Another Stupid Love Story

Andrea had a great relationship with her girlfriend, Kelsey. But things go awol, and then suddenly, Renee comes into Andreas life. For better or worse, though?


2. Two

I finished my dinner then asked if I could go to Kelsey's.

My parents nodded. They never cared when I went over or how long I was there, since they loved kels and her parents.

I walked right in like usual, since her parents are always working, and have given me a key to Get rid of the hassle.

I walked towards the stairs and her little brother stopped me.

"Andy will you play Mario with me?" Todd asked sweetly.

I smiled and shook my head. It makes me laugh, since he only started calling me Andy after Kels began to do that.

"Not now Todd. Where's your sis?" I asked.

He pointed toward the stairs, so I knew she was up in her room.

Huh. She's almost never in her room, she's usually in the sunroom because she likes the nature-y feel of it, as she tells me.

I opened her bedroom door to see her and Haley Fritz from a few streets over tangled up in a major makeout session.

Neither of them noticed me, and there was so much groping and slurping sounds I finally cleared my throat.

Kelsey shot up.

"Andy! I- UH- this isn't what it looks like at all! We- er-" sputtered out Kelsey.

Haley looked at me.

"What're you doing here? Kelsey and I are dating and we don't need random people barging in. Tomorrow will be a month we've been together." Haley said proudly.

I snorted and walked out of the room. Are you kidding me?! Kelsey's cheating. God, didn't see this coming.

I almost didn't mind, since now I didn't have to feel guilty for liking Renee.

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