Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


14. The WRGP Begins

Crow and Jack had their racing suits on with their team logo. Akiza had just zipped up her jumpsuit as Yusei pulled on his custom jacket and slid his gloves on. They all put their helmets on and fired up their runners. Blister rolled up the garage door and all five riders tore out as their pit crew would meet them there and all got in a v formation with Yusei leading, Akiza on his right, Jack on his left and Crow behind Jack 

They arrived a few minutes at the dome and went to their pit. All of their friends were there and Akiza's parents were in the stands wearing hats that had the Team 5D's logo on it and cheering them on, and Carly was covering the tournament as this was her first big story she had to cover.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the World Racing Grand Prix! We've got a quite a line up of competition! A hundred teams have entered but only one will win the WRGP Cup! But it looks like their are thirty three promising teams. A few of them are Team Sherry, Team Unicorn, Team Taiyo, Team Ragnarok, Team Fortune Ark, Team New World. And our newest addition that show a lot of promise are Team 5D's and Team Earthbound 7!" MC shouted as the crowd went nuts

Each team that was announced stepped up on the platform with their helmet under their arm. But Yusei saw Kalin with Team Earthbound 7 along with four others.

"And now Director Rex Goodwin will say a few words."

MC added and the crowd died down

"Thank you for those kind words. The reason I organized this tournament was to bring together duelist's from around the world and promote international unity. Though we may come from different places and speak in different tongues we all have a beating heart that beats as one. Now it's my pleasure to say: Let the World Racing Grand Prix begin!" 

And with the crowd roared with joy.

A few teams went and lost to Team Taiyo.

"And It looks like our next match is Team 5D's against Team Taiyo." MC said

All seven teams then returned to their pits.

"Alright, who wants the first race?" Yusei asked his team

"I think it should you mate." Jack said

"Yeah I agree." Crow said

"I agree with them Yusei." Akiza said

Yusei then kissed his girlfriend and mounted his runner. He put his helmet on and pressed the button as the visor went over his eyes. He then turned his deck holder on his wrist dealer so he could use it while he rode...

"I don't believe my eyes folks! The underdog team 5's has truly pulled a miracle out of their hat!"

Yusei then pulled into his pit and all of his friends were cheering as he took off his helmet and out of nowhere Akiza was there and kissed him. 

Team Unicorn then won a few matches. And it was day...

They all went back to Akiza's house as her parents held a celebration for their first victory. While everyone was inside enjoying the food and music Yusei and Akiza were on the porch swing outback covered by a blanket as each were in a tank top and shorts and holding each other as the nights cool breeze blew and they just stared up at the moon. Finally after a few hours Carly and Jack went back to her place. Blister, Bolt, and Yusei's friends from the satellite headed back to Poppo Time as Crow headed back to see his mystery girlfriend. Mr. And Mrs. Izinski had fallen asleep in their room. Akiza then went to her room and she didn't mind if Yusei stayed, so he simply took the couch.

But Akiza couldn't help but feel lonely without Yusei's arms wrapped around her. But she shook the thought from her mind and pulled the covers over herself as she laid down in her bed. 

As she drifted into sleep, she could feel a dark force trying to probe her mind, trying to see the dark parts of her, the parts of herself that hurt, this presence was stirring the Black Rose's cage. She managed to push who or whatever it was out but caused her to have flashbacks and nightmares of all the pain she cause when she was younger. Bringing her duel monsters to life and everything that was scary to her. She then called out to Yusei, she felt safe with him, he would protect her from anything, she needed him now! 

Suddenly her door opened quickly and quietly and her eyes shot open. It was Yusei.

"Akiza, what's wrong?" He said in whisper as he kneeled next to her

"Something... or someone was inside my head... stirred things up... things I've kept in check. Then I just called for you."

"I'm here Akiza, I'm not going anywhere, and I won't let anyone hurt you ever again."

"Thank you." 

He then got up to leave but she didn't want him to go.

"Yusei." She said and stopped and turned around "Will you stay with me?"

"Of course Akiza."

She then made room for him as he crawled in bed with her and she held onto him and he stroked her hair until they both fell asleep...

Rex Goodwin's Office:

"Well did it work?" Rex asked Sayer

"To a degree." Sayer replied

"What did you see?" Rex asked

"It was fascinating the glimpse I saw. The Black Rose is indeed real, but it's simply her darker alter ego, she keeps it well guarded." Sayer said

"What did she look like?" Rex asked

"She took the form of a black hooded cloak wearing a white mask with read marks and long dark burgundy bangs that hung over the face of the mask. I felt pure fear when Akiza felt me see a glimpse of the Black Rose." Sayer said 

"Fascinating." Rex said

"She could indeed be of use, not as a dark signer but we could turn her against him if we push hard enough." Sayer said 

"You really think so?" Rex asked 

"Oh I know so." Sayer confirmed 

"I'm glad you found a way. But do not underestimate his love for her, it could bring her back to him and then our plan would have failed."

"I won't."


The Inzinski Residents:

Hideo got a call at two in the morning that there was an emergency that required him immediately. His wife was used to this and she helped him get ready. As she went to see him to his car, he stopped in his tracks at the couch and blanket looked like some was sleeping there, Yusei.

Mr. Izinski didn't mind at all as he didn't want him to be driving at night at 400 mph. 

"He must've left anyway." Setsuko said

And they continued they went into the garage, his runner was still there. 

"She must've had another nightmare." Setsuko said

"You mean to tell me our daughter has a boy in her room." Hideo said with a hint of rage in his voice

"Oh don't give me that tone, you used to sneek into my room when we were sixteen, they both turned twenty last month for god's sake Hideo. They're adults for crying out loud."

"I swear if-"

He was cutoff by the look in her eyes. And he couldn't help but feel smaller. The look was fire, anger, and if do anything you won't just have me to deal with but a psychic daughter as well.

"Okay, I-I- guess I could give the boy- Yusei another chance." He said slightly cowering

She then hugged and kissed him and went back in to get some sleep. And in that moment he didn't need coffee because of that look in his wife's eyes he was awake. She then opened her daughters door as quietly as possible to Yusei was in bed with her daughter and holding her and she held onto him. 

She felt at peace knowing Yusei was there for her even when Hideo and herself couldn't be there for her. And she knew their love for each other was something else. She quietly closed the door and went back to sleep....

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