killed a raccoon while on the shift and decided to cook it up. It actually sounded believable considering Derek's lifestyle.

Derek picked up his bag and shovel before opening the gate then closing it behind himself. As he walked along the path to his home Derek smiled at the sight. His friends had helped him purchase this property and fix it up with all of the furnishings it required. The large field of land was a little difficult to keep up with but it was worth it. The house itself wasn't very big, only being a one story house, but it was still good enough for the residents.

Derek entered the house and looked around preparing for the worst. He quietly made his way to the back of the house seeing nothing out of the ordinary. Strangely enough, that was what put Derek off the most. He did feel like he was being watched but usually there would be at least a little bit of sound from the two. Lyra would usually be the first one to giver herself away but this time there was nothing.

Derek made his way out to the field with the bag and set the bag down in the middle of the field. He then started to open the bag while looking in all directions. Derek removed the clothing and shoes from the legs then stood up and said loudly, "Alright you two, come on out or no treats!"

Derek didn't even have time to register the situation when he felt a humongous weight leap onto him from behind, practically tackling him to the ground. Derek let out a slight grunt of pain and discomfort as he landed on his stomach before the weight on top of him got off and let out a low growl. Derek got to his feet and turned around to see his two giant roommates. The one who had leaped on top of him was Lyra, the female tiger twin. The one who had been giving Derek the low growl was Max, the male tiger twin who was standing just a few feet away and still staring at Derek with that look that screamed, "Feed me!"

Derek laughed and said, "You guys got me."

Lyra was already sniffing at the legs but backed off as Derek reached down and picked them up. He looked at the two giant cats and held up the legs. Derek didn't even have to say a word and the two cats sat down. They knew the routine by now causing Derek to smile and toss the legs to the massive cats. The two wasted no time in chomping down on the little legs. Of course it wouldn't fill them up but these delicious treats that Derek brought home were more than welcome to the two cats.

Derek watched and waited for the two to finish their treats, bones and all, before walking back towards the house with the bag and scraps of clothing. He threw the scraps of clothing into a large trashcan before placing the bag down near the backdoor. He looked back and saw Lyra looking at him expectantly while Max laid sniffed the body bag, licking up the last bit of blood that was inside.

Derek looked at the two for a minute before heading over to the fridge and pulling out a hot dog and a piece of raw steak. He held them up and said, "Alright, left paw for hot dog and right paw for steak. Go."

Lyra lifted her right paw while Max walked over to Derek and placed his left paw on the hand that held the steak making Derek chuckle. "You always have to be a rebel don't you?"

While both cats considered Derek as their parent Lyra was the only one who listened to him completely while Max still listened to Derek but he did it in his own way. Alisa would say it's because he's a trouble maker but Derek knew it was because Max loved to mess with him.

Derek put away the hot dog and pulled out another slab of raw steak. He took the large slabs of meat and placed them in two different metal bowls for Lyra and Max before putting the bowls on the ground. The two dove right in without a shred of hesitation. Steak was probably their favorite kind of meat after all.

Derek washed his hands and started to make himself some steak while thinking back on the night. That woman had lasted longer than anyone else he had taken. She was going to hold a special place in his memory. Her endurance was admirable and her screams gave him quite a bit of delight. Maybe he would start having a wall of names of people who gave him a satisfying time.

Once Derek had finished his dinner he went over and laid down on his rather large couch to watch the nature channel. Tonight they were doing a special on tigers so it should be interesting. It wasn't long before Derek was joined by Lyra and Max, who happily laid down on the couch. This was exactly why Derek had purchased a giant couch. The two cats always loved to curl up with him on the couch and now that they were gigantic the smaller couch wasn't going to cut it.

As the program came to an end, Lyra and Max were already fast asleep with their heads nuzzled into Derek's arms. They two cats purred in their sleep drawing a smile from their precious human who was also fast asleep with his mouth wide open. Once Derek started to snore both Lyra and Max unconsciously reached their paws up and closed Derek's mouth allowing silence to seep into the air once again.

While the trio slept a figure stared at the house from a distance. The figure didn't move and didn't blink. It watched this strange interaction with a never ending gaze before it disappeared like smoke into the night.

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