Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


24. The Dueling Wars Part 1

New Domino was in absolute pandemonium. The Meklords were slowly exterminating people that got in their way. But everyone looked to Yusei.

"Look, we may come from different times and have different strategies but now we need to take down this army. Jaden and Yugi your with me everyone else team up and take down these machines!"

Jaden kissed Alexis and Yugi kissed Tea and the three of them disappeared...

"How about a little help Neos?" Jaden said as he played his favorite card and brought to life

"Shooting Star Dragon, let's rev it up!" Yusei said as he brought his dragon out

"Okay Dark Magician, it's time to save the world." Yugi said as he summoned his favorite monster

Yusei then hopped on his runner and Jaden And Yugi climbed on the dragon and the wings of the dragon started flapping and rising into the air.

"Okay Shooting Star Dragon, we need to take these machines down but not hurt the people down there." Yusei said and his dragon nodded as though he understood Yusei and Dark Magician and Neos nodded as well 

Suddenly a large group of Meklords appeared. Shooting Star Dragon then used Cosmic Flare to take a few out and Dark Magician used Dark Magic and Neos destroyed some as well. They all took off down the streets taking down the Meklords and headed toward the Ark Cradle...

The aircrafts finally reached Rex Goodwin's Estate. But his mansion was no longer there as the Ancient Temple of Yliaster replaced it. Akiza mounted her runner and put on Yusei's spare helmet as she had forgotten her and she didn't have time to grab her suit or helmet so she was still in her usual outfit.

She adjusted her wrist dealer as Jack and Crow did the same as well. The back of the craft opened and all three started up their runners and slowly back out and all landed on the long road that lead up to the entrance. The Geoglyph of Condor then appeared and Rex Stepped forward, he looked just as he did in the video feed.

"Well well well, is this a site to behold? Three signers." Rex said his voice echoing 

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Akiza shouted

"I am a member of Yliaster and this battle began fourty years ago and now it's time for it to finish." His voice echoed

"We're gonna make you pay Goodwin!" Crow spat

"Who? You three? A silly girl with telekinetic powers she barely has control over, a satellite boy with a bad temper full of pride and arrogance, and some other satellite gutter rat who believed in fairy tales. This hardly a challenge."

"What do you mean?" Crow demanded

"I mean I am the Legendary Man. I started the construction of Daedalus Bridge. But I will not indulge you any further of the matter. What matters now is that it is finally ready!"

"What the hell do you mean?" Akiza demanded to know as well

"Do you see this?" He asked as he showed his mechanical arm and all went wide eyed "This was but a conduit through which I could hone the power of the Crimson Dragon."

"Are you Insane!?" Jack asked

"No I am not Jack. I've read the ancient texts and after twenty years the planets have aligned again and the final mark is ready!" He said and held out a canister with a glowing green liquid in it and some kind of mark, like an eye but then all of their marks started burning even Yusei, Jaden, Leo, and Luna's marks burned as well

"Wait is that what I think it is?" Akiza said looking up at the glowing canister 

"Yes Akiza, it is the eighth and final mark, The Eye of the Crimson Dragon!"

"But that's impossible their were supposed to only be six!" Crow said

"Ah but in truth their were eight. The eighth was something of one of its own. The texts say that Atem used his sorcery with help of the dragon to forge the eighth mark, the eye, but after the war it was lost to time, it took twenty years of extremely thorough research and painstakingly precise rituals to make this mark, and now this arm has served it's purpose." He said and his cyborg arm shattered revealing his real arm

He then opened the canister and stuck his right wrist in and the green liquid began to glow, he then pulled his arm out and it began to glow red.

"Now I have the light and the dark running through me. But now let the final fight begin!" He said as a table Rose and he inserted his deck and they all were lifted onto the mark of the Condor

"Since this a three on one match you three will start with four thousand lifepoints each as I will start with twelve thousand. But no one makes a move on the first turn."

"Fine by us." Akiza said

"Let's duel!" All four said in unison

"Get ready to enter a world of shadow, a world where every move counts; get ready to enter, Speed World 2!" Goodwin said as he played the Speed World 2 Field Spell Card

"And I'll take the first move." Crow said and drew, he then took one card from his hand "And I'll be summoning Black Wing Mistral the Shield!

Black Wing Mistral the Shield:

Level **


"And when a Black Wing is out and summon another Black Wing from my hand." He then held up another Black Winged beast card "And this will give me an edge, a sharp edge. I summon Black Wing Bora the Spear!"

Black Wing Bora the Spear:

Level ****


"I then place one card face down and end my turn."

"Which means you get to deal with me now." Jack said and drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 4000/1

Jack: 4000/1

Akiza: 4000/1

Rex: 12000/1

"And I'll start by summoning Mad Archfiend!"

Mad Archfiend:

Level **


"Next I'll throw a facedown and call it it a turn."

"Okay I'm up!" Akiza said as she drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 4000/2

Jack: 4000/2

Akiza: 4000/2

Rex: 12000/2

"And you're about to go down. Because whatever grand scheme your planing isn't going to happen!" Akiza said

"Oh yes it will. The grand design was complete the moment you Won the WRGP. And it's been the making for twenty years. You before my brother Roman released the power of Ener-D he gave me the very canister for which to make the Eye of the Crimson Dragon. He told me to make it as I would need it. He told me every five thousand the eight Dragons would do battle with the King of the Netherworld and his seven Earthbound Immortals. He was chosen as the battleground, but he could fight the darkness and let the evil win. The Dragon felt he was unworthy and gave his mark to Yusei."

"But why team up with Z-one?" Akiza asked

"He seeks to correct the error of human ways by getting rid of Synchro Monsters. I did not object because he is the true leader of Yliaster and has brought the Ark Cradle out of its slumber. And once I've defeated you three and Paradox takes care of Yusei, Jaden, and Yugi the Ark Cradle will fall and destroy New Domino City."

"Your insane!" Akiza shouted

"Am I now? I am simply trying to make sure the future is safe, of course there is going to be collateral damage but it's for the greater good. Then the Crimson Dragon can rebuild the world for me and Z-one to rule!" Rex shouted

"You have light and dark, but we have something greater. All of us do, and it's something you can't take!" Akiza said

"And what might that be?" Rex asked

"It's the power of our friendship, the bonds that tie us together, you may have released the darkness in me, but I like Roman expunged it from me but instead of getting rid of the light I got rid of dark. We also have love, it much brighter and more powerful than anything and you can't take love and make it into a mark, and because of my love for Yusei we will win this duel! Now I'm summoning Wall of Ivy in defense mode!"

Wall of Ivy:

Level **


"And then I'll throw a face down and end my turn." Akiza said

"Now it's time, to show you the power of the light and dark." Rex said as he drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 4000/3

Jack: 4000/3

Akiza: 4000/3

Rex: 12000/3

"First since there are monster on your side of field and none on Mine. I'm allowed to summon onto the field Oracle of the sun."

Oracle of the Sun:

Level *****


"And I'll follow that by summoning the Tuner Monster, Fire Ant Azcator!"

Fire Ant Azcator:

Level ***


"A tuner monster?!" Crow said

"Not good." Jack said

"Yes you know what's coming next, I tune my level three Fire Ant Azcator with my level five Oracle of the Sun to Synchro Summon, the Sun Dragon Inte!"

Sun Dragon Inte:

Level ********


"It doesn't look that back." Akiza said trying to maintain some optimism 

"Oh but it's just the beginning. By removing the tuner Monster Fire Ant Azcator from play I can summon Weeping Idol!"

Weeping Idol:

Level **


"And by lower my lifepoints by one thousand I can summon the Dark Tuner Monster Dark Goddess Altaca from my hand."

Dark Goddess Altaca:

Level ***


"And now I'll activate Altaca's ability, with it I'm allowed to make her level equal to a Synchro Monster on the field, and since Sun Dragon Inte is the only one the field and his level is eight, Altaca's level is eight as well."

Dark Goddess Altaca:

Level ********


"And that she's packing some more power I'll have her Dark Tune with the level two Weeping Idol. So just as you see, I have the power of light and dark, my field will have it as well. First there was the Sun Dragon Inte now there is the Moon Dragon Quilla 

Moon Dragon Quilla:

Level **********


He then threw down two facedowns "But I'm afraid he won't be around for long, due to my Moon Dragon's special ability it is destroyed during the end phase of my turn." Rex said

"So what's the point for making such a big move, you really do have a few screws loose? Oh well, it'll be over soon enough! Cause this next round we're puttin the hurt on ya big time" Crow said

Rex simply smiled "Yes this next round should indeed be interesting."

"I don't like the sound of that, alright Goodwin time to take you down." Crow thought to himself 

"Here goes nothin." Crow said and drew

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 4000/4

Jack: 4000/4

Akiza: 4000/4

Rex: 11000/4

"First thing's first, I play the speed spell, Tune-up one two three. Thanks to this I get to roll a die and Mistral the Shield gets the level number depending on the number I roll."

Black Wing Mistral the Shield:

Level ***


"Okay so his level increases by one. And I'll tune this with my Black Wing Bora the Spear! And you know what that means. A synchro summon, Black Wing the Armor Master!"

Black Wing the Armor Master:

Level *******


"And did I mention? When a Black Wing is face-up  on my field, I'm allowed to summon this monster without any penalty, Black Wing Elfin the Raven you can come on out!"

Black Wing Elfin the Raven:



"Now Black Wing Armor Master attack that Sun Dragon Inte. Soaring Shadow strike!"

"Fool, your Black Wing doesn't have enough attack points to win this battle."

"Well see about that. Ya see Armor a Master can't be destroyed in battle any damage I would've taken becomes zero. 

Sun Dragon Inte:

Level ********


But wait the's more, whatever monster is attack by my Black Wing get tagged with a wedge counter reducing that monsters attack to zero for the turn. Meaning my other Black Wing, Elfin the Raven can't miss!"

"I'm afraid that's where your wrong Crow, isnt such a thing as can't miss. Any monster that destroys Sun Dragon Inte is also Destroyed, say good he got Elfin the Raven, and you also take damage to its attack points."

Lifepoints and Speed Counters:

Crow: 1800/2

Jack: 4000/4

Akiza: 4000/4

Rex: 8800/2

"Additionally when Sun Dragon Into is destroyed Moon Dragon Quilla gets to return in defense mode

Moon Dragon Quilla:



"You see Crow, even when you can't miss you can still be destroyed. I learned that lesson who tried to build the bridge. But I've realized if you want something, you must do whatever is nessecary  to get it!" Rex said like a mad man

"Not if it means hurting people. And that's why were gonna stop you, right here, right now!" Crow said 

Rex start chuckling as he raised his arm with the Eye of the Dragon mark on it and it began to glow brighter. Then all of their marks vanished, even Leo's, Luna's, Jaden's and both of Yusei's.

"What happened?" Akiza said 

He then started laughing like a maniac as his chest started glowing red. And the mark that used to be on Yusei's back was on on Goodwin's chest.

"He's taken them for himself somehow!" Akiza said

"I'll stop at nothing to make sure our plan is complete so the reconstruction can begin!" Rex said

To be continued.......

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