Morning Stars and Black Roses a Yusei x Akiza Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's crossover fanfic

Yusei Fudo, Winner of the fortune cup slowly falls in love with New Domino Citiy Dueling Academy's best Student Akiza Izinski. But the Dark Signer's along with the true leaders of Yliaster have other plans...


12. A Merry Christmas

Thanksgiving was held at the orphanage and now it was Chrismas time and everyone had taken some time to help get the the place ready as they were so close to perfecting their design for the engine and Yusie finaly figured out what Visor meant, so every chance he got he was out trying to clear his head and hitting the throttle. And it luckily it was Christmas vacation.

But at the moment he was bringing down decorations as Akiza was hanging up decorations with Sherry as the two had become best friends and had a girls day out along with Luna, Steph, Carly, and Raven. But Raven let it slip to them that she was dating Crow but begged them not to tell as he would possibly pop a blood vessel if anyone found out and they all had a good laugh. But Jack and Carly's relationship wasn't a secret anymore.

"So Yusei how goes this engine project?" Martha asked him

"Good, i think we'll be able to have it done by the end of next month." Yusei said

"And what about you and Akiza?" she asked as well as he blushed

"W-what do you mean?" He asked

"Yusei, I havent seen you this happy since you met Allison-"

"Shhh, I havent told her about her yet."

"Well, you'll have to tell her eventually, but all I'm saying is that I havent sen your face light up when you see Akiza since you met Ally. And I can tell you two are going to be engaged by next year, and i want I definitely want to see some grandchildren." she said he blushed even deeper

Trudge and Mina showed up as well and helped out, and he had an announcement.

"After quite some time together me and Mina have gone out for a while now and we've decided there's no time like the present. So we're getting married." he said and smiled and they both kissed

Akiza was really happy for them, but the announcement caused her thoughts to drift to what if Yusei would make her that happy but she would berate herself for thinking that as they were good right where they were, and Carly noticed and told her it was natural and she was think the same thing about her and Jack, this comforted her but she still couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for thinking they were ready for that kind of commitment.

Next morning all the little kids woke up when they saw presents under the tree. Everyone helped with breakfast and Akiza had gotten Yusei a star necklace made of silver. 

"Do you like it Yusei?" Akiza asked

"Akiza I love it." Yusei said "I think you every time I put on." he added and kissed her

Jack and Carly exchanged gifts and received some teasing from martha but Jack couldn't get mad at her and was blushing deeply and was ready to kill Crow. Sherry and Bruno also exchanged gifts, along with Crow and Raven, Leo and Stephanie, and Rally reluctantly gave Luna a charm necklace he made of recycled bits and she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

New Year's Eve Akiza and Yusei kissed at midnight as well as Jack and Carly. And Luna kissed Rally, which caused a lot of akward silence between them for about a month but after another month they started to come around and ignored Leo's teasing and even turned the tables on him.

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