Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


28. The Dueling Wars Part 5

Yusei then thinks to himself "If I don't hurry our city will be destroyed."

And he couldn't help but think of those who were counting on him. his friends. his girlfriend. The thousands upon thousands of  residents of New Domino who were evacuating. All of their fates and that of the city's rested on his shoulders he never felt pressure like this. everything was riding on this one duel. The duel that could be his last if he wasn't careful.

"Zone, for all of New Domino City I will win this duel and stop the Ark Cradel!" Yusei shouted "I draw." he adds

Yusei: 4000/1
Z-one: 4000/1

"I can special summon this card when you're then only one who has Monsters. I special Summon Delta Warrior!" Yusei said

Double Delta Warrior:

"I then sacrifice two monster to special summon the tuner monster Big Eater!" 

Big Eater:

"And when I have a tuner on my side I can special summon Quillbolt Hedgehog from my graveyard!"

Quillbolt Hedgehog:

"And now I'll bring out Debris Dragon!" 

Debris Dragon:

"And when Debris Dragon is summoned. He can negate the effects of a monster in graveyard with 500 or fewer attack points and special summon it! I special summon from my graveyard with 0 attack points Clear Effector!"

Clear Effector:

And down below upside down all of his friends were in awe at the combo he just pulled off. 

"A five card combo? That's really impressive!" Jaden said

"He's got skills I doubt even I could think up that. And that's saying a lot." Yugi said

"He planning something." Tea said

"I completely agree." Alexis said

"Something big is on the horizon. Otherwise he wouldn't go all out." Akiza said

"Now I tune Big Eater with Double Delta Warrior to Sychro Summon, Blackwing Dragon!" Yusei shouted and Crow's mark started glowing

"Aw yeah! That's what he's planning this is our bond guys!" Crow said

Blackwing Dragon:

"Now I'm also gonna tune my Debris Dragon with my Quillbolt Hedgehog and my Clear Effector to Sycrho Summon Red Dragon Archfriend!" Yusei shouted and Jack's mark started glowing

"The Red Dragon Archfiend has never failed me and I know he wont fail you!" Jack said

Red Dragon Archfiend:

"Z-one. We may all come from different times and era's but  we will travel the path we believe. And I can feel everyone with me in my heart and in our bond. and we wil strike you with everything we have. And we will win!" Yusei said

Suddenly MC came on over the city's emergency broadcast intercoms and said he'd be narrating the duel but the citizens had to keep  moving and get to a safe distance.

"Just as I suspected, the minions of the Crimson Dragon appear. But it makes no difference of how many powerful Synchro Monsters you summon. I know them. I told you I know everything about you and your deck and your friends ace monster and my Timelords are infallible. You are going against a God Yusei Fudo. You do not stand a chance." Z-one said

"You don't think I know that? Since I used Double Delta Warrior as Synchro Materia, I am not allowed to battle this turn. And when a Synchro Monster uses Clear effector as Synchro Material, its effects are negated. So Red Dragon Archfiend's effects are negated. so that means even if I don't battle this turn, Blackwing Dragon remains on my side of the field. and as an added bonus when Clear Effector is used to Synchro Summon, I get to draw one car from my deck!" Yusei sai  I set two cards face down and end my turn." He added

Z-one chuckles to himself. "Yusei. you really couldn't attack me?" he said

"What?" Yusei said

"I think you didn't want to attack me from the start." Z-one said and this shocked his friends "My draw." he added and drew 

Yusei: 4000/2
Z-one: 4000/2

"Due to its effect, Metaion the Timelord returns to my deck during my standby phase. So yusei Fudo is that what you were aiming for? I bet you think you know the Timelords Characteristics. like Timelord Metaion you think all Timelords return to my deck during my standby phase?" Z-one asked

"Yeah that's exactly what I was planning." Yusei said

"Then you would be correct." 

"then why reveal their effects to me?"

"Because even if I reveal it I have nothing to fear." 


"You are not going to attack. You'll just keep waiting for the Timelords to return to my deck. You're hopingfor a turn that I don't have a Timelord in my hand. And if this were to happen then my field would be empty. That's what you're aiming for. As I told you Yusei I am a God and I can anticipate your every move. So do you think you can hold out for another 9 turns?" 

"I know I can. I've never given hope and I'm not about to start." 

"Just like you I used to believe in possibilities. That's why I tested various methods for saving this world. But they all failed and didn't work. That is destiny." 

"No I'm different. In order to open the doors to the future we must believe in the tiniest of possibilities." 

"How foolish. Did you not learn anything from Aporia's defeat?" 


"I activate the continuous trap Nonexistence. When there's no monster's on my side of the field, I can summon a level 10 or below monster without tribute. However that monster's attack points become zero. I summon Lazion the Timelord."

Lazion the timelord

"Lazion the Timelord cant be destroyed, and battle damage is reduced to 0. And when it battles all cards on your field and graveyard get shuffled into your deck. And when you draw you take 1000 points in damage."

"Tha's the card that defeated Aporia." 

"Yusei Fudo. You don't even have the tinniest hope. Kneel before the power of a God! Lazion the Timelord attacks Red Dragon Archfiend!"

"I activate my Trap Card Scrap Iron Scarecrow! You should know this trap card. it activates the moment you declare an attack on me. It then negates your monsters attack and returns to a facedown." 

"Do you really think you can win by just defending? I set one card facedown and end my turn."

"My turn!" Yusei said

Yusei: 4000/3
Z-one: 4000/3

"I activate Lazion the Time lords effect. You take 1000 points of damage when you draw." Z-one said

This caused Yusei to be sent spinning into one of the old buildings that made of the Ark Cradle and his friends were worried hed crash into it but he stopped just in time.

Yuesei: 3000/3

"I activate the Speed Spell Angel Baton. When I have two or more Speed Counters I'm allowed to draw two cards and discard one." Yusei said and saw them and he had an epiphany "And I think ill be sending Regen Warrior to my graveyard. But when I send him to the graveyard from my hand I can special summon him to the field. Welcome to the field Regen Warrior." He added

Regen Warrior:

"And with it 'm bringing out a friend of mine. Say hello to Junk Synchron!" 

Junk Synchron:

"And its time for a Tune-up! I tune Junk Synchron with Regen Warrior to Synchro Summon the Black Rose Dragon!" Yusei shouted and Akiza's mark started glowing 

"Yusei I'm always with you." Akiza said and he looked down and he was still wearing the necklace she got him and he smiled

Black Rose Dragon:

"And now I'm gonna activate one of Black Rose Dragons special abilities. when its Synchro Summoned, all cards on the  field are destroyed!"

"Is he a complete moron?" Seto asked

"That or insane." Chazz said

"He is a bit a both but he's up to something." Jack said

"Due to Lazion special effect it is not destroy. And now you have simply wasted your three dragons and your Scrap Iron Scarecrow." Z-one said

"You sure about that?" Yusei asked

"Eh?" Z-one asked

"Don't underestimate the power of Synchro Monsters. As I'm activating my trap card Synchro Barrier Force. This card negates an effect that would destroy the cards on the field, and for every Synchro Monster I have on the field you take 500 points of damage! and since I control 3 Synchro Monsters you take 1500 points in damage!"


The blast caused Z-one to go spinning and one of his mechanical arms went through an old building of the Ark Cradle and kept going until he hit one face first.

Z-one: 2500/3 

"And with that I end my turn."

And everyone was cheering his name and MC called him the savior of New Domino. but then Z-one came bursting out of the building, his mask was cracked in various places.

"Savior? Yusei Fudo you gave the people hope many times before."


"Even in my future, your heroic tale was passed down for many generations." He said and his mask began to crumble away revealing his face and what Yusei didn't believe the story he told earlier, but he had the same Royal blue eye, tan skin, and old facility mark

"Z-one who are you?" Yusei asked

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