Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


7. Yusei and Akiza's little Secret

A few hours later they both woke up and smiled and they slowly kissed. Finally they got up and her parents were in the kitchen. Mr. Izinski was sipping a cup of coffee and reading the morning paper and Mrs. Izinski was just simply holding her cup of coffee. And Luna and Leo were eating breakfast.

"Ah well I see you two sleepy heads are awake." Mrs. Izinski said smiling

"I'm sorry Mrs Izinski for- we just lost track of time and I would've gone home-"

"It's fine Yusei dear, besides I told you I did't want you riding home at night at 200 miles per hours."

"Well thank you anyway for letting me stay."

"It's no problem."

Akiza walked toward her father pulling Yusei with her.

"Dad I would like you to meet Yusei Fudo."

"It's good to meet you sir, Mr. Izinski." He said holding out his hand

"It's good to meet you too Yusei. So I understand it you like my daughter."

"Uh- ah- yes, I do. Sir." Yusei said nervously as he was completely unprepared 

"Well I do like to know what kind of man my daughter would want to date."

"Well, what would you like to know about me, sir?"

"Well I noticed the mark on your face-"

"Hideo!" Mrs. Izinski hissed

"No it's fine. My friend Jack Atlas betrayed me and took my only duel runner and my favorite card and came here and became the Turbo Dueling King. Over the years I built another and escaped the satellite as I wanted my card back. 

"After an unofficial duel that was stopped by sector security and I was put in the Facility, I dueled for my freedom, got my runner back and got my Stardust Dragon back and won the tournament with him back in my deck.

"After that Jack came to his senses and we became friends again, so me, him, Crow, and Bruno all moved into one of the apartments in Poppo Time. 

"Now the four of us are just trying to get through duel academy, make rent, and keep our runners running, and make ends meet with odd jobs with me as a freelance mechanic, Crow as delivery person, Bruno and my other friends working for our friend Blister, I also work part-time at his shop, and Jack.... is still looking for a job. That's my story."

"So you would like my permission to date my daughter?"

"Yes sir, Mr. Izinski." Yusei said as he could feel his heart pounding 

Hideo simply smiled. "You seem like the right kind of gentleman for my daughter, of course you have my permission to date her." He said holding out his hand

"Thank you Mr. Izinski." He said taking his hand and shaking it firmly as he felt relieved

"And I might be able to help you with your job."


"Yes, I know of a few people who could use a good mechanic, you are good?"

"I'm one of the best around, I'm fast and efficient, I can work on any kind of runner, factory made or custom built."

"Well I may be able to help you find a few clients who could use your skills."

"Thank you sir."

"Well you better get ready to head out to the academy." Mrs. Izinski said

"Oh I forgot, today we have the day off, teacher conference day or something." Akiza said

"Oh yeah that's right." Mrs. Izinski said "Well Yusei if you like you can stay here and be with Akiza. Or you both can go somewhere and spend some time together." She added

"How about we eat something, watch some tv and just hang out here?" Yusei suggested 

"Sure." Akiza said

Akiza had scrambled eggs, toast, and orange juice but Yusei simply accepted a cup of black coffee and a few slices of toast. Mr. Izinski had to head and hugged his wife and daughter and shook Yusei's hand and headed out, and Mrs. Izinski had run a few errands and she left as well. 

They then sat back down on the couch with Akiza pressed against him, and Yusei's arms wrapped around her and they just enjoyed each other's company and stole a few kisses every now and then. Luna felt giddiness while Leo was pretending not to vomit but promised to keep quiet. But then an announcement came on, Rex Goodwin himself was making it.

"Attention all duelist, since the legendary tournament that took place a few years ago between Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas was such a success. I will be hosting a new kind of tournament for the top Turbo dueling teams from around the world. This tournament will be the World Racing Grad Prix." Then he added

"The top teams who wish to compete will be sent the information on the tournament. However, I am personally inviting Yusei Fudo, our current reigning New Domino City Turbo Dueling King and his friends to join this tournament. And to those watching, you may want to start preparing as the tournament will begin in a years time. Good luck and may you play your cards right."

"Wow, are you really going to enter?" Akiza asked him

"I don't know. Maybe." Yusei said "But I really don't want to worry about that right now. I just want to be with you." He added and placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her

"Seriously guys can you stop with that-ow!" Leo started say but Luna smacked him up side the head 

Monday rolled around and no one besides the signers had any idea who Misty, Sayer, or Lester were....

A week passed and Yusei had turned over what the Crimson Dragon said and the upcoming WRGP in his head in every possible way. And at last he had made up his mind.

END OF PART 1.....

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