Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


2. Life in New Domino

Nine years later....

It had been nineteen years since the Zero Reverse incident but now the bridge that connected the Satellite Sector and New Domino City had been completed and the Satellite was slowly starting to return to normal and people were now allowed to have dueling cards. But life for Akiza hadn't been the best for the past fifteen years as she has always been bullied and called a witch for her telekinetic powers. Right now she was in her homeroom class when the Chancellor walked in.

"Excuse me? Is this the Dueling strategy class room 119?" The Chancellor asked the teacher

"Yes it is."

"Oh well I have a transfer."

"Well let him in."

The Chancellor followed by a young man with raven black spiky hair with gold highlights, tan skin, royal blue eyes and criminal mark running across his left cheek and eye walked in. He was wearing the standard blue New Domino City Dueling Academy uniform. Blue looked like it was his color as red was hers. But the uniform look so unnatural on him like someone was making him be someone he wasn't. But she didn't mind her red uniform at all. 

The mark meant he had done something wrong and had been in the facility, but his eyes didn't say he was a criminal as they held mystery. Something about him seemed familiar and for some reason she blushed but she didn't know why. They both walked to the front of the class.

"This is Yusei Fudo everyone, he is transferring over from Satellite High, I expect you all to make him feel welcome." The Chancellor said

There were muttered whispers among the class. But the name Yusei somewhat rang a bell in Akiza's head, now he really seemed familiar and her face turned even brighter red for no reason that she could think of. 

"What's a piece of Satellite trash doing here?" One guy whispered

"He could be dangerous, he's got a mark, look." Another guy whispered

"I think he's hot." One of the popular girls whispered

"I bet he'll sit next to us." Another one of the popular girls said

But then they all realized that it was the Yusei Fudo, the new reigning Turbo Dueling King of New Domino City.

"Hey that's Yusei Fudo the Turbo Dueling King!" The same guy whispered

"What would I give to take a crack at him." The other whispered

"Did you hear that Akura, it's him the Yusei Fudo!" One girl whispered 

"Your right Bakai, he's even hotter in person, what would I give to have him alone." Akura whispered "Now I really hope he sits with us." She added

"Take a seat anywhere you like, Mr. Fudo." His teacher said as the Chancellor left

"Yes Sensei." Yusei said and scanned the crowed

The group of boys on one side of the room seemed hostile and not very friendly. Some of the boys looked like they wanted to duel him. The other boys looked like they wanted to kick his ass. 

On the other side of the room were the popular girls who were flirting with him with their eyes and looks. And at least one was daydreaming, most likely about him.

But then he noticed an empty desk in the middle, next to a girl with short dark burgundy hair and long bangs in the front, but most of them were rolled up in some kind of pin. She seemed familiar to him. He shook the thought from his head and took the seat next to her. He could tell she was trying to hide the redness in her face and he pretended not to notice.

"Uh, hi I'm Akiza Izinski." She said extending her

"Well you know my name, nice to meet you, Akiza. I swear Ive heard that name before, I just can't remember where though, I feel like I've met you before." He said shaking her hand and giving her a quizzical look

"I can't say, Yusei. I'm just someone who's practically lived here." 

They then got to work with everyone whispering about them the whole time. And everywhere they went together people stood in groups talking about them. Finally the school day was over and they were leaving. Wen she saw him again he looked more relaxed as he was now wearing a blue motorcycle jacket, black jeans, a black tan top with a kind of red trademark symbol on it, matching brown motorcycle gloves and boots, and this outfit had Amber gems on it. This looked more like Yusei.

"So Akiza, wanna come back to my place and work on this project?" Yusei asked her which cause her to blush slightly and he pretended again he didn't noticed

"Uh, sure let me call my mother and let her know. Where do you live?"

"Oh I live here in over at the apartments of Poppo Time." He said 

She then called her mom and let her know where she was going.

"Okay, I can go with you."

"Just a sec." He said and dissappeared

She heard something roar to life, and a red duel runner with white stripes and crescent moon like seat pulled out of garage where most students who had Duel Runners parked them.

"Wow Yusei. Nice Duel Runner."

"Thanks, built it myself."

"That's really impressive." She said breathless

"Here." He said handing her a spare helmet

She then put the helmet on as he made room for her to climb on behind him.

"May wanna hold on tight." He said and she slowly wrapped her arms around him 

As the Duel Runner roared to life they took off in a burst of speed and it immediately took her breath away, the speed, the wind, the euphoria of going fast hit her all at once, now she understood why Yusei loved to ride. They really began to pick up speed, they had to had to be going over a hundred once they tore down the insane race track like streets and pulled off impossible turns and jumps, but they began to slow down and were going an average speed once they were nearing Poppo Time. He pulled up to a garage door and she let go and he got off and opened the garage door and pulled it in next to three other Duel Runners, one of they didn't really look like a runner made for turbo duels but it was yellow, the second one was black with gold stripes, and the third was mainly white with yellow and blue and looked like a giant wheel.

"I know it doesn't look like much, but it's home." Yusei said

"I like it." Akiza said "Who's Duel Runner's are those?"

"Oh, that Yellow one we made for Bruno, the black one is Crow's, and that one's Jack's. But knowing them; Crow's probably out looking for trouble, Jack is probably at the cafe, and Bruno is most likely at Blister's again, that should give us enough to time to get a good start on this project. Come on." He said grabbing his bag and handing her her's and leading her to his room

They got to his room and they sat down and got to work, but after a while two pictures caught her eye. One was of man who looked like an older Yusei with his arm around a woman with Royal Blue eyes holding a baby who was most likely Yusei as a baby. The other was of him and he looked about twelve years younger as he was in the middle with one arm on the shoulders a boy with short blonde hair on the right and his other arm on the shoulders of a boy with orange hair and an older woman behind them and the four of them looked happy. Yusei caught her stare.

"The picture on the right is the only one I have of my parents."

"What happened-"

"The Zero Reverse Incident. He managed to get me out before the explosion killed him, or at least that's what I'm told and see in my dreams."

She suddenly felt terrible "Oh, I didn't mean-"

"It's fine, that woman is Martha, she basically raised us three as her own from four till we got into high school as we found this place."

"Well, people have called me a witch the whole time I've been in school and teased and picked on me as well."

"Why would they do such a horrible thing?"

"I have telekinetic powers and its freighted them, and they think I'm a freak."

"I don't think that. I think your beautiful-" he tried to stop himself but the words already slipped out and they both turned bright red

"You... think.... I'm.... beautiful?"

"I didn't mean for that slip out." Yusei muttered under his breath. "Um, this is embarrassing, but yeah." He said out loud

They both slowly leaned in, and their lips were about about touch went his bedroom door flew open.

"Jeez Yus, if we knew you'd had a girl over at least put a sock on the door- Ow! What was that for?" Crow said rubbing the back of his head 

"You idiot, it wasn't like that at all. Sorry Yus." Jack said

"Um -I- I- should- get going." Akiza sputtered as her cheeks turned even more red

"Please forgive Yusei and i's ignorant friend Crow, you don't have to leave." Jack said

"I think we should stop here for today. Don't you think Akiza?" Yusei asked her

"Uh- yeah- I think we got a good head start on this project- uh Yusei would you mind giving me a ride home?"

"Yeah, I would be glad to." 

They then got on his motorcycle and headed out. It took longer than expected as she had to give him directions. Finally he reached her house and they both got off his bike and he walked her to the door.

"So, this is me." She said

"Well goodnight." He said akwardly


"Yeah. Well, I'll.. see you... tomorrow." He said hesitantly then unexpectedly and out of nowhere kissed her cheek

Yusei then left and Akiza went inside with her hand on her cheek where he kissed her. She then wandered into her room, but then it hit her, Yusei was the boy she met seven years ago! 

She quickly found her locket box with her favorite but secret things, she pulled out the hear necklace, it was him! 

But she needed to calm down now and get some sleep.

She then took her gloves off and slid her jacket off and the strange mark that she'd had since birth was still there on her right arm, it look like a claw as she had examined it a thousand times over, she had no idea what it meant.

As he rode home he hit the throttle. As he got to the various weaving roads he reached a hundred and twenty but started to slow down and was doing the normal speed as he got home and pulled his motorcycle in. Jack was sitting at the makeshift table reading the evening paper and sipping a cup of Blue-Eyes Mountain coffee. Bruno was working something for Blister most likely. And Crow was pacing.

"There you are Yus! So who is she? What's her name? Do you like her?" Crow asked like he was going to die if he didn't say what he needed to say that instant

"Crow! Throttle back, I just walked in the door for pete's sake!" Yusei said 

"Sorry, just really wanna know who the lucky girl is."

"Her name is Akiza...." His voice trailed off then he remembered she was the girl he met seven years ago!

"Oh crap!" He shouted 

"What?" Bruno said looking up with a seriousness in his eyes and voice but hit his head comically "Owww!" He said rubbing his forehead

"She's that girl I told you two about a long time ago, when I snuck here, into New Domino. It's her!"

"Talk about timing Yus." Crow said

"Crow, can you let him take his time. He just met a girl he hasn't seen in nine years." Bruno said still rubbing his forehead

"Alright I'll cool off."

"I'm going crash on the couch, I'll hopefully see you two at the academy tomorrow." He called as he left

He then went back to where their bikes were parked. Sitting on the couch he pulled off his boots and gloves and slid his jacket off and the same strange mark he'd had as long as he could remember was still on his right arm as it looked strangely like the head of a dragon for some reason. Jack and Crow had a similar mark bit they were also very different. He then laid down and pulled the blanket over himself and fell into an uneasy sleep.

"Hey guys I gotta go. Gotta drop this off at Blister's shop see ya!" He called as he loaded it onto his small Runner and left

Suddenly Crows phone started ringing.

"Yeah, uh huh. Okay I'll have that there in thirty minutes." Crow said and hung up and started making one of the items on his menu and then when it was done he got it ready and left on his runner

"Well if everyone else is going out might as well go out as well." Jack said to himself as Bruno and Crow had left and Yusei was dead asleep on the couch

He then got on his runner and left......

Meanwhile in Rex Goodwin's office in New Domino City...

"Sir, we have recieved word that four of the six Signers have been located, you already know the first two are Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas. The other two are Crow Hogan and Akiza Izinski." Goodwin's assistant said as he entered the dark conference room. "We also have word that they each have one of the six signer dragons as well."

"Thank you Lazar you may go, and continue the search for the last two Signers, they'll have a Synchro Dragon most likely. Check the KaibaCorp. card databases, medical records, public records, card store records whatever works." Rex said

"Yes sir." Lazar said and left and closed the door behind him

"Why don't we just strike at them now?" Kalin asked

"Because we must find them all first, patience Kalin." Rex said

"You're curious Rex." Sayer said

"Yes, I am. I would like to know our enemies so that we can know their strengths and weakness and exploit them."

"Hmmm, these four are nothing but three Satellite boys and a girl with Telekinetic powers." Roman, Rex's brother said as he finished reading their files

"Yes that may be so. But I see potential in them all, especially Akiza." Misty said

"I agree with Misty." Grieger said "They are duelist's none the less and damn good ones and I respect them for that."

"But how long will it take to find the last two Signers?" Devack said

"We have been patient this long we can wait a little longer for the last two Signers to reveal themselves, as you know of the society of Yliaster and the prophecy of the ancient battle between our Earthbound Immortals and the the seven Dragons shall repeat itself again. But for now; Kalin, I want you to remain in the shadows and keep an eye Yusei, as for you Sayer your transfer papers and Misty's transfer papers should be there and you shall keep an eye on Akiza for me, I am eager to hear what you have to report. I feel they are both the key to all of this." Rex said

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