Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


4. The Signers

Akiza was standing outside the academy waiting for Yusei to get to school when to younger looking twins with green hair walked up next to her.

"Oh hey Leo and Luna." She said

"Akiza, where did you get that necklace?" Luna asked

"Oh my parents got it for me." She said looking at the heart necklace around her neck

"I heard about your friend, the new guy Yusei." Luna said

"Yeah, he's really great." Akiza said smiling a little

"Are you sure he's just your friend?" Leo asked

"Wha- what do you mean?" She asked slightly blushing

"I just heard some people saying you're more than- ow!"

"Sorry About Leo, Akiza. He likes to blab his mouth about rumors he's heard that aren't true." Luna said

"It's fine, oh here comes Yusei now."

He then pulled into the shed and came out a few seconds later with schoolbag. 

"Hey Akiza." Yusei said

"Hey Yusei." Akiza said

"Nice necklace." Yusei said and smirked a little 

"Thanks." Akiza said

"Wait who's that?" Leo asked pointing to two things way off in the distance

"Oh, that's Crow and Jack." Yusei said as he looked over his shoulder. "I guess their transfer papers finally came through. This ought to be an interesting day." He added

They both parked in the shed with Yusei's Duel Runner and the others.

"Hey Yus." Crow said

"Hey Crow." Yusei said

"Who are they?" Jack asked him

"Oh this Luna and Leo, they're my friends." Akiza said

They all went inside together and whispers followed them, but they really could care less. But finally Yusei, Akiza, Jack, and Crow went to their homeroom as Luna and Leo went to their homeroom.

And yet again they had new transfer students. 

"Class I'd like you to meet Sayer Arcadia and Misty Tredwell." Their homeroom teacher said

Misty was in her red academy outfit. She had long jet black hair, green eyes, and light skin. But Yusei knew those eyes too well. They also belonged to another girl, another girl he made peace with.

Akiza on the other hand didn't like Sayer. He had brown hair with his bangs combed back and covering one of his green eyes. But he was sly, and made her feel sick to her stomach just looking at him.

Misty too a seat next to Yusei while Sayer took a seat next to Akiza.

Meanwhile in Luna and Leo's homeroom a boy with thick long red hair in a ponytail, light skin, and green eyes was standing before their class. 

"Class I'd like you to meet your new classmate Lester." Their homeroom teacher said

The girls were absolutely fawning over him but Leo flat out didn't like him while Luna felt uneasy about him as he took a seat next to her.

They then headed for lunch. But then Yusei noticed a similar mark on Leo's arm.

"That's a cool mark Leo." Yusei said to her trying to sound casual

"Oh I've had it since I was born." Leo said looking at her arm. "Luna has one too." He added and Luna showed hers

"That's funny, I have one too." Yusei said as he rolled up his sleeve to reveal the dragon's head on his wrist "Plus a full dragon on my back as well." He added

"I have a mark as well." Crow said showing his mark

"Here's mine." Jack said revealing his 

"This one is mine as well." Akiza said as she showed them her mark

"I can tell mine's the head of this Dragon. Jack's is the wings. Akiza, yours looks like the hand. Luna, your's looks like the foot. Leo your's is the heart and Crow your's is the tail." Yusei said

"But why do three boys from the Satellite, a girl from a wealthy family, and twins have these strange marks?" Jack asked

"I don't know maybe we were meant to meet. You guys play duel monsters?" Yusei said 

"Yeah." Akiza, Luna, and Leo said in unison

"We do too, my favorite card is Stardust dragon, Crow's is Black Winged Dragon, and Jack's is Red Dragon Archfiend..." Yusei said as his voice trailed off. "What's you favorite card?" He asked

"Black Rose Dragon." Akiza said slowly

"Ancient Fairy Dragon." Luna said puzzled

"Power Tool Dragon." Leo said 

"I know we met all those years ago Akiza. But you two sound familiar, have you been in any tournaments?" Yusei asked

"Yeah, the three of us participated in a dueling tournament in another city, why?" Luna said

"Just curious, because I think we may have tried to pick up signals and we heard something about three finalist in some other city." 

"Wait, your name is Yusei. As in Yusei Fudo, the new reigning Turbo Dueling King?" Leo asked as he went wide eyed

"Yeah, that's my name and don't wear it out. But you know this seems really odd." Yusei said

"What does?" Akiza asked him

"That all six of us are duelist, we all have these strange birth marks of the Crimson Dragon, that's what Goodwin called It anyway. And we all six have a Synchro Dragon in our deck that is our signature card." Yusei said

"I may have seen one too many movies but when something like this happens something really bad follows." Jack said

"Well in any case we should watch our backs, this isn't just coincidence that all six of us have just met." Yusei said

"You are way too paranoid Yus." Crow said

"No I agree with Yusei on this one." Akiza said "And it may be just me but I'm feeling a dark presence so near yet far away." She added

Crow looked puzzled "How-"

"I have telekinetic powers, and I always get this feeling when something doesn't feel right." Akiza said

But they completely forgot their marks were exposed and Misty, Sayer and Lester had apparently snuck up on them. But they did the best to cover their marks.

"Hey guys what's going on here?" Misty asked

"Nothing." They all said at once 

"Mind if we sit with you?" Sayer asked

"I don't know..." Yusei said 

"Oh come on." Lester said

"Uh Yusei mind if you come over to my house so we can work on that project some more." She asked him

"Yeah, sure, if it's okay with your parents." Yusei said 

"Yeah, I asked this morning they are fine with it."

"Okay, I'll be over right after we get out."

Lunch was over and they all went to their classes and during his free period Yusei caught up with Luna.

"Hey Luna, mind if I ask you something?" Yusei asked her

"Uh sure Yusei." Luna said her voice sounding tight

"How long have you known Akiza?"

"Well I'd have to say about three years. Me, Leo, and her were tied for first, I beat Leo and I faced her, I brought her around as she was going through a really dark time in her life."

"What do you mean?"

"That was when she still called herself the Black Rose Witch. But seeing me, a small innocent child. She couldn't bring herself to harm me and her mark started glowing and mine did too, and I brought her true self out and I won the duel with a great combo with my Ancient Fairy Dragon and me and Leo became good friends with her, she's practically like our older sister. We all transferred here a few months later, that was three years ago.

"Wow. Did she ever mention someone who looked like me?"

"No, not that I can recall." She said "Why?" She asked slightly intrigued

"Oh, no reason." Yusei said trying to sound casual

The rest of the school day went by quick and by the end of the day Jack, Crow, and Yusei were headed to the shed to get their Duel Runner


"So Yus, you gonna hang out with your girlfriend?" Crow asked him, teasing him

"We're just friends but yeah we gotta get that project done by Friday." Yusei said

"Whatever man, you can lie to yourself but you can't spout that 'you aren't into her' crap to us."

"Whatever." He said to Crow.

"Hey Akiza, ready?" He said to her as she came to him and handed her the spare helmet

"Yeah." She said handing him her school at and putting on the helmet and climbed on as the duel runner roared to life 

He then kicked off and the bike lurched forward as Akiza wrapped her arms around him. Again she loved the feel of everything about riding. Then the though occurred to her, maybe she should try and get a duel runner license, as she now wanted to understand the world as Yusei saw it.They really beginning to pick up speed and she had butterflies in her stomach.

She felt so free, even if she wasn't driving. But then they started to slow down and they started weaving around corners until they reached her house. She then hopped off and opened the garage so Yusei could park his duel runner inside. They then went inside as the garage lead to the kitchen. And once inside Yusei saw a woman who looked a lot like Akiza but older.

"Hello, you must Yusei."

"Yes ma'am, you must be Mrs. Izinski."

"Oh you are indeed the gentleman Akiza said you are." Mrs. Izinski said and she noticed her daughter blush and she also noticed Yusei pretending not to notice

"Well that's the way Martha raised me and she wouldn't have it any other way." Yusei said smiling 

"We're just going to be working on this project mom, so is it okay if we work in my room. We have to get done by Friday."

"As long as nothing is going on back there." Mrs. Izinski said jokingly knowing she could trust them both

"Don't worry Mrs. Izinski, Martha would skin me alive if I ever did anything like that."

"Well let me know if either of you two get hungry."

"Oh I couldn't-"

"You are very modest Yusei. But it's fine if you have something to eat." Mrs. Izinski said as she smiled

"Well, I guess this project will take awhile, we could use some brain food right?" Akiza asked 

"I guess so." Yusei said giving in

"Well you two go work and I'll make you something."

Akiza then led him to her room. 

"Uh would you mind waiting here, I need to change."

"Of course." He said and he just stood there

She then changed out of her usual outfit but kept her short-shorts on and changed into a red tanktop. She was read and she opened the door and Yusei was leaning against the wall. She let him in and he took of his gloves and jacket and set them on a desk chair and took off his boots as well and set them next to the chair as well. They then sat on her bed and got cracking, they both wrote down notes, discussed what material they should include, bounced ideas off each other. Finally her mother brought in something for them to snack on.

They then took a brake as they ate a bit of the snacks.

"So you still have the necklace I gave you all those years ago."

"Yeah, I forgot about. But the other night, when you kissed my cheek..." Her voice trailed off

After an awkward moment of silence, Yusei cleared his throat and suggested they get back to work as they still had a lot to do and it was already Wednesday. And she agreed. Finally he looked at his phone.

"Nine o'clock already? Well I think we can stop here for tonight, guess we can finish this up tomorrow."

"Uhh, yeah, definitely."

They then both got up and stretched and walked down the hall, through the living room, and into the kitchen and Mrs. Izinski was still there.

"Oh, are you two done for the night?"

"Yeah, I think I'm take off, it's late and I don't want to stay any longer and invade-"

"Yusei, you don't have to rush out of here, at least relax a little, why don't you two go watch some tv or something and I'll make you both something to eat." Mrs. Izinski said

"Oh no I couldn't do that. Besides I'm the only mature one among the four of us." Yusei said 

"what do you mean?" Mrs. Izinski asked

"Jack and Crow are always bickering. And Bruno is always tinkering. And if weren't for me... it's hard to say with them. But I promise I'll be back tomorrow." Yusei and hugged Akiza goodbye...

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