Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


30. The Dueling Wars Part 7

"Due to Endless Emptiness's effect my monster's attack becomes 0." Z-one said

Sandaion the Timelord:

"Raphion, Gabrion, Hailon, Michion, and Sandaion can't be destroyed by effects, abilities, or battle, and I take 0 battle damage. Yusei Fudo, now do realize that no matter what you do you cannot save this city. That is what you will learn. And now Michion the Timelord attack Ancient Fairy Dragon."

But again Yusei had another epiphany!

"I won't be using my Scrap Iron Scarecrow this attack." Yusei said

"Then due to Michion the Timelord's effect your life points are now halved."

and this caused Yusei to be launched spinning out of control.

Yusei: 750/6

"And my assault doesn't stop. Now my second Timelord, Hailon attack him."

"I activate my Trap card Scrap Iron Scarecrow!"

"When Hailon the Timelord attacks, you take damage equal to the difference in our Lifepoints. if you would've stopped Michion's attack and not Hailon's then you would have lost. Why didn't you use your Scrap Iron Scarecrow from the start?"

"You said you were me. And I would've bluffed with my first monster, and dealt a blow with my second monster. That's why I took Michion's attack and saved Scrap Iron Scarecrow."

"It makes no difference. I still have three more TImelords that can attack. Do you honestly think you an survive for that long?"

"for me to save this City I'm just gonna have to." 

"Yusei now you will feel the power of my third Timelord. Raphion the Timelord attack him."

"I activate the ability of the card Synchro Believer from my hand. When my Synchro monster is attacked, I can negate that and special summon it from my hand. I special summon Synchro Believer in Defense mode."

Synchro Believer:

"So Raphion's attack is now negated and it's ability doesn't activate!"

"Raphion would have returned your monster to your hand and you would have taken damage equal to it's attack points. SO you stopped my third attack. but that only mean's Gabrion now attacks you. You have nothing left to defend and when Gabrion attacks all cards on your side of the field return to your deck."


"Even the slightest ember of hope has been put out. now your field is empty and Sadaion is now free to attack. And when Sadaion battles you take 4000 points in damage"

And everyone was on the edge of their seats as they watched the bolt hit Yusei and explode in a cloud of black smoke.

"I knew you weren't strong enough to save this world."

"I'm not done." Yusei said and the smoke began to clear and a new Dragon was there "It's not over yet!"

Power Tool Dragon:


"When Sadion's effect activated, I activated Synchro keeper from my hand. So when I take Damage from an effect, that effect is negated, and so by removing it and a tuner in my graveyard from play, I can special summon a synchro monster whose level equals their total!"

And Leo's mark started glowing.

"I would congratulate you but there is little time left. The Ark Cradle will soon collide Into New Domino City, and once and for all destroying that detestable Ener-D Momentum."

"I don't want to say it but he's right. there's no time left. But everyone is depending on me, I gotta buckle down and win this duel fast."

"And now Yusei Fudo you know how it feels to have everyone's fate in your hands. It was the same for me. When I failed them, the sadness, the despair, was indescribably huge. that's why I came to this era! In order to save one thing another must be sacrificed! You are too arrogant if you thing you can save both the present and future Yusei Fudo!"  


"I set one card facedown and end my turn. You only have one card in your hand, what miracle can you pull off with just one card?"

"I won't fail this turn, and me and my friends will open the doors to the future! I draw!" Yusei said and drew

Yusei: 750/7
Z-one: 4000/7

"I activate my continuous trap. By sending Endless Emptiness to my graveyard I can activate Infinite Light. this negates the effect of my Timelords returning to my deck durning my standby phase"


"And since Endless Emptiness was sent to my graveyard the Timelords are no longer at 0 attack points. Sandaion the Timelord returns to 4000 attack points."

Sandaion the Timelord:

"The Timelords wont leave my side for eternity. There is no way you can win."

And the Ark Cradle finally collided with the skyscraper that was the Center of New Domino City. Yusei's card flew out of his and he quickly recovered it but a piece of debris from the Ark Cradle hit his runner knocking him off of it and sending him plummeting.

Is it over? Did I come this far just to fail? Jack, Crow, Luna, Leo, Sherry, Bruno, Jaden, Yugi, all of their friends, and most of all Akiza. I'm sorry everyone. I've failed you....

But a light of rainbow came shooting out of the Ener-D reactor and rocketed towards Yusei. 

"Yusei... Yusei... Yusei."

Then his father materialized infront of him.

"Who is it?"

"Yusei its me."

"Father! Father. Did I lose?"

"No the duel is not over yet."

He then tried to get up but he couldn't.

"It's impossible. I can no longer move."

"Don't give up Yusei. You can do it"

"Stop saying whatever you want. I battled with all of my strength, but this time, it's impossible. I can longer battle."


Yusei then looked up. And his father's hand collided with his face.

"Yusei. There are things you still must do. Just like how the Yuusei Particles tie other Particles together, you guide and unite peoples hearts. After that, you definitely will reach a new stage." 

"Guide and Unite people's hearts."

"Yes. That is your duty."

"You really are strict dad." he said and was smiling a little and got to his feet "But now I've come to my senses. And I have to return to my friends. I must battle and never give up until the very end."

"That's why you're my son. Believe in the future, live strong, and love Akiza like you're going to lose her. Do that for me Yusei. This is the last thing I could do for you my son."


"I will always be at your side."

And he came back to consciousness as his runner came zooming toward him and he climbed on.

"I promise dad. I'll do what you have asked of me." he said and rocketed back up to where Zone was and saw the two cards he had "Z-one. this duel isn't over yet. And I'll show you it's not by playing Turbo Synchron!"

Turbo Synchron:

"And now I'm gonna give Power Tool Dragon a tune up by tuning my Turbo Synchron with Power Tool Dragon to Synchro Summon his twin, Life Stream Dragon!" 

And Jaden's mark started glowing.

"Yes! I know my Dragon will help you out Yusei!" Jaden shouted

Life Stream Dragon:

"And I'm activating his special ability where if I have fewer than 4000 life points my life points instantly become 4000!"

Yusei: 4000/7

"And I also active the effect of the Tuner Monster Stream Dragon. Even if it's not used, I can special Summon a Dragon Type Synchro Monster. And I'm Special Summoning Azure Eyes Silver Dragon!" Yusei said as Yugi's mark began glowing 

"Awesome! My power is your power Yusei." Yugi said

"And I active Azure's special Ability. When he's special summoned all dragon's on my side of the field are safe." Yusei said

"It's pointless! This city along with Ener-D will perish! and with that it will create a bright future!"

"Do you honestly think that this future you speak of will be bright? Even if Ener-D vanishes from history? Even if Humanity's Evolution leads to desire and Temptation? There's no difference from the future you lived in! Can you still say the world is saved? In order to truly save the future, everyone's heart's must move in the correct direction, and create a future where we can flourish together with Ener-D Momentum! If we don't save the present the future will never be saved! Isn't that right Z-one? I will find a way to save the future!"

"Guide and Unite people's hearts."

"Father, everyone, lend me your strength."

And it that instance everyone was chanting his name. and rocketed upwards and onwards, into space itself. And now he found his own answer and own Accel Synchro.

"From my hand I play the Speed Spell Synchro Panic! When I have 7 or more Speed counters I can special summon as many Synchro Monster's as possible that I summoned earlier during this duel! But the monster's that I special summon have all of their effects and abilities negated and their attacks are lowered to 0!"

"what are you planning?"

"Return to me Ancient fairy Dragon! Power Tool Dragon! Black Rose Dragon! Blackwing Dragon! Azure Eyes Silver Dragon! and Red Dragon Archfiend! And I activate Life Stream Dragon's special ability! once per turn I can change the level of all my Synchro Monster's on my side of the field and in my graveyard. And I'm changing all the dragons to level 1 and I'm also changing Life Stream Dragon's level to level 6."

"Yusei needs our power." Akiza said and she, Luna, Leo, Jack, Crow, Jaden, and Yugi all raised their arms and their marks disappeared and formed on his back and he and his runner began to glow the color gold "And now I achieve Over Top Clear Mind!" and he beagn rocketing forward with all of his dragons

"And Now Life Stream Dragon, tune with Power Tool Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, Black Rose Dragon, Blackwing Dragon, Azure Eyes Silver Dragon and Red Dragon Archfiend. When the stars unite into one, a new bond shines on the future! I limit over Accel Synchro Summon, SHOOTING QUASAR DRAGON!" he shout and drew a blank Synchro card and it took form his newest dragon

Shooting Quasar Dragon:

And he went back down to earth to finish the duel.

"Z-one! This is the crystallization of Team 5D's bond, of the Signer's bond, of the bond that we share even if we come from different era's. This is our symbol of hope!

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