Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


15. Hidden Enemies

The docks:

Akiza had just finished her three laps beating Jack and Crow's best time and tying with Yusei's best time. She pulled off her helmet.

"How was that?" Akiza asked the guys

"Better than expected, just tied with Yus." Blister said as he started typing on his laptop

Everyone then went back to Poppo Time. But Blister was still typing.

"Are you ever gonna put that thing down?" Crow asked him

"Just doin some research on our rivals." Blister said

"Well link up to my tv and we'll all see."

A few seconds later.

"A lot of the ones who made it in that were announced I've heard of. But this new team, Earthbound 7. They're new."

"So, we're a new team as well." Leo said

"Yeah, but were made up of people who've had experience behind the wheel and won countless Turbo Duels. Sure Grieger is a good duelist and all-"

"Wait, Grieger is on that team?" Jack asked 

"I know Kalin is with them. But he and Greiger are supposed to be in the facility, how could they have gotten out?" Yusei said

"I don't know, it says they were released on good behavior. And their two others I've never heard of. Someone named Sayer and the other named Misty." He said and their pictures popped up on the tv screen "And you'll never guess who their sponsor is."

"Who?" Yusei asked

"Ener-D Corporation." Blister said

Yusei felt like his stomach had dropped and his heart was about to burst out of his chest. The same corporation his father worked for, as well as Rex Goodwin and his dead older brother Roman Goodwin. Now things were truly starting to get strange. 

First the six of them meeting. All six of them having the mark. All of six of them having a dragon. Then the invitation to the WRGP. His dreams of his father dying. Akiza having nightmares. The Ener-D control towers that were in the Satellite Sector being able to be reversed with their dragons. And now Kalin and Grieger were on a team that was competing in the WRGP. Something greater was at play and the WRGP was just the staging grounds for whatever was coming.

But they had all enough for one day. Carly took the twins back to Akiza's parents house and planned on staying with Jack. Blitz, Tank, Nervin, Rally, Bolt, and Blister went back to his garage as they all had cots. Crow said he would be out for awhile as he met someone at the cafe, Bruno said he had other plans and disappeared. Yusei and Akiza rode back to Poppo Time.

They then parked their runners and went up to his room, since everyone was somewhere else they had the place to themselves. As he closed his door he caught Akiza smirking out of the corner of his eye and he smirked.

"So since we have the place, all to ourselves would you wanna... get comfortable?" Akiza asked with a purr in her voice

Without saying a word Yusei took off his gloves and boots and slid his jacket off. He then turned to face her.

"I'd love to." He said as he planted his lips on hers

Akiza could feel her heart rate pick up as she kissed her boyfriend, the young lovers were lost in each other's bliss and swimming in ecstasy. She then felt him slide his hands on her hips and his hands continued to travel until they were on her rear and he lifted in one swift motion. This caught her off guard and quickly grabbed onto him for balance and to stop herself from shaking. Why was she shaking? She was ready to take things further. She then kissed him again.

They then fell onto his bed. His hands gave her rear a playful squeeze but for some reason she instinctively smacked his hand, this caused Yusei to snap back into reality. He then saw her cheeks turn bright red and she looked embarrassed.

"I-I- I'm sorry. I did-didn't me to do that."

"Akiza." He said in a soft voice "I told you I would never force you to do anything you don't want to do."

"I know but I want you to do that, I don't want to be afraid of you-" she started to say

"Why are you afraid of me, talk to baby."

"I didn't mean that. I meant- I'm afraid of what you want. But I'm more afraid of what I want."

"Akiza, all I want is you and your love. I don't want to steal your innocence from you. And if you aren't ready for that. I can wait."

"But that's the thing. I want to go there, but I guess I'm still not ready after what happened."

"What are you talking about?"

She threw her hand over her mouth and felt a tear escape.

"Akiza, talk to me, please don't shut me out, let me in, let me help." He said as he sat up and took her hands in his hands

"This may make you hate me-"

"Akiza, nothing you have done or could ever do would make me hate you."

"I was a few years ago. A few of the guys cornered me, started picking at me. Wanting me to.... do things." She said hesitantly and felt hot tears coming "I managed to get one my cards out and channel what I was feeling into and it came to life and they all ended up in the hospital. My dad did everything to make it go away, but what they did never really left me and that was the day the Black Rose Witch was born. That was also just before I entered the tournament and met Luna and Leo."

She felt the hot tears stream down her face. 

"I'm so sorry Akiza. I didn't know-"

"It's not your fault. If anyone should be sorry it's me. I feel so worthless and unworthy, I-"

"No Akiza, you don't need to feel that way any longer. You're not worthless and you aren't unworthy of me. What those monsters did to you wasn't right. And you should know... this is new territory for me as well."

She couldn't help but have her breath get caught in her throat.

"But as I said. If you aren't ready I can wait, I don't want you to hurt anymore, my beautiful Rose."

"You make me not hurt anymore, my morning star."

They then pulled the covers over them and fell asleep.


Akiza won the next match against Team Earthbound 7 as Jack Eliminated Greiger, but Kalin Eliminated Jack, Yusei eliminated Kalin and Misty eliminated Yusei and she went up against Misty and won with the help of Black Rose Dragon and Stardust Dragon. And Carly wanted to do an exclusive interview with her.

"Okay you ready?" Carly said as she set up a tape recorder 

"Yeah." Akiza said as she sat down next to Yusei 

"Okay. A lot of people out there are wanting to know how you started dating Yusei." Carly asked

"Well, Yusei and I met ten years ago. We were playing in the snow and I never thought I would forget him, and he gave me the necklace I'm wearing now. But last year he transferred to the Dueling Academy, and by the end of the first day my feelings for him were reawakened. The next day we told each other how we felt and by the third day we had become an official couple."

"A lot of younger female duelist look up to you as a role model and wanna be like you, and some also want to know how to find someone like Yusei. Do have anything you would want to tell them?"

"Well I'd tell them to always practice, know your deck inside and out, have complete faith in every single card in your deck, don't let what other duelist say about you get you down, and always have good friends that you can count on. And as for finding someone, just put yourself out there, he could be the guy who's sitting in the background or he could be right in front of you and never give up."

"Well I think that's more than enough to make an article. Thanks again Akiza." Carly said

"Your welcome Carly." Akiza said

Akiza then kissed her boyfriend and told she had to hit the showers and she would meet him back at his place, for another session. He simply told her not to take too long. She also gave him his Stardust dragon back just before they parted.

As he returned to Poppo Time the rest of guys were out celebrating, Luna and Rally were back at the tops watching scary movies and holding hands, Crow was with his mystery girl again, Jack was at Carly's apartment distracting her from finishing the article, and Bruno was once again nowhere to be found. 

But Akiza made her way to the women's locker room of the arena. After a few minutes of standing under the water she got out and dried off and got dressed in her usual outfit. But as she slid the necklace Yusei gave her over her neck she heard multiple footsteps, she tried to react but some kind of force knocked her against the lockers with great power and knocked her out cold....

End Of Part 2....

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