Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


21. The Dueling Army

Present day, New Domino City, Kaiba Dueling Dome:

Crow was doing practice laps as Blister and the rest of the pit crew were monitoring his runner's levels. Yusei and Akiza were in the stands watching and having one of their sessions. Crow would be aggravated that they were lip locked at the moment but after what they went through in the depths of the old Ener-D facility he let them be as they needed to be together, and he understood as he and his girl had their sessions as well.

A portal opened right outside the Dueling Dome and all twenty of them stepped out. Kaiba couldn't take it anymore.

"Alright where the hell are we?" He asked

"Well obiviously New Domino City Kaiba." Yugi said

"This is ridiculous. First I get invited to some lousy tournament Pegasus of all people was hosting, get further humiliated by losing to Wheeler in front of everyone, now were supposedly fourty years into the future."

"Be careful Kaiba." Atem said as he appeared "For you may not be happy now but I assure you're going to need your deck for what is to come."

"Seriously, who is this guy that keeps appearing?" Chazz asked

"His name Atem, he was the Pharaoh from five thousand years ago. Didn't you read any of the Domino City News articles." Yugi said

"Oh yeah, I remember reading those." Jaden said "But Atem, you said you would explain everything once we got here."

"I will tell you what I can. As for this era I cannot explain it. Yusei Fudo will have to. He and his friends are the one's you are looking for and he will explain this era. Five thousand years ago the six signers of the Crimson Dragon and I fought the evil forces and the Earthbound Immortals. Together we sealed the evil and Earthbound Immortals away. You and I, Yugi defeated Zorc together. Jaden you battled in the other dimension and the society of light and defended the sacred beasts, but now the Earthbound Immortals have been released again. But an evil from an apocalyptic future has combined forces with the dark signers as they are all members of the Society of Yliaster. The leader of the ones from the future will bring an army. All of you and Yusei and his friends must combine and be your own army as a war in this future rages on. I must go. Good luck." He said and disappeared 

They all then went inside the dome and couldn't believe their eyes as it contain a standing dueling platform but was essentially a giant race track of some sort. They then spotted in the stands a boy with spiky raven hair making out with a girl with short hair and long bangs that was dark burgundy. And someone was racing around the track on a custom futuristic looking motorcycle.

Yusei was still kissing Akiza but then both of their marks on their wrist and the on his back started glowing. The twins marks along with Jack's started glowing as well crow had just pulled in as his was glowing as well. Yusei and Akiza quickly headed down to their pit.

"Our marks." Yusei said

"They're glowing." Akiza said

"But it doesn't feel like it usually does, it's like the Dragon is trying to tell us something." Jack said

Then the Crimson Dragon appeared.

"My Signers, my children, your allies are here." He said to them telepathically

"Thank you." Yusei said

"You are welcome Yusei, I must return to the Spirit World with Yubel and Pharaoh Atem and try and keep the evil from spilling into this world. Good luck." He said telepathically as well and disappeared

"Still think I'm paranoid, Crow?" Yusei asked

"Alright, you were right."

They then all looked to see 25 teenagers running toward them.

"Are you... Yusei.... Yusei Fudo?" Yugi asked as he was out of breath

"Yeah. Wait your-" Yusei started to say

"Yugi Muto... King of Games.... I know."

"And your Tea Gardner." Akiza said

"The Queen of games.... yeah.... I know.... just got the title today."

"Your Jaden Yuki." Luna said

"Yeah, thanks kid." Jaden said

"No it's just I'm kind of like you. I can communicate with the Duel Spirits too."

"Yusei, can you tell us what this place is?" Yugi asked 

"Why do you all sit down and I'll tell you what I can." Yusei said

A few minutes later....

"Alright first off what's happened in since my time?" Yugi asked

"Not much in the first ten years, the Island Duel academy was established. A lot happened there, Jaden might be to tell you all what happened there. But then New Domino was built. And during the founding Turbo Dueling got started-"

"Wait, what's that?" Jaden asked

"Turbo Dueling? Oh it's what we're popular for here. Thirty years back the CEO of KaibaCorp and Industrial Illusions came up with the idea of Duel Monsters on Motorcycle's. So then KaibaCorp started drawing up schematics for the Duel Runner as Industrial Illusions started working on launching a new series of spell cards for Turbo Dueling and Duel Monster cards that would replace Fusion Monsters all together. And Synchro Monsters were born."

"What Monsters were born?" Chazz asked

"Synchro. No longer do you need a Polymerization card, just a turner monster and another monster and those two or more to equal out to the level of the monster you want to Synchro Summon. Here's a Synchro Monster, this one is my signature card." He said and pulled out his Stardust Dragon Card

"So I take you bought that red Duel runner from my company?" Kaiba asked

"Actually no." Yusei said and everyone was shocked "These four runners were all hand-built, I built three of them myself, the red one, the burgundy one, and the white one. Crow built his own, that would be the black one" He added shocking them even more

"You can build one of these things?" Alexis asked

"Sure, if you have the brains for the computer and all the tech it requires plus the skills of a mechanic to build the body and engine and find or make the right parts."

"So who's is the white one and the burgundy one?" Marik asked

"The white one is mine." Jack said

"And the burgundy one is mine." Akiza said

"Wait there are female turbo duelist's?" Tea asked

"Of course there are, I'm the second highest ranking female turbo duelist in the world. Sherry Le Blanc is the first but if we win this tournament then I'll be the first."

"So who's the number one male turbo duelist?" Tristen asked

"Me." Yusei said

"What are your guy's names?" Yugi asked

They each went around and said their names.

"So Akiza, are you and Yusei..." Mai started to say

"Yes, we are."

"Wow, looks, brains, well toned, I can see why you chose him Akiza." Mai said

"I'd be careful Mai. She has Telekinetic powers and can bring her duel monster cards to life." Yusei said

"Ha what joke." Kaiba said

"Would you like a demonstration?" She asked him 

"Sure, wow me." He said as though he were bored

She then got out her Black Rose Dragon card and began to Channel her power and the Dragon came to life. It then looked at Kaiba and roared. Kaiba was frozen with fear.

"I clearly underestimated your powers." Kaiba said

"So, does anyone still play Dungeon Dice?" Duke asked

"Wha? Oh that. Yeah a few people here do, but it's more popular over in Domino City but standing duels still go on as the supply and demand for Dungeon Dice increased Duel Disks became cheaper as well as dueling cards. Same thing here, a lot of Turbo Dueling goes on but not everyone can afford or knows how to build a Duel Runner." He said

"But anyway, ten years later my father, Rex Goodwin, and Roman Goodwin decided to take advantage of all the dueling and began working on a reactor that ran off duels and could be turned into power for the city. But the location was a problem as it was place at the gate of the Netherworld, my father tried to shut it down but was removed from the project. 

"Roman went insane, my father died along with him in the blast as he threw the reactor into reverse causing negative energy to be released and causing a massive explosion that split New Domino. 

"Seventeen years later the bridge was finally finished as a deal I made. And now three years later we're in the middle of one of the most catastrophic Dueling Wars ever seen and this tournament, the World Racing Grand Prix is just a smoke screen to distract everyone as well as the staging for something bigger. We don't know what but we have to be prepared." Yusei and leaned back

"Well Yami said you would need our help so I'm in." Yugi said

"I'm with you Yugi." Tea said

And one by one everyone joined in, Kaiba was still a little skeptical.

"So little girl." He said to Luna "You say you can communicate with the duel spirits. I just want one more bit of proof that what I'm seeing is real."

"Well give me your deck and I can tell you who are."

He then reluctantly handed her his deck.

"Hm, your deck shows me you full of pride, hate, arrogance, selfishness, and nothing but cold. But then again. It's telling me you do have a good side, your Blue Eyes White Dragons in particular are telling me that if you put faith in them and the rest of the cards in this deck you built then you and the deck would be one and you could truly win." She said and handed him his deck back

"That sounds just like that heart of the cards nonsense the Pharaoh and Yugi keep talking about."

"Well maybe you should start listening." Yusei said and everyone turned to him

"What are you talking about?" Kaiba asked

"I was kinda like that once. Overconfident and relying on just one monster. And I went on an undefeated streak but Jack here ended that streak and taught me a valuable lesson of relying on my whole deck instead just one card."

"Alright so say I try this, will I win?"

"Maybe. Only you can find that out for yourself." Yusei said

"Don't think your going Into this war without me." Carly said

"You sure Carly?" Yusei asked

"Yeah. I'm becoming a better duelist everyday thanks to Jack training me. And I even went bought my own Duel Disk."

Mina and Trudge were there as well.

"I'm in too kid." Trudge said

And Yusei's six other friends, even Yanagi were on board.

"Well now that the fourty one of you are all in agreement. Yugi, Jaden I've arranged a place for you and all of your friends to stay." Mina said

"Awesome. Hey, Yusei, could we see one of these Turbo Duel's?" Yugi asked

"Sure, Jack you up for one?" Yusei asked

"You know I always am." Jack said

Akiza then kissed her boyfriend one more time. He then got on his runner and loaded his turbo deck, adjusted his deck dealer and put his helmet and pressed the button and the visor slid down and fired up his runner and he Jack took off....

Yusei won the duel. As they pulled in they all decided to just hang out Akiza decided to hang out with Tea and Alexis as Yusei wanted to hang out with Yugi and Jaden but promised her they would continue their session later...

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