Another Stupid Love Story

Andrea had a great relationship with her girlfriend, Kelsey. But things go awol, and then suddenly, Renee comes into Andreas life. For better or worse, though?


1. One

'Get over yourself, Andrea.' I thought to myself, as I caught myself staring at Renee, one of the cheerleaders at my high school. 'she'd never go for a loser like you!'

I wanted to punch my inner voice in the face. If it had one.

I sighed, going back to my doodles. I should probably explain my situation.

My name is Andrea Grette, and I'm 17 years old. I'm a junior in high school, but almost a senior since it's nearing spring break now. The girl I'm obsessively staring at on a daily basis would be Renee Tomsley, aka most popular girl at our school.

She's one of the few known lesbians at our school, and it's incredible since everyone is so supportive. I'm also a lesbian, but I've never told anyone, except, ya know, my girlfriend.

I know what you're thinking, Oh my god, andrea! You like another girl while you have another girlfriend. You're the epitome of a terrible person!

Well, I wish I could say she was a terrible person, or a manipulative person, or a cheater, but she's not. Atleast, that's what i thought. But anyways.

Her name is Kelsey Smith. She's homeschooled, and is actually my neighbor. She's blonde, 5'4, sweet, and romantic. She'll do all these little things for me all the time, and it's adorable.

Renee, on the other hand, is brunette, 5'5, has a perfect body, and has an outgoing and hilarious personality. She's the best person to hang out with,(not that I would know personally, but anyways) and also is super smart to top it all off.

Then there's me. I have dirty blonde hair, and am 5'5. I know I'm good looking, since I'm always getting hit on, and given phone numbers, even when I'm out with Kelsea! From guys and girls alike. I'm not an introvert, but I'm not an extrovert either. I'm good doing anything.

Well That's enough explanation about my situation. Now into the actual story of what happened.

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