Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


10. A Synchro Solution

Akiza was feeling much better. And Yusei helped her get her license as it took about three weeks, even took her to the skate park as he claimed to the guys it was to teach her about Turbo Dueling but when it was just them he told her it was a indeed a date.

The whole time his friends were working on the engines he used what time he could to work on a secret project. The guys began pulling all nighters but Mrs. Izinski and Martha alternated between taking care of the twins and making sure the boys were eating and sleeping. But Yusei kept dreaming about his Duel with The Ghost and loosing Stardust....

"Jack I want a duel." Yusei said

"Im sorry could you repeat that I think I had soemthing crazy stuck in my ear." Crow said

"Why on earth do you want to do me?" Jack asked

"Because I need a way to Duel that doesn't involve Synchro Monsters Damnit!" Yusei shouted and everyone stoped and was staring at him

"Yusei..." Akiza said quietly and took his hand and this calmed him a bit

"Look mate I know you're somewhat upset about that duel but you need to get over it. But if you want a duel I'll give you one." Jack said

Yusei and Jack tore out the apartment garage and Jack proved that Synchro's were important to any duelist and left Yusei swimming in his thoughts.

But he then headed back to Poppo Time and Sherry was waiting there.

"Hey Sherry what's up?" Yusei said

"I'm here because I have to come clean." She said and everyone but Bruno and Blister was looking her puzzled

"I mean with the WRGP coming up and us being rivals in this, I want this to be out in the open. I'm dating Bruno." She said and everyone was just staring at here with wide eyes and blank stares

"Well.... I'm glad you told me. But if you don't mind me asking, how long?" Yusei asked

"Two years." Bruno said

"I'm happy for you guys. Anyone got a problem?" Yusei said

And everyone was silent.

"I take your seilence as a no. So I don't want anyone objecting, she's a friend off the track and a rival on it. Got it?" Yusei said and everyone reluctantly nodded

"Thank you Yusei." She said and they shook hands "Oh and see you and the others tonight at the WRGP Gala." she added

Meanwhile at Godwin's office...

"So Yusei is looking for a Synchro solution. You did an excellent job in scaring him." Rex said

"Primo specializes in inspiring fear." Z-one said

"Well if you need anything don't hesitate but I must get ready for tonight." Rex said and left

Later that night....

Yusei and Crow didn't get dressed up as they were still in their day to day outfits, but Luna and Leo were in nice clothes and a Low cut red dress, red heels and and white elbow length gloves. But it was more for Yusei than anything but he was still swimming in his thoughts of how to come up with a new dueling strategy as he blew off Team Unicorn and went to the balcony.

"Yusei.." Akiza said softly

"Akiza, you must be freezing." he said and saw her as it was October now and gave her his jacket

"Thank you... Yusei, please talk to me." She said and took his face in her hands and lloked deep into the sea of Royal Blue that were his eyes

"I... I... I'm sorry." he said and took her in his arms and his arm slipped down to her leg and they started kissing like they always did when they had time

It was cold out but neither cared as Yusei had displined himself enough that he didn't feel the cold. And Akiza was warm with his jacket on, she found it kinda cliche that she was wearing his jacket while it was cold but she didn't care. 

And then Jack made his big entrance wearing a white tailored suit and hat and they both facepalmed themselves. They then rejoined their friends but Yusei spotted a man with Blue hair in his own riding suit wearing a set of red magenta tinted visor glasses like that of duel runner helmet. And then Lazar Yeager, Goodwin's assistant and Goodwin himself gave the opening speech and then a local tough guy Turbo Duelist called Debacle came crashing in, quite literally. But Akiza got him out using her Black Rose Dragon and little did they know when Yusei, Crow, Jack, Akiza, Luna, and Leo saw Meklord Emperor Wisel it was in fact Primo. But they quickly ran for the parking lot to find out if it was in fact The Ghost. But the man who Yusei spotted upstairs was blocking their way and he told Yusei about a Synchro solution and the only way to learn it was to beat him in a duel. And Yusei did beat him and just before he left he left him with one more bit of information.

"Remember Yusei, a clear mind is the key to Accel Synchro Summon's. I'll see you around." Visor, the guy said his name was and disappeared  

Now Ysuei had his anwser. He wasnt sure what it was but he would find out soon......

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