The Star

Okay so I know what you're thinking (Well maybe) 1. I know I write way too much Papyton, but I'm probably going to write more than just this. Fanfiction of my favorite ships/characters is the only thing I like writing anyway. 2. wtf, why is there a mature rating??? There isn't any smut so don't worry. It's just implied ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) plus there's other stuff that I guess is a little mature so... Yeah? The setting for this is on the surface, unlike my other fanfics. In the beginning MTT and Papy are friends so um yeah? Just read it, I'm less awkward when I'm writing as a character.


8. Oh no

    I woke up the next morning actually feeling happy. That was new. Why wouldn't I be happy? For the first time in a long time, I didn't have anything to worry about! Every time I doubted myself I could just think, ​No, the monsters don't hate me! Or, No, no, I'm beautiful, not broken! I didn't want to cry, I wasn't filled with pain. Of course, why would anything good last that long? I was finally feeling confident for the first time since we got to the surface. But then, I got a text from Blooky. It was about our show later. Our show later. Later. As in, todayNonono I can't do this, not today, ​I thought, feeling the confidence drain out of me as I sat on the edge of Papyrus' bed. What was I going to tell him? He doesn't know what's been going on! I'll just have to do the show. I haven't actually told anyone about this, they just found out. Ugh, how am I supposed to do a show?! I don't want it to be as bad as the shows I do alone, I don't want to get like that in front of Blooky, I don't want to do this. I heard Papyrus sit up. "Good morning, Mettaton!" he said cheerfully. I put my phone down, "Good morning, my darling." I tried to hide the dread I was feeling, but I could hear it in my own voice. He got up and sat next to me. "Mettaton, are you alright?" "Oh, yes, I'm alright, darling. I just have an... unexpected show tonight, it's fine." "A show? Are you sure you'll be okay performing now?" "Y-Yeah it's fine" I said, rubbing the back of my neck nervously, "I-I" I held my head in my hands, "This is going to be a disaster, Papy, I-I can't do this!" He put his hand on my shoulder, "You can, I believe in you!" "B-But what about the humans?" "Undyne, Alphys, and I can go with you!" His expression changed from a smile to a look of determination, "We'll make sure nobody misgenders you, or insults your body!" That wasn't the perfect plan, but it made me feel a lot better about performing. "Thank you, Papy, that sounds great."

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