Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


26. The Dueling Wars Part 3

More winged beasts began to spawn and head toward Akiza and Jack but Yugi, Yusei, and Jaden took them out. But the King of the netherworld was getting closer and closer.

"Once the King of the Netherworld arrives to the altar you will be the sacrifice and trapped in the depths of the  netherworld for all eternity!" Goodwin said

"Jack we gotta take him out fast!" Akiza said

"Don't worry, we'll take him out with everything we got!" Jack said

"My turn!" Goodwin said and drew

Jack: 2500/9

Akiza: 4000/10

Rex: 7900/7

"I activate my Trap Card, Fiendish Chain, this Trap card negates Sun Dragon Inte's effect and it can't attack of he released from play." Jack said

"Good move Jack, now Sun Dragon Inte can't attack you directly." Akiza said

"Jack, wasn't you who said that no matter how much you throw away you'll never be alone?" Goodwin asked Jack trying to antagonize him

"Don't listen to him Jack, he's trying to get in your head again." Akiza said

"But enough talk. I skip my battle phase and Wiraqocha Rasca's special ability activates and now your life points drop to Zero!" Goodwin said 

"When I have fewer than than 1000 lifepoints Fiendish Chain is destroyed." Jack said

"Now face defeat Jack! King of the Netherworld, I offer you Jack as a sacrifice to further complete the ritual!" Goodwin said

The King then fired a blast of pure energy at the two remaining Turbo Duelist's.

"Jack!" Akiza shouted 

"Can you feel your grip on this world slipping Jack?"

"I'm on going anywhere!" Jack said but then he fell off his runner as well

"Jack!" Akiza shouted again as she went passed him

"We're counting on you Akiza. Don't let us down." Jack said in a low hoarse voice to himself  "I may not be able to ride but I'm still in this duel, no matter what." He added and saw he still had a face down

"He's right, come on sis, don't let us down, we're always with you." Crow said to himself as he still had his face down in play as well

"Their hope is with me just as I have hope as well." Akiza said

"Why try and hide your fear like a child Akiza? This battle was over before it began. I place one face down and end my turn." Goodwin said

"My turn!" She said and drew 

Akiza: 4000/11

Rex: 7900/8

"I activate another of Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon's special abilities, once per turn I can remove a monster from play. Now attack Sun Dragon Inte with Blue Moon flare!" Akiza said

"You really are never going to give up are you? I active my Trap, Passion and Baimasse, this Trap card negates the effect of your monster and destroys it!" Goodwin said

"I activate Blue Moonlight Rose Dragon's special ability. Since it's a plant type monster I can summon from hand, deck, or graveyard any plant type monster. Come back , Blue Rose Dragon!" Akiza said "And now I switch my dragon into defense mode and set one face down and end my turn." She added

Blue Rose Dragon:

Level ****


"Typical, Akiza. That's the best you can do, you truly are grasping at anything." Goodwin said "You are alone just as you were for all those years, and now you will be defeated with no one to save you! I draw!" He added

Akiza: 4000/12

Rex: 7900/9

"Why hold on when the inevitable awaits you Akiza?"

"Because I have faith, and I'm never alone, even if I fall tonight I know I did what I could and my friends couldn't have asked for more." Akiza said

"You are fool to believe the bonds of friendship and love Akiza. And now your foolishness will cost you! I skip my battle phase and activate Wiraqocha Rasca ability and reduce your lifepoints to one!" Goodwin said

His giant beast then fired it's blast at Akiza.

"Akiza!" Jack said


Lifepoints and Speed Counters:


"How does it feel to be helpless and all alone again Akiza?"

"I'm never alone. The bonds of my friendship give me hope, and the bond of love for Yusei gives me the strength I need when all hope is lost!"

"You still believe in that nonsense?" He said 

"My turn!" She said and drew



"I activate my Speed Spell, Angel Baton from my hand, and since I have more than two Speed Counters I get to draw two cards." She said and drew

"Perfect, just what I was hoping for." She thought to herself as she had drawn Dark Verger and one of her Evil Thorns

"My Tuner Monster Copy plant is still in play so now I summon to the field, Dark Verger. Now I tune my level one Copy Plant with my level two Dark Verger and Blue Rose Dragon to Synchro Summon, Black Rose Dragon!"

Black Rose Dragon:

Level *******


"How pathetic, your Dragon doesn't have enough attack points." Goodwin said

"That's where your wrong." Akiza said


"I use the effect of Blackwing Bombardment, the continuous Trap that Crow played just before he sacrificed himself. By sending it to the graveyard Black Rose Dragon gets twenty five hundred attack points until the end phase raising it's attack points to four thousand nine hundred."

Black Rose Dragon:

Level *******



"This is the power of Blackwing Armor Master, who was paid as a cost to activate Blackwing Bombardment. Now Black Rose Dragon, attack with Black Rose Gale!"

Her Dragon then launched it's blast at Sun Dragon Inte and lowered Goodwin's lifepoints to 5900 and he lost two speed counters.

"The monster that destroys Sun Dragon Inte is also destroyed and you take damage equal to its attack."

"I activate Black Roses special ability, by releasing it the card is destroyed and the attack and effect is all negated." Akiza said

"What part of my sun dragon and moon dragons abilities is hard to comprehend? If you destroy it now Moon Dragon Quilla's special ability activates and is brought back to the field, this is the flow of nature, you cannot stop it." Goodwin said

"Yes I can." Akiza said "I activate Jack's continuous Trap Conquest of the Supreme Ruler. By sending one card to the graveyard your monster's special ability is negated." She added

"Impossible!" Goodwin said

"And at the end phase of this turn, my Black Rose Dragon returns to the field!" Akiza said

Black Rose Dragon:

Level *******


"With this I end my turn." Akiza said "Goodwin, as long we have the bonds of friendship and love we are never alone. We never feel helpless, you know this deep down, I know you do." She added

"It does not matter, once the King of the Netherworld arrives you will be sacrificed and the world will be destroyed and rebuilt as Z-one and I see it, a world where peace and prosperity will reign." Goodwin said

"Listen to yourself, you've gone insane. Your brother Roman entrusted you with finding the seven signers and you started your own legend with the bridge."

"It does not matter! I am who I am now, the man I once was is now gone and always will be." Goodwin said "And with only one lifepoint left you do not stand a chance at defeating me! And now it's my turn." He added and drew

Akiza: 1/11

Goodwin: 5900/8

"Now Akiza, it's time this is over! Wiraqocha Rasca attack her directly!" 

"Use the facedown!" Jack shouted

"Right I activate the continuous Trap Scrubbed Raid. By sending one monster on the field to the graveyard this battle phase ends. Someone special lent me a few cards as he said I would need them and I thank them for that!" Akiza said "I release Scrubbed Raid from play." She added 

"In that case I'll activate my Trap, Meteor Flare. By sending two cards from my hand to my graveyard I get to deal two thousand points of damage to you directly!" He said

"I reveal my second facedown, the Trap Card Joint Future! By sending one card from hand to the graveyard it negates your Spell or Trap Card's activation." Akiza said

"Since it was finished, it gets sent to the graveyard. And during my draw phase and I can summon if back to my hand instead of drawing." He said

"Not so fast. When Joint Future negates a card, that card is immediately put back in your deck and your deck gets shuffled." She said

"No!" He said as he put the card back in his deck and it shuffled "I end my turn." He added

"Goodwin! Don't you get yet? You cannot forget the love you have for your brother, he trusted you. And he will never leave you."

"It matters not!"

"Yes it does. Everyone has something inside them they can never lose. Just like Yusei, he never forgets who his parents are and it's made me and my parents realize that we should hold on to each other and never let go. That's what a bond is to me." Akiza said

Suddenly the top card of her deck began to glow.

"What's happening?" Goodwin said as the mark of the crimson Dragon on his chest and the eye on his arm disappeared 

And all of their marks returned, but the eight mark appeared on someone else.

"Yusei, my arm, it's glowing!" Yugi said

"Yugi, you're a signer and look the card on top it's glowing!" Yusei said

He then drew it and as the light faded it was blank at first but slowly the card became a Synchro card and an image appeared.

"It's... it's..." Yugi started to say

"Azure Eyes Silver Dragon!" Yusei finished

"It says it needs Blue Eyes White Dragon and this second card Maiden with the Eyes of blue to Synchro Summon it." Yugi said

Suddenly the full mark appeared on Akiza's back. She then drew the card.

Akiza: 1/12

Goodwin: 5900/9

"And since I believe the bonds of Friendship and Love just like Jack used it summon his Majestic Red Dragon and Yusei to summon his Majestic Star Dragon, I too can summon the tuner Monster Majestic Dragon!" Akiza said

"No this cannot be! Z-one and I were meant to rule the world!" Goodwin cried

"Well the Crimson Dragon doesn't like to used for someone's own needs. Now bring back my Wall of Ivy that I sacrificed earlier, now I tune Majestic Dragon with my Black Rose Dragon and Wall of Ivy in order to Synchro Summon, Majestic Rose Dragon!" Akiza said

Majestic Rose Dragon:

Level **********


The King of the Netherworld had arrived at last

"One of Majestic Rose Dragons special abilities is that it negates all of Wiraqocha Rasca's special abilities!" Akiza shouted

"What!" Goodwin cried

"Next I activate the Trap Synchro Baton. This gives an additional six hundred attack points for ever Synchro Monster in our graveyards, and since their are four total. Majestic Rose Dragon gets an additional 2400 attack points!"

Majestic Rose Dragon:

Level **********


"And now Majestic Rose Dragon, take out the Earthbound immortal, Wiraqocha Rasca with Majestic Rose Gail!"

A beam began to grow in size and her dragon fired it at the colossal sized Winged beast and punctured it and the beam went clean through. Taking Goodwin's life points down to Zero.

"Now Yugi!" She called out

"I summon the Crimson Dragon!" He cried and the dragon came to life 

The dragon then went straight for the King of the Netherworld and took it out, sending back to the depths of the Netherworld for another five thousand years. She and the other two then touched down on the ground.

Yusei came running to her and she went running to him she then leapt into his arms and he caught her and she wrapped herself around him. He then took her helmet off and looked deep into her eyes. Their lips then finally met. This was one of the greatest moments yet for the two signers. Their lips locked in place, it felt familiar, good, they had each other memorized by heart.

"Hey you two we gotta hurry, the Arc Cradle!" Jack called 

She then let go and was on the ground again. They each then got on their runners and Jaden and Yugi sat on the arms and held on as Leo and Luna got on their boards. And they then met up sight the rest of the army and proceeded to board the Arc Cradle with only six hours left until the Arc Cradle crashed....

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