"What if I have to protect him?"
"Its not right...."
"I don't care, I'll do it because I love him."
"Its still not right."
"And because he's in danger. I'll break the rule of this stupid society, to help the one thing I love the most."

"Love isn't about honesty, its is about protecting the people you love from things that will hurt them."


4. 4

Harry: Hey Love!

Me: Hi

Harry: Can you come over to my house tonight?

Me: I don't know. I have so much homework.

Harry: What if I help you with your homework?

Me: Then maybe, but why?

Harry:The others are coming and I want you there. ;)

Me: Um...  OK.

Harry: I won't do anything bad, don't worry.

Me: OK?

Harry: You're so cute

Me: Umm........

Harry: Will you come over, I will help you. I just want to see you.

Me: .....

Harry: Well that sounded creepy.

Me: Yeah it did. But sure, I'll come over

Harry: YAYY!

Me: hehe

Harry: Would you like me to pick you up?

Me: I can walk. You house isn't that far away

Harry: No but I wanna pick u up

Me: Sure, I guess you can pick me up.

Harry: I'll be there in 2

Me: OK.

I put all my homework in my bag and waited by the door.

Harry: Cum outside.

Harry: Come* OOPS

Me: Yeah.

I walked out the door and saw Harry.

"Hi love!"

"Hey. Thank you for offering to help me."

"Anytime." He flashed me a smile. "The others will be coming in about an hour and a half. We have that time to our selves."

"OK." the ride was silent until I this ringing in my ear. I only get it when someone I love is close by and in danger. "Mom!"


"STOP THE CAR!" I yell. The car comes to a halt. I open the door and step out. The sun burning my pale skin.

"Is everything alright?" Harry places his hands on my shoulders.

"Stay back." I say at him while my fangs extend.

He nods and takes a few steps back.

I hear my Mom sob. She's crying.

"Leave me alone! P-please." She pleads.

"Mom?" I whisper. I know she can't hear me with her human ears. "You'll be alright." I whisper again. Telling my self everything is OK.

"P-p-please. Don't t-tou-touch me." She cries.

I open the door where her crying is coming from and she is tied down. Naked. And there is a naked man in front of her and my dad is laying in the middle of the dirty floor covered in blood. I cover my eyes when she sees me. I put my finger to my nose and lips, telling her to keep quiet. She nods enough for me to see it. I lick the fangs then my lips. My blood red eyes focusing on the naked man in front of me's neck. I nearly trip over a piece of wood. I pick it up just in case he isn't human and I can't kill him by biting him.

I stuff the wood in my back pocket, tip toeing to the man. I lightly grab his shoulders enough for me to bite down on his neck. He falls to the flood dripping out of his neck but it immediately heals. OK so he is a vampire.

"I'm not one of your humans baby. You can't just kill me like that." The man smirks.

"You think I'm stupid?"

"No baby girl not at all. But you can't kill me easily."

"And why's that?"

"because I can do this." He raises his hand and swings it towards me but something catches it before it hits me. Rather someone.


"You know its illegal for you to hit a girl?"

"Oh is it now?"

"Yes actually."

"But its not illegal if I hit you right?" he escapes Harry's grip. And goes to hit him but I move him out of the way so instead he hits me. HARD!! My cheek is red and it hurts. I wince little but not to much.

"Oh baby, protecting him is all you can do?"


"Then what else?"

"Hmm I don't know." I tap my finger on my chin. After giving the wood to Harry. Secretly. "I can hit you back but I won't do that..."

"Aww you love me babygirl. Don't you?" No! I don't. I nod at Harry while distracting the man. He stabs the old sharp wood in the man's chest. He drops to the floor.

"I'm so happy you're OK." Harry hugs me.

"I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me." I rush over to my Mom, untying her.

"Thank You Ash!"

"Don't thank me Mommy. You're my mom its my job to protect you." I hand her the cloths on the floor. She has trouble slipping them on. Her body bruised up badly.

She pulls me into a warm hug. "I missed you Ashy!" She cries on my shoulder. I rub her back, while Harry is helping my dad up.

"Did he do this?" I point to the black bruises.

She nods tears filling in her eyes. I wipe them as they began to fall.

"I love you mommy." I say as I hold her tightly.

"I love you too Ashy."

"I don't want to lose you or Dad like I lost Ashton."

"We won't live forever."

"Don't stay that please." Tears are forming in my eyes at the thought of me losing my parents again.

"Don't cry Ashy. We're here for now. And you're a strong girl. We know it." My dad says weakly from behind me.

"Dad!" I hug him tightly.

"Hi Ashy!"

"I missed you."

"We both missed you."

"Please stay with me for right now." My voice trembled.

"Yes. We will stay with you honey." My mom weakly kissed my cheek. I engulfed them both into a hug.

Harry rubbed my back with his large hands. I pulled away from My Mom and Dad looking at them.

"Let's go home." I say softly.

They nod.

"Oh Mom this is my friend Harry."

"Hello Mrs. -"

"Call me Jenny dear."

"Hello sir-"

"James. Thank You for helping me today."

"No problem sir."

We walk out to the parking lot of the building.

"Would you like a ride?"

"Aren't your friends coming over?"

"They can wait. I want to help a friend out. Hop in." I sit up in the front while my mom and dad sit in the back."

"Thank You."

"For what?"

"For everything. You saved me today."

"Don't thank me love." he placed his hand on my thigh. Messing with the beads of my shirt.

Once we got home my parents ate and I told them to rest. They had huge bags under their eyes. I told them to sleep on my bed and I slept on the couch. I called it a day and went to bed.


Hi I'm back! How was it? Would you like harry's POV?

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