"What if I have to protect him?"
"Its not right...."
"I don't care, I'll do it because I love him."
"Its still not right."
"And because he's in danger. I'll break the rule of this stupid society, to help the one thing I love the most."

"Love isn't about honesty, its is about protecting the people you love from things that will hurt them."


5. 5

Boom! Crash! Thump!

Sounds will my ears, causing me to jolt up. I jump off the couch and run into my room. The window was shattered, with thousands of pieces of glass laid messily on the floor.

Blood spread through my sheets from the two bodies laying front of me. Neither of them breathing. I jumped onto the bed shaking both bodies.

"Mom, Dad please wake up!" I cried. "Please. Wake Up and tell me this isn't a dream." I was alone in my house. Kali and Mavii were away for 5 months and I couldn't call them. The only person I could call was Harry but I didn't want to wake him. At 1 in the morning.

'Please just tell me I'm dreaming.'

I took out my phone out of charge. And dialed up his number.

I shakily brought the phone up to my ears.

"Hello?" Harry answered.


"Ash! Is everything alright sweetheart?"

"No." I wipe the tears off my eyes.

"I'll be right there!" he hung up the call.

I looked around my broken window, and spotted a white piece of paper with red stained on it.

As I was about to pick it up I heard a knock on my door. I opened it slightly to see Harry standing there. He came in and I immediately hugged him.

"Are you OK?"

"T-they're gone."

I say as I point to the lifeless bodies. I drop down to my knees crying again. Harry squats down and places a comforting hand on my back.

I sniffle when I see the note under all of the broken glass. I move the glass slightly picking up the note. I open it.

You and your boyfriend are next baby.

It was written in blood. My parents' blood. I gasp at the note getting up.

"Harry, I'm scared."  I say as I put the note somewhere.

"Everything will be alright love."

"I'm tired and I don't want to sleep."

"Come sleep with me tonight. Yeah?"

"But first we should c-call the police."

"First thing in the morning before we go to school."


I take one last look at my parents before heading out the room.

My eyes droop as we drive to Harry's home.

"Harry is that you?" A woman asks. I gasp but he grabs me.

"It's just my Mum, Anne."


"Yes Mum! Its me."

"How many times have I told you to tell me before you go somewhere?"

"Sorry Mum. My friend needed me."

"Who's this friend of yours?"


"Is this her?"

"Yeah. Can she stay with us?"

"I guess but what about her par-"

"Don't say it. Please. Things happened today."

"Alright. She can sleep in the guest room." Harry nods and leads me up to the room.

"You can sleep in her-"

"I'm scared to sleep alone."

"Would you like me to sleep with you?"


"Alright." I climb in the bed and Harry climbs next to me, his bare chest giving me so much warmth.

Harry lays on top of me. His sleeping face was so cute. I kept my hands on his back and his hands on my waist. He made me feel safe.

"Goodnight sweetheart." Harry placed a small kiss on my neck.

I closed my eyes trying to sleep. Everything that happened today scared me especially the note.


"Good Morning- Aww." A girl stood in the doorway.

"Go away Gems." Harry murmured in his sleep.

"You have school today. Now get up."

"Give me 5 more minutes."

"OK five." I got up and put my feet on the floor. As I was getting up, Harry grabbed my wrist.

"Stay here with me." He looked at me.

"I have homework to do. I couldn't even do it last night." He pulled me onto the bed.

"I'll help you but stay in bed with me for five minutes." I sigh and stay put. 

Harry's P.O.V.

The door opened with a click and Gemma walked in.

"Good Morning- Aww."

"Go Away Gems." I mumble still asleep.

"You have school today. Now get up." She says. I mentally groan. Why does school have to ruin everything?

"Give me 5 more minutes."

"OK five." With that she closes the door and leaves. Ashlynn gets up off the bed but I grab her wrist. I don't want her to get up just yet. She looks down at me.

"Stay here with me."

"I have homework to do. I couldn't even do it last night." I pull her onto the bed with me. I just want 5 more minutes with her. I've had a crush on her since day 1 when we met. Even though I'm so popular, I didn't have the nerves to talk to a 9th grader. And all of my friends knew that. That night at the party the dared me to talk to her and I was so nervous, I practiced with my friends for like 20 minutes.

"I'll help you but stay in bed with me for five minutes." I say. She sighs but doesn't move. Like when she called last night and she was crying my heart broke into peices.

"You're so beautiful." I whisper in her ear. Before pulling her closer to me. Her cheeks turn a bright red. Aw, she's so cute when she blushes. Our faces are only inches apart. But when my phone beeps I have to pull away.

Niall: u coming?

Me: where?

Niall: to school and the party

Me: yes 2 school. But I'm not sure if I'll come to the party.

Niall: c'mon mate u have to come to the party

Me: I'll try but idk for sure. I have some things going on.

I look at Ash who staring at the ceiling smiling with tears in her eyes.

Niall: what kind of things

Me: just things.

I hate lying to my best mates but I don't think Ash wants anyone to know.

"Ash you alright love?" I wipe the tears from her eyes, helping her up.

"Yeah I'm alright." She smiled weakly.

"Harry honey! Wake Up!" Mum calls.

"We are."

"I want to go home." She frowns."I want Mom and Dad."

"I know sweetie." I squeeze her shoulders. "But what do you like for breakfast?"



"Ooh yeah!"

"alright. We'll get you Starbucks on our way to school. But first I'm going to get ready and we'll stop at your house and you get ready." I say. She nods.

I changed into my black skinny jeans and white Tee.

I brush my teeth and fix my hair.

"Let's go."


We walk to the door and I tell her to wait there.

I run to Mum and Gemma.

"Mum is there any possibility we can adopt her?"

"Maybe why?"

I explain to her everything that happened except the main vampire part.

"Oh. That's awful." Gemma put her hand up to her heart.

"Is that why you went to her at 1 am?"



"One more thing..."

"What is it?"

"I...Um...Kinda...Have...A major.... crush on her."

"Aww, Hazza's got a crush." Gemma says while ruffling my hair.


"Should I ask her out?"

"I guess it'll be OK. You both are in the same school and in high school."

"Yay. I am."

"But wait, if we adopt her you'll be going out with your foster sister."


"OK take her on one date if it works then do another. But you'll have to be there for her. She's going through a tough time."

"I know."

"Then yeah."

"Thanks. Bye Mum."

"Bye dear." I kiss her cheek and go to Ash.

"Let's go Kiddo." I put my arm around her shoulder.

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