The Star

Okay so I know what you're thinking (Well maybe) 1. I know I write way too much Papyton, but I'm probably going to write more than just this. Fanfiction of my favorite ships/characters is the only thing I like writing anyway. 2. wtf, why is there a mature rating??? There isn't any smut so don't worry. It's just implied ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) plus there's other stuff that I guess is a little mature so... Yeah? The setting for this is on the surface, unlike my other fanfics. In the beginning MTT and Papy are friends so um yeah? Just read it, I'm less awkward when I'm writing as a character.


3. I'm sorry

     "Oh my god! Mettaton I just realized!" Papyrus yelled, "If we both love eachother, we have to go on a date!!!" "Alright? When?" I asked, for the first time, a 'date' won't have to mean both of us are nervous and awkward, I actually know him, and I won't have to dress up, I will, but I won't be pressured to. "Right now!" "Now? But I don't have anything nice on!" Oh great, here come all my insecurities! "That doesn't matter, you look perfect!" He really thought I looked perfect? I was just wearing some old, red sweater I found in the back of my closet and a pair of black jeans... I didn't look anything near perfect. "B-but, Papy, shouldn't we both get ready? I-I need to fix my make-up a-and-" "Mettaton." He put his hands on my shoulders, "You look amazing in anything, I really mean it, ​anything.​" I blushed, he's so sweet and, I can't believe I'm letting him see me like this. I'm so insecure and nervous, but he doesn't care about how I look, does he? "Come on!" "We're going into your bedroom?" "Mettaton, all dates take place in bedrooms!" "Uh, okay..." We went into his room and sat on the bed. "Mettaton, I um, I understand If you don't want this but... When you kept wearing sweaters, I just assumed you liked sweaters so, I made you this..." He handed me a box with a pink bow. Inside was a pink sweater with a red heart in the middle. Inside the heart were light pink letters that said 'Fabulous'. "Papy you made this? It's beautiful!" He blushed, "Uh, yeah, I'm, uh, self-taught." I took off my old red sweater to put the other one on. He was staring at me. "What are you looking at?~" I asked playfully. He blushed even more, "Oh, I, um... I was just noticing, I was right!" "You were right?" "You do look amazing in nothing!" "Oh, do I now?~" I pinned him down on the bed, "But darling, you haven't seen me in nothing yet~" "Yet?" "Yet." I said pressing my lips against his teeth.

​*Time skip brought to you by an awkward person who can't write smut*

      I lay next to him in bed, very... satisfied. "Oh my, that was, amazing~" He was still flustered, "Y-Yeah" Suddenly another depressing thought hit me. "I-It's just that..." "What's wrong?" he asked sitting up. "You spent all day trying to prove I wasn't some kind of... gross, sex-bot but..." I held my head in my hands, "We only started dating today, I-I'm so sorry, Papy." 'Mettaton, no, it's not your fault. I mean, it's nobody's fault, nothing bad happened. A-And..." he blushed a little, "I was flirting with you like that for a reason..." ​ I lifted my head up, out of all the things he's done today, somehow that surprised me the most. "Mettaton, you're not a gross sex-bot, you like a... tiny gay love machine!" I burst out laughing. "Oh, Papy, my tiny gay skeleton, you're too adorable!" He blushed, "Th-Thank you!" "I should head home now, Papy..." "Oh wait, I need to tell you a few things first! One: You do look great with nothing on" "Thank you~ You do too~" "A-And two:" He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom. He took a bandage out from underneath the sink and wrapped my scarred wrist. "I care about you." "I-" "Seriously" He put his hands on my shoulders. "Mettaton, If the humans are ever making you feel bad just call me. I don't care if it's the middle of the night, I'll be here to listen to everything you need to say. And no matter how late it is, if you're feeling bonely," he cursed under his breath for making a pun,"Lonely, you can just come over! I won't mind." "Papy, I-I" He wrapped his arms around me, "I love you, and I don't want you to be sad!" I started to tear up. He's so gentle, and caring, and sweet, and innocent. I threw my arms around him, "Oh, Papy, I love you too!" As I was leaving, Sans was just getting home from the Grillby's they made up here. I'm lucky he wasn't just hiding in his room, he would've killed me. "Goodbye, my tiny gay love machine!" "Goodbye, my tiny gay skeleton!~"


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