New Girl

My quick write of a try on flash fiction that I thought was good. I turned it in for an assignment in my summer English class and the teacher loved it. Enjoy :)


1. New Girl

    You're the new girl in school. Just moved to Columbia, Missouri from tiny town Arkansas nobody knows about. It's your first day back to school, it's the beginning of the second trimester, and you don't have any friends yet. You're attending Battle High School, populated with about 1,500 students at least. You're last school maybe had a graduation rate of 10 per year, and maybe 400 students. Barely big enough to call it a school of its own without attaching it to something else.
    As you walk into the unfamiliar building you feel like you're back in middle school. Some of the worst years of your life and you don't know how to handle yourself. You walk to the office and they give you your schedule then escort you to your new class with a big smile on their faces. Your first class is geometry, and you start thinking that hopefully the teacher is nice because you suck at math. As you walk into the classroom, everyone's heads shoot up in interest.
    "This is your new student, Sarah." said the guy who was escorting you to class. "She's new here and doesn't know anyone, where would you like her to sit?" You look over and there's another girl sitting in the corner not seeming to care about the world or what's going on, just listening to music, and looks like she's half asleep. 
    "Yes. Of course. You can go sit by Miranda, she's the one over there sitting in the back of the class with headphones in." The teacher responded, pointing at the girl you just noticed. As you walk over to her she looks up and smiles, then takes out one of her headphones.
    "Hi I'm Miranda." are the first words out of her mouth. Nothing like what you thought you would've heard.


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