Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


6. ...Stay in Motion

Akiza was waiting with the garage door open and Yusei was there within five minutes of her calling him and he came to screeching stop and parked his runner to the side and they went inside.

Mrs. Izinski was in the kitchen but she said hello and hugged Yusei. The three then went to Luna and Leo who were in the living room with steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Both of them looked like hell as their clothes looked burnt.

"Alright guys, tell us what happened." Yusei said 


"You Signers are so damn persistent. And now I'm gonna kill you." Lester said only he was dressed in his white Ylliaster robes and his eye was covered by the implant and he activated his duel board 

"You wanna duel, fine by me." Luna said as she slid on her custom Duel Disk Yusei made her

"Sis don't lose!" Leo said 

Lester then activated the Infinity Sign so that battle damage they took was real.

"Let's duel!" They both said


"I'll started by summoning Sky Core." Lester said 

Sky Core:



"And end my turn with a face down." He added

"Then it's my turn." She said "And I'll summon Kuribon, Regulus, Watapon, and the Tuner Monster Sunny Pixie."










Sunny Pixie:



"And now Regulus destroy his Sky Core!" Luna called

"Why thank you for that now I that Sky Core is gone I can summon forth Meklord Emperor Skiel!"

Meklord Emperor Skiel:



"But I'll spare you this turn."

"Well thank you, now I tune Sunny Pixie with Regulus, Watapon, and Kuribon to Synchro Summon, Ancient Fairy Dragon."

Ancient Fairy Dragon:



Lester tried to attack but she stopped it. But then her mark started glowing and the top card on her deck was glowing as well, it was Majestic Dragon. 

"What are you doing?" Lester shouted, at this point he looked like a lunatic 

"The Crimson dragon has given me the power I need to beat you, and if may be just for this duel so be it, I play Majestic Dragon."

Majestic Dragon:



"And now I tune Majestic Dragon with Ancient Fairy Dragon to Synchro Summon Majestic Fairy Dragon."

Majestic Fairy Dragon:



"And one of her abilities is her attack doubles for every Synchro Monster in my Graveyard."

Majestic Fairy Dragon:



"And she can negate all affects and attack any monsters directly. Majestic Fairy Dragon, take out his Meklord Emperor Skiel!"

And with a burst of bright energy the duel was over but since the attack were real it cause a massive explosion, but Majestic Fairy Dragon managed to shield the two of them to the best of her abilities and with their home in ruins they called Akiza...

~end of flashback~

"Tell you what, you two can stay here until we can sort this out." Mrs. Izinski said 

"Thank you Mrs. Izinski." Luna said

Mrs. Izinski smiled.

"If you guys want you can sleep in my room." Akiza offered and Luna couldn't help but hug her

"Thank you sis." Luna said in a quiet voice

This truly shocked Akiza, she had always considered Luna and Leo good friends, but for them to see her like an older sister was more than she could've asked for.

"I should probably get going." Yusei said 

"Yusei, as modest as you are I don't want you riding home like this, barely awake while going 200 miles per hour." Mrs. Izinski said

"Thank you." Yusei said

They then tucked the twins and Yusei took off his jacket, gloves, and boots and sat down on the couch with Akiza and they just watched tv.

After awhile without realizing it they curled up on the couch together. They both some stiffened up and were nervous. But Yusei broke the silence and she looked up at him.

"Akiza, I would never do anything to you or make you do anything you don't want to do of move too fast, but I really like you." He whispered 

"I really like you too Yusei." She whispered back

And for the for the first time their lips met and it was like electricity was coursing through their veins and fire was on their lips. They both slowly parted lips and were smiling as there was no going back, and they spent the next hour so just kissing and lying there enjoying the kisses they stole. Setsuko had been I the kitchen listening the whole time and couldn't help but feel giddiness rise up herself as her daughter had found the right man.

But eventually they fell asleep, with Akiza lying on top of him on her stomach with her head to the left and resting on his chest while Yusei lying underneath her and his head to the right with his arms wrapped around her. Setsuko thought they were a cute this way and she covered them up with a blanket and let them lie there as she sat in the kitchen.

Around one o'clock Hideo Izinski finally got home. He parked his car in the garage when he noticed the red crescent moon motorcycle parked. He had no idea's whose it was. He then got out of his car and went inside still puzzled at whose it was. He went into the living room to turn the tv off when he noticed his daughter was asleep on the couch, but she was lying on top of a boy with Raven Black spiky hair and gold highlights and a facility mark on his face.

Now he was infuriated, his daughter was lying some random boy. And he was a Satellite! But he felt his wife behind him.

"Who is he?" He whispered in disgust

"He is Yusei Fudo, one of Akiza's friends."

"How could you allow our daughter to be doing this?"

"Oh Hideo, don't you remember when we were teenagers."

"I know but this is different-"

"It is not, and I thinks it's cute. And they just admitted what felt for each other only a few hours ago, please Hideo. Of all the things you can do for your daughter to make her happy is to let her be with this boy." She said as she lead him into the kitchen

"Besides two of her younger friends are sleeping right now, they've been through a lot, as for Yusei from the moment he came here he has done nothing but show selflessness and compassion for our daughter, they're almost 20, much more than just hormonal teenagers, he respects her and I can tell he's a good man." She added

"I... I don't know..."

"Come on Hideo. We are trying hard to make up for lost time, so just this once let her be happy."

"I-okay, you really think he's a gentleman?"

"No doubt he promised her he would never force her into anything and he really likes her and she really likes him." She said

"Okay okay okay. I'll give him a chance." He said

"You have no idea how happy this make her." She said

"Now what's this about her friends?" He asked

She then explained what had happened and he understood. Hideo turned off the tv and he and his wife quietly crept to their room as they did not want to disturb the two sleeping teens. Things for Yusei and Akiza were just begging as they had just become an unofficial couple no more than a few hours ago....

As for Rex Goodwin and his Dark Signers they were currently debating...

"That is correct Mr. Goodwin. The last two Signer's are the twins Luna and Leo. All six signers have been found and all have met, now they suspect someone or something is after them, now that they know." Lazar said

"Ah but they do not know everything Lazar." Rex said as he stared out the blinds of the window

"Excuse me, sir?" Lazar said slightly confused and puzzled

"They only know that all share a mark on their wrist, and it means something they just don't know what. And they are right to be on their guard, and very clever. But how to bait them?"

Suddenly Misty and Sayer showed up finally showed up and neither looked happy. Misty was still covered in engine soot from head to toe. And Sayer still faintly smelled like dog food with the added bonus of his clothes looking like he had been attacked.

"What on earth happened to you two?" Rex asked them but he didn't get an answer and by their death stares he didn't want an explanation

Suddenly the phone on the desk started rigging and Lazar answered it.

"Someone is here to see you Mr. Goodwin, he has asked for you specifically."

"Let him up."

A few minutes later a man in white futuristic robes with some kind of high tech mask beyond their time that was covering all of his face walked in the conference room.

"I am called Z-one." The man said

"I suppose this Lester my Dark Signers speak of is one of yours." Rex said

"Yes he is, I am sorry if I've upset your city, Lester tends to get excited when he meets new people." Z-one said

"You really should keep your pets on a tighter leash." Roman said

"Now now brother, is that anyway to talk to our guests?" Rex asked him

"Lester has received the proper punishment for his transgressions. But I have come here to help you draw out the signers." Z-one said

"And how do you propose to do that? Z-one?" Rex asked

"Host a World Racing Grand Prix, I think you're familiar with this particular kind of tournament. Knowing Yusei and his two satellite friends they will be drawn to the speed and adrenaline and the psychic will follow Yusei and the twins will follow the psychic and eliminate them all at once."

"And what would you want in return?"

"I simply want to save the future, as they are the cause of its destruction."

"So I take it we are allies?"

"So it would seem. But I have a few ideas of my own that will truly test them."

"What were your ideas, Z-one?"

As two of the deadliest forces had combined and become allies a terrible plan had been set in motion that could change the course of and destroy the unwritten future. However the Crimson Dragon has other plans to save the future with the help of his Signer's...

Yusei... Akiza... They heard a voice say a first low

Yusei... Akiza... The voice said, a little louder this time

Children! It said in a loud roar

They both were awake. But they weren't on the couch in her living room anymore. They were surrounded by blackness and small white dots. Suddenly a giant dragon appeared! It was made of fire! Akiza was scared out of her wits as she grabbed onto Yusei. But they could feel the dragon chuckling.

Do not be afraid Akiza. The Dragon telepathically to her

"I remember you, your the Crimson Dragon." Yusei said

I see you still remember me Yusei, and I see you both have my mark. You may indeed be the saviors.

"Why us?" Akiza asked

Because of the bond you two share, you are both caring, never stop, you fight for what you believe in, and the love you share for each other is stronger than any darkness. You and the others have been chosen.

"Why come to us now?" Yusei asked

Two of the greatest forces of evil have joined forces and are hell bound on destroying you. The future remains unwritten, I know you two will save the world when the time comes. Now go forth!

They then opened their eyes again and they were back on the couch. She then looked up at him and worry was in her eyes.

"I'm worried Yusei." She said sounding afraid

"Don't worry Akiza, I'll protect you, even if the world does come to an end." He said looking deep into her eyes

She then crawled up closer and kissed him and he kissed her back. After a few minutes of just enjoying the moment of kissing they fell back asleep.

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