Project Bad Girl [l.h.]

When Link decides she doesn't want to be a good girl anymore, things take quite an interesting turn.


8. Seven

​2 Weeks Later...


Calum and I became official a week and a half ago. We've spent all our time together, well, most of it. He had found out a lot about me - my favorite bands, books, movies, childhood. But the strange thing was, I didn't know a lot about him. Maybe that's bad, or maybe we're rushing things by defining the relationship when I don't know much about him, but I'm sure of one thing - We clicked. And when you know, you know.


"I wish you'd stop smoking," I told him as we sat in his truck. Him in the driver's seat, me in the passenger's.


"I wish you'd stop telling me not to smoke," he replied, not in a rude way, but a calm way. Calum was calm about it like he always was, it's just the drugs made him get an extra kick of it. He sighed, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to come out that way."


Laying a delicate kiss on his bare shoulder, I rested my head on the side of his arm. "It's fine." I took his hand in mine and brought it to my lips, kissing each finger. It never bothered me that Calum smoked, although I always wished he didn't. Luke smoked too, and I was fine with him doing it. I really liked Calum, he was the sweetest person ever. I didn't care what he did, as long as it never hurt me.


"Here," he said, holding the joint between his fingers out to me. "Try it if you want. It'll relax you."


For a second, I swear, just a second, I consider taking it. But I don't. Luke's voice echoes through my head, and even though I shouldn't have even been thinking about him then, because I'm with Calum, I was. "These things can get addicting anyway," I remember him saying. So I shake my head no at Calum. 


He shrugged and took another drag of the joint. Turning his face to me, he smiled, leaned in, and pecked my lips. "Wanna go see a movie, get dinner or something? Ghostbusters is out and I know you've been wanting to see it."


Ghostbusters? I shook my head, "No thanks. I should be heading over to Luke's about now anyways, plotting my revenge."


Calum shot me one of his award winning smiles, "Tell me how Mission Impossible goes when you're done."


"All the dirty details," I promise, and step out of his truck.

. . . 


Luke lived by the woods, the woods being his backyard. He never spoke much about his home life, but he has mentioned his backyard to me a few times. He envisioned and explained this big, green field of grass, and at the end of the field were trees and that's where the woods lied. But there was one tree near his house and not by the woods where he would spend all his time as a kid, his back leaning against the bark trunk. 


Courageously, I decided to bombard his house, just like he did in mine. Although, instead of knocking on the door, I took the "bad" way and climbed up his window. Did I know which window was his? No. For all I'd known, he didn't even have a window. At this point, I was just guessing. But the window I climbed through the first time, apparently, I had gotten right.


Laying in his bed with him was a girl with one of those summer tans, and she looked like she had just arrived straight out of Hawaii. They were both making out, very intensely, with Luke's body hovering over hers. When I saw that, my eyes widened and my hands let go in shock. And for some odd reason, an overwhelming sense of dysphoria came over both my mind and heart. I fell onto the ground, by the tree in his backyard that I imagined he was talking about before.


Thinking about the sight I just saw, Luke and that girl together, I felt the sadness again. It was strange, because I had no feelings for Luke. I had no feelings for Luke, right? Shit. No, I did not, at least I hoped not. So I waited. I waited about 10 minutes in his backyard when I heard a deep voice say, "I know it was you up there, Haven."


"I didn't want to disturb you and... Who was that girl?"


Luke smiled the smallest of smiles, but still ignored my question on the identity of the mysterious girl in his room as he crossed his arms and sat down on the grass across from me. "What're you doing here?"


Shrugging, I let out a carefree chuckle. "Wanted to attack your house like you attacked mine two weeks ago."


"So you went through the window?" he raised an eyebrow suspiciously.


"I'm trying to be bad, aren't I?"


Suddenly, Luke stood up and took my hand with him. He squeezed my hand but then dropped it, clearing his voice. "Wanna go for a walk in the woods? There's this place I go to sometimes, has a pond and everything. I think you'll like it."


"And you care what I like?"


"More than you think."


Just knowing Luke cared a little convinced me. We headed in to the woods, I following Luke's way, wherever he was taking us. It was actually nice, just walking with him, wandering through the forest. We've never really hung out before, with no lessons and just the two of us. It was so surreal - the school's good girl walking through the woods with the school's bad boy. But it was new, and I liked it.


Halfway there, I joked and asked, "You're not taking me into the woods to kill me, are you?"


"Wow," he laughed and playfully nodded his head, and he looked kind of like a puppy. "Yes, yes I am. All great serial killers tell their victims that they're going to kill them. Unarmed, I might add."


With an unexpected smile on my face, I just looked at Luke. He did that adorable thing when he was confused where he tilted his head to the side and scrunched his nose. "What, Haven?" he chuckled. "Afraid I'll bite you? Because I actually might."


"You wouldn't," I laughed and shook my head. "I may not know you that well, but I know you wouldn't go through girls that quickly, Hemmings." I mocked his last name, just like how he called me 'Haven.'


His face softened and he looked back at me. "I don't go through girls that quickly? What do you mean?"


"That girl," I said, but it sounded like more of a question. "The tan one, the one who looked like she'd spent her whole vacation in Hawaii?"


"Kelsey," he mumbled. "Me and her, that's just a hookup."


"Doesn't really make things that better," I murmured. Before he could reply, I changed the conversation subject. "Are we almost there?"


"We're already here," he smiled and made no hesitation in taking my hand this time and pulling me deeper into the woods. 


The sight that Luke had brought me to was unbelievably beautiful. A small, light blue water pond rippled in the cause of the wind as a cherry blossom tree draped over and under it. The leaves and flowers swayed, and the rest of the hideout was covered by trees. In that time, I was convinced that this was the most private, beautiful place a person could be. And I was right.


"Oh my god," I whispered. "It's so beautiful here."


Luke didn't let go of my hand as he sat us down on the grass right close to the pond. Carefully, I touched my finger onto the water, which created a small ripple in the water. Luke sat across from me, and I waited for him to let go of my hand, but he never did.


"How do you like it?" he asked.


"I think your question was answered when I said it was beautiful."


We sat in the silence, and it started to rain. A light drizzle, but it must've not been much for us, since the sky was mostly covered by the trees. We didn't mind the rain. We sat in the quiet and listened to the sound of it dropping onto the ground, listening to the trees swaying in the wind.


"Tell me more about yourself," Luke said.


"Why do you want to know?"


"Just do."


He glanced down as I spoke, his finger lightly tracing the lines on my palm. I knew it was wrong, but I didn't want him to let go. "I play the piano, have played it for 11 years now. My favorite band is Mayday Parade, even though my parents don't want me listening to them." I mumble quietly, "Well, parent."


Then, he says something I didn't expect him to say at all. "I'm sorry about your mum. It must suck to know that she's gone. I know how loss feels." I just stared at him, must've been gaping, because he sighed. "And also, I'm really sorry about how I was on the first day when you told me about her. 'So?' wasn't an appropriate response. It was insensitive. You were hurting at the time." I waited a few more seconds before he added in, "And if it helps, I was probably high when I said."


That made us both burst into laughter. A friendly, light laughter. It was the first time I genuinely laughed with Luke, but it sure as hell wasn't the first time I was genuinely happy with him. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing.


"Now it's my turn," I said. "What's your guilty pleasure song?"


He laughed, "I can't answer that. It'll ruin my bad boy reputation."


"I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."


"Fine," he made a whole deal of sighing dramatically and bit his lower lip, looking down at our hands. "Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol."


I chuckled, "How is that a guilty pleasure? Isn't Snow Patrol an alternative band?"


"Yeah, but it's a slow, quiet song. Everyone expects me to listen to post-hardcore, screamo, deathcore and all that shit. Which I do, but not a sweet song.. Now tell me yours. You promised, Haven."


"Fine," I mocked, casting out a little giggle. "When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I'm not a fan of his music, but that one particular songs hits close to my heart."


It started to rain harder, and we both knew that if we didn't get out soon, we'd be covered in the rain. So we got up, Luke's hand still in mine. Walking back, I felt Luke put his jacket around my shoulders, and I smiled. As we walked back in the woods, we took our time.


"We should see a movie sometime," he said. "How does Suicide Squad sound?"


Suicide Squad? "Count me in."

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