Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


17. Signers Vs. Dark Signers Part 2

"Why are you doing this?" Yusei asked her

"Why? All her life Akiza has been taunted, teased, picked on and bullied because of who she is. But that fateful day I was born, she relied on me from then on as a friend, a confident, but she had no idea who she created that day. And then you came along and she pushed me aside and I could no longer control her. But then the day those two girls beat her up I was almost set free but she was very careful not to do so and she passed out so I was locked away again and now I'm finally free."

"I know the girl I love is still in there and I know she can hear me." Yusei said

"Enough talk, I'll start this duel. I draw." She said as she drew her card "And I play Wall of Ivy in defense mode! Next I place one card face down and end my turn."

"My turn, and I counter by playing Speed Warrior in attack mode. And on the turn it's summoned it's attack points are doubled."

Speed Warrior's attack points then jumped from 900 to 1800.

"Speed Warrior, shred that Wall of Ivy!"

Speed Warrior lurched forward to attack.

"You better be careful Yusei, when I my Wall of Ivy is destroyed one of my Ivy tokens takes place on your side of the field."

A Ivy token then appeared On Yusei's side and Speed Warrior destroyed her monster.

"Your move." Yusei said

"You're too kind." Akiza said as she drew a card "Remember that facedown last turn, and how you used Sped warrior to destroy Wall of Ivy. Well I'm using this Trap Cursed Ivy to bring back Wall of Ivy. And thank you now it's stronger than before."

So far the duel was off to a very mellow start. But this was the calm before the storm. Yusei knew what she was up to. If she got enough Ivy tokens on his side of the field and she destroys them he would take six hundred points of damage for each one.

"Are you going to stand there and think or play?"

"Fine. I sacrife Speed Warrior to summon Turrent Warrior and I activate it's special ability. Due to its special ability it now gains the attack of my Speed Warrior."

Turret Warrior's attack jumped to 2100.

"Looks like your Wall of Ivy is about to get uprooted."

"And it looks likes another Ivy token is about take place on your side of the field." She said as another token appears on Yusei's side

"Turret Warrior attack!" Yusei called and his warrior then destroyed her monster and trap but something else happened as well

"Since you destroyed Cursed Ivy two more Ivy tokens get planted on your side of the field."

Now Yusei had four Ivy tokens.

"Got anything else?"

"No I'm done for now."

"Too bad, I draw. And from my hand I play the Spell Card Seed of Deception and it lets me summon out a level two or below monster from my hand and I summon Dark Vergerin and now I advance summon Rose Tentacles in attack mode! Now attack and destroy his monster!"

The Rose's tentacles then destroyed his warrior and he only took a hundred points of damage but he could truly feel the attack.

"Now I think I'll destroy two of the Ivy tokens. Go Rose Tentacles!"

But Yusei did not brace himself as he would let it come. One tentacle destroyed on token and wrapped around his right arm and he could feel it squeezing and he felt the pain. another destroyed a second token and wrapped around his right thigh and he felt the pain of that tentacle as well. But the physical pain he could deal with.

"Your taking the pain better than others."

"Well this kind of pain can't hurt me."

"You cannot reach her Yusei. Akiza is gone."

"It's that kind of pain that hurts. Akiza, hear me. Come back to me-"

"Enough! Rose Tentacle destroy another token!"

A third tentacle destroyed the third token and wrapped around his left thigh and his life points were down to 2100 hundred and even if it did hurt it was nothing compared to the heartache he had.

"Is that not enough pain? Rose Tentacle, attack!"

The next tentacle destroyed the last token and wrapped around his torso and other arm and lifted him into the air

"How's it feel to be all alone with no one to help you?"

"Akiza, I know what's it's like to be alone."

"Please you had your friends back in that trash heap called the Satellite."

"Having friends didn't mean I still felt alone. That night I met you I never forgot you. Even with my friends my heart hurt because I couldn't see your beautiful face in person, hear your wonderful voice, or faintly smell the scent of your hair. I thought I would get over you when I met Ally."

"Who was she?"

"She was my first girlfriend." He said as managed to pull a photo out of his jacket but it fell to her feet. The picture showed an 11 year old Yusei with his arm around a girls should and was kissing her cheek. She had green eyes, light skin and long brown hair, and she was wearing some kind of necklace, she was pretty. And in an odd way she resembled Misty.

"Who was she?"

"Allison Tredwell, Misty's younger sister, no one knew but me, ally and Misty. Misty lost her brother and Ally in Zero Reverse. Their brother was the youngest of the three. I met her at the recycling plant. I had just found Stardust and that's when I ran into her. We both lost our families in the blast and she got separated from Misty. I loved her I did anything for her. But one day she got offered to leave the Satellite and work in New Domino. I begged and pleaded for her not to leave, I even gave her the necklace she's wearing in that photo when it was taken, I made it out of recycled bits, but she simply tore it from her neck and threw it at me and told me I was pathetic, after the Fortune Cup we ran into each other again but I had forgiven her as she tried to apologize. And then a few years later I met you again. Just as beautiful as I remembered."

"Enough! Attack him directly!"

The beast then slammed him into the ground. He still felt nothing but the hurt in his heart. He then slow got up.

"I-It's my turn. I play Junk Synchron, Quilbolt Hedgehog, and Sonic Chick, I also play my Trap Card Graceful revival. This Trap Card allows me to summon a level two or below monster from my graveyard and I'm bringing back, Speed Warrior. Now I tune my Junk Synchron with Speed Warrior, Sonic Chick and Quilbolt Hedgehog to Syncro Summon, Stardust Dragon!"

His ace monster then came to life as it gleamed and sparkled.

"Come on Yus!" He heard someone say and looked behind him and it was Crow who was cheering him on

He, Jack, Luna, Leo, Trudge and Mina were all there.

"You guys, what're you doing here?"

"Cheering you on." Jack said 

"I end my turn with a facedown." Yusei said

"If that's how you want to play, then I'll do the same I summon Blue Rose Dragon to the field and I also summon Twilight Rose Knight to the field. Now I tune Twilight Rose Knight with Blue Rose Dragon to Synchro Summon, Black Rose Dragon!"

Her dragon came to life as well as Rose pedals flew all around and the beast roared.

"I end my turn."

"You see, only the girl I know and love would summon her favorite monster. So I'm not going to attack you so I skip my turn."

"Foolish of you, Black Rose Dragon attack!"

"I activate my Trap Card Scrap Iron Scarecrow!"

The blast caused a lot of wind and debris to fly and cause her robe to be shredded and cause a long cut across her mask and fell off exposing her jaw and mouth. She then tore off what was left of the robes as she still had her regular outfit on. Yusei did his best to cover himself as the others did as well. She was starting to get worn down.

"Akiza I know your in there, talk to me."

"Y-Yusei. P-please end it now, before she takes- control- again-" Akiza was struggling to keep control but failed

"Back to where you belong Akiza and stay like a good girl. And that was very clever, your move." The Black Rose said as she was back in control

"I didn't want to have to do this Akiza but I have to to save you from yourself. Stardust Dragon, attack with Cosmic flare and end this!"

The blast of energy caused a lot of wind to kick up and everyone was doing their best to shield themselves. But Stardust Destroyed Black Rose Dragon and Akiza's life points dropped to Zero. Akiza's hand slowly reached for her mask and she took it off and it dropped to the floor. Her eyes no longer hollow but full of life again.

"Yusei?" She panted as she stumbled to him as he ran to her 

She collapsed to her knees as he did as well and wrapped his arms around her. Everyone couldn't help but admire them. But suddenly dust began to swirl and the Black Rose took Physical form!

"You think you can get rid of me that easily, if I can't have control then we all die!" She screamed as she used her powers to destroy the bridge and all three fell into the mysterious rainbow body of substance

"Yusei!" Crow shouted

But it was too late...

Akiza and Yusei woke up and stood but then they started to sink and what looked like ghosts started to grab them. Even the Black Rose was struggling.

"Stop!" A voice shouted "leave these two alone lost souls of the Netherworlds."

And they saw a glow around a man with spiky hair.

"No! You can't let them take me! You cannot survive without me Akiza!"

"Good riddance to you Black Rose."

The souls then continued to drag her.

"No get your hands off of me! I will not go out like this! Nooo-"

And finally the last thing the two teens saw was her hand as it disappeared.

"Thank you, whoever you are." Akiza said

"You're very welcome. She will never bother you again, as she will remain trapped in the Netherworlds for all eternity."

"Who are you?" Yusei asked

"Have you already forgotten me, even though you have a picture of me hanging in your room."


The man then became clearer as he glowed yellow. It was Mr. Fudo, Yusei's father. "Yusei, my wonderful boy you really do look like me and you have your mothers eyes."

"Y-your-" Akiza started to say

"Yusei's father. And I see my son has chosen you. From what glimpses I've seen you are indeed the one for him. And did he give you a small black heart necklace?"

"Yes, why?"

Mr. Fudo smiled "That was his mother's necklace and my mother's and so far back. It's been passed down for generations."

"What it is?"

"It is simply known as the Heart Gem. It said if a man gives it to a woman as a gift they are destined to be together even if they are apart, they will meet again. Take care of my son Akiza."

"Wait father, will I ever see you again?" Yusei said and couldn't fight back the tears

"Oh I think we will, sooner than expected. But now you must return and defeat the rest of the Dark Signers and the other members of Yliaster. Things may seem dark now, but you will have unexpected allies in the near future. And when all seems lost Yusei, don't give up. I love you my son this is goodbye for now."


"What'd we do?" Luna asked

"Not much we can do." Jack said

"Like hell there isn't I'm going in." Crow said

"Do be stupid, we don't even know what's in there." Mina said

"So we just sit here and hope for a miracle?"

Suddenly Yusei and Akiza rose up from the gateway. Both looked dead as they looked like they were laid out and their eyes closed, they were both then set down in front of their friends. Their eyes then slowly opened and their friends caught their breath.

The two then rose as they were then sitting on their knees. Neither could hold back the tears and hugged.

"I- I- I'm s-s-so s-sorry Yusei-" she said through the tears

"No. Neither could've seen what was happening coming. And the important thing is she's gone and she will never haunt you again. I thought I lost you but I knew you were in there."

"You helped me get back."

"I hate to be an ass and break up this moment but what happened down there?" Jack said

They then recounted that they were in the Netherworlds, the Black Rose was now trapped in there for all eternity. And Yusei's dad and what he told them. Everyone but Luna had trouble wrapping their head around what they were saying.

"So your telling us that your father got you back here?" Crow asked

"Yeah that's everything. But now that I have you back Akiza, I'm never letting you go." he said and gave her his jacket

"Sis, here's your Duel Disk." Luna said as she held out Akiza's burgundy violet and pink Duel Disk

"Thank you Yusei, Luna." Akiza said as she accepted his jacket and inserted her deck into it and tossed the Dark Signer Duel Disk into the Netherworlds

Yusei couldn't help but kiss her.

"How touching." Someone said and they all looked and saw Roman standing on the other side of where the bridge use to be

"So you managed to close all four control towers and freed your little girlfriend. But it was past sunset when your friend closed the last and we know of ways of summoning the King of the Netherworlds without your little girlfriend."

"I'm gonna make you pay for all the pain you cause Roman." Yusei spat

"So you would take me out in anger?"

"No, but I'm taking you out as I'm meant to. And as Signer it's my duty to make sure you're stopped."

"Then let's duel. Or are you too afraid?" He said as he slid his Dark Signer Duel Disk on his wrist and loaded his deck

"Nope." Yusei said as he reloaded his deck

"Let's duel!" They both said in unison


Their lifepoints were running low and Roman had summoned his Earthbound Immortal Spider Uru. But Yusei had one more trick up sleeve that would win the duel

"I play Sonic Chick, Quilbolt Hedgehog, Speed Warrior and Junk Synchron. Now, I tune Junk Synchron with my three monsters in order to Synchro Summon, Stardust Dragon!"

Then his Stardust Dragon came to life yet again as it glimmered and sparkled.

"Impressive. But your Dragon cannot attack my Earthbound Immortal, as for its special ability."

"Well I thought about that and I have the perfect card to counter you Immortal's special ability."


The mark of the Crimson Dragon on his back began to glow as well as the top card in his deck. He then drew it.

"I now play the Tuner monster, Majestic Dragon!"

Suddenly the giant Dragonfly-like Dragon came to life.

"Now I'm gonna tune Majestic Dragon with Stardust Dragon to Synchro Summon, Majestic Star Dragon!"

Suddenly the new Dragon came to life on the field as it was beautiful.

"And now I activate it's special ability which cancels out your Earthbound Immortal's special ability and allows me to target one monster and attack it directly. Majestic Star Dragon attack with Majestic Cosmic Flare and end this duel!"

The Dragon then shot a different beam from its mouth and punctured the giant Earthbound Immortal and taking Roman's lifepoints down to Zero.

"Good luck." Was all Roman said and he disintegrated and the last thing they saw was him smile an evil smile and now only one candle burned

"Let's gets out of here, there's nothing here anymore." Yusei said

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