Sun Glasses

I hate you I love you I hate that I want you you want her you need her and Ill never be her...


3. Chapter 2







*Side note, this song is like the background music for this story*


     Micah and I stood hand in hand waiting for our Grandma. I glanced down at my phone, 12:18pm. I frowned, knowing she was late, WAY late. I looked down at Micah and his cute grin was somehow still plastered on his little face. I wish I could be that happy and hopeful. Surely enough, she appeared around a corner. 

     "EMILY!" Gran yelled, running towards me. I smiled and hugged her. She put her hands on her knees and looked at Micah. "And you must be my sweet little Grandson Micah!" She said in a slight baby voice. He giggled and jumped into her arms. 

     I gripped my suitcase handle and followed Gran and Micah to the car. Everyone around the airport looked so happy and calm. I felt so out of place. I slipped my hand into my pockets and grabbed my sunglasses. In a fluid motion I slipped them on. That was better. 

     Don't get me wrong, I wasn't depressed or anything, I was just....I don't know. I loaded up grandma's car with our suitcases. I glanced into her car and didn't see a car seat. "Gran, Micah needs a car seat" I said looking down at him. Car seats were not his favorite thing but I wasn't gonna let him get hurt. He was my life line. 

     She frowned, "You didn't bring one?" She asked concerned. I shook my head. Her face curved into a thoughtful look. She put up a finger and ran back inside the airport, she returned with a car seat covered in space ships. I looked at her questionably and combed a hand through my hair. 

    "I paid a lady thirty bucks for it!" I rolled my eyes, holding back a laugh. That was certainly one way to do it. I buckled him in and we were on our way. The window was down and my hair was flowing in the wind. It felt good to be away for once. My fingers felt the dash of the car, slowly tapping it in a soft beat. This was California. And for once in my life, I thought everything was gonna be okay.


     The air was salty. I sat on the beach, watching the waves crash and retreat. Gran's house was right on the beach. I brought my things inside and came straight out. I'm sure Gran and Micah were getting acquainted. 2 o'clock and I had no intention of moving. I brought my knee's to my chest as I heard people around me. The weren't far, probably some dumb teen party. Even I knew to avoid those. It was bad news. I turned my attention to the water watching people surf. It was quite calming. "HEY SUNGLASSES WATCH OUT!" I whipped my head around to be greeted to a volley ball to the face. I instantly grabbed my head in pain. I looked up to see a gorgeous guy looking down at me. His eyes were the color of ash and his head was covered in black curls. "Are you okay?" He asked offering me a hand. I took it standing up. I rubbed my head and met his eyes.

     "It hurts, but I'm fine." I tried to smile but failed. He looked at me sympathetically.

     "I'm really sorry about that, sometimes our beach volleyball matches get out of hand." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly before continuing, "I'm Noah by the way, haven't seen you around before." He smiled and I returned the gesture.

    "I'm Emily." He smiled as his friends called him back over. He grabbed the ball and looked at me one more time before leaving.

     "I'll see you around sunglasses!" He smirked returning to the game. I looked at the ocean one last time before heading inside. This is gonna be a good summer...



     or so I thought.  

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