Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


29. The Dueling Wars Part 6

"Since you've seen my face I guess I should tell you again. Deep in the future humans yearned for evolution.  At first this was a wonderful success, we began making amazing strides in advancements of technology. But this is what would be our downfall. The Ener-D Momentum engine combined with greedy hearts caused it to go out of control and it created the Meklords to exterminate the human race. But it was I who saved the human race from near extinction. But enough talk lets continue this duel." Z-one said "I summon Zaphion the Timelord."

Zaphion the Timelord:

"Zapion the TImelord takes zero battle damage and cannot be destroyed. Will you be able to survive my Timelords attack this turn Yusei Fudo?" 

"When one of your Timelords in on the field you cant summon other monsters. So in other words you can only have one Timelord at a time. And if you can only attack once per turn I can survive with Scrap Iron Scarecrow.

"Do not see me? I am you. and I told you I know your deck inside and out. So anything you try won't work. Endless Emptiness has another effect. When this card is faceup on my side of the field, it's effect allows me to summon more Timelords. so even if one Timelord is on my side I can still summon more monsters." 


"And also due to the another effect of Endless Emptiness, all Timelords gain infinite power. and due to the third effect of Endless Emptiness I can special summon Sadion the Timelord, and Camion the Timelord from my hand."

Sadion the Timelord:

Camion the Timelord:

"Three Timelords?" 

And no one couldn't believe it.

"He had Three Timelords? Impossible!" Jack said outraged

"Yusei's strategy depends on there ony being one TImelord! This is completely BS!" Crow said also outraged

"Sadion and Camion also cannot be destroyed and their battle damage also becomes 0." Z-one said "Attack. And when Zaphion the Timelord attacks all of your spell and trap cards return to your deck."

"I activate the Trap Card Scrap Iron Scarecrow!" Yusei said and it stopped his first attack

"Sadion the Timelord attack Black Rose Dragon." he said "And when Sadion attack, and I have less than 4000 lifepoints they become 4000 again. And now Camion the Timelord attack  Red Dragon Archfiend. And when Camion attacks al your monsters return to your deck and you take 500 points damage for each one." 

All three dragons disappeared and he went plummeting but pulled up at the last second.

"I know you're looking for hope in this situation. In my time I believed it was possible to save the world. But in the end it didn't happen as I imagined. This is how I arrived at this conclusion, in order for there to peace in the future this city must be destroyed."

"Not gonna happen, no matter what I wont let you destroy this city! And you will never be me!"

"You are still a fool. I will tell you why I am you!"


"I was a scientist looking for a way to save the world from destruction. I realized in order to stop the Meklord Genocide, it was Ener-D momentum powering them but how do I stop the momentum? Yuusei particles read people's souls. SO I had to have people behave morally. But the desires and negative feelings of arrogant people were things I couldn't change with my own hands. That is when I remembered you, Yusei Fudo and how you heroically saved New Domino City. You were the legendary hero that overcame any and all obstacles, and never gave up. I decided in order to save the world I had to become you. By copying everything about you and merging it with me I would become you. and at last I was reborn as you, Yusei Fudo. the one who would help people behave morally. And I couldn't believe the power you held. You always had a way with words and so I tried to act like you. and with this People once again were filled with good hearts and were helping one another, understanding one another and the Meklord Genocide was over. I even began to think that the World could be saved. But as I said before it was too late. most of earths population was wiped out. And in the end I wasn't able to save a single person." 

"That is complete nonsense Z-one! you think by sacrifing the city of this time will save your time. no way. I will never let this city die!"  

"You still understand so little. Even you in the future could not save it. Even as you I could not change a thing. The only thing left is to erase this city from existence. Let finish this."

"Then I draw!"

Yusei: 1500/5
Z-one: 4000/5

"And I'll never give up on the future, so I'll wait a little longer and end my turn with a facedown." 

"To me then." 

Yusei: 1500/6
Z-one: 4000/6

Sadion, Zaphion, and Camion return to my deck during my standby phase. But now Zaphion's effect activates, when it leaves the field I am allowed to draw until I hold 5 cards in my hand and I currently hold one card in my hand so that means I can now draw 4 cards. and look at that, a new TIme lord has been added to my hand."

"I expected that. so I'm gonna play my trap card Talisman of Reversal. When you add cards to your hand other than during your draw phase,  I can draw until my hand matches the number of cards you hold. And I know this will be my comeback. And thanks to this card I can special summon it when an effect adds it from my deck to my hand. Come on out Scouting Warrior, in defense mode."

Scouting Warrior:

"And I'll also special summon the Tuner Monster Steam Synchron form my hand. 

Steam Synchron:

"And I'm allowed to special summon him when another monster when special summoned to my side of the field. And as an added bonus I can even Synchro summon during your turn. So now I'm gonna tune Steam Synchron with Scouting Warrior to Synchro Summon Ancient Fairy Dragon!" he shouted and Luna's a ark started glowing

Ancient Fairy Dragon:

"Do you honestly think that cheap trick will work against me?"


"I activate the trap Empress's crown from my hand. I can activate it from my hand when you summon a Synchro Monster and draw two cards for each of your Synchro Monsters. and By summoning your Synchro Monster you have worsened your situation. I will erase everything you can do. Due to Endless Emptiness's effect I can special summon a level 10 or below monster from my hand. Witness the Infinite power of the Timelords. Michion the Timelord."

Michion the Timelord:

"Hailon the Timelord."

Hailon the Timelord:

"Raphion the Timelord."

Raphion the Timelord:

"Gabrion the Timelord."

Gabrion the Timelord:

"And lastly Sandaion the Timelord."

Sandaion the Timelord:

"No matter what you do you cannot save this city, Yusei Fudo. That is what you will learn."

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