Sun Glasses

I hate you I love you I hate that I want you you want her you need her and Ill never be her...


2. Chapter 1

          Everyone always seems to look look at the bigger picture. Where they plan to go to college or how many kids they want. What if we just focused on the little things? That is what always seems to matter. The little things can change the bigger picture. That's how it seemed to work for me anyway.

          I am officially a senior. One last summer and one last school year and it would all be over. I was pretty neutral about the whole thing but that's typically how I rolled. This summer wasn't suppose to be any different than the last few years. But somehow my mother didn't think that was good enough.

          "Honey, we need to talk." These words were never good. I sat up on my bed and pulled out the one ear bud I had in. 

          "What?" I dead panned it. I wasn't dodging corners here, I wanted to get to the point.

          "You and Micah are going to spend the summer with Grandma." That was what she had to tell me? My Grandma lived roughly 20 blocks away.

          "Micah loves Grandma Judy, we should be fine." I smiled up at her, reaching for my head phones. This was my first mistake. Thinking that it was this simple.

          "Not Grandma Judy Hun, Grandma Betty." This was the ultimate game changer. We lived in Ohio, a small boring state. Grandma Betty lived in California, all the way across the United States. We haven't seen her since Micah was born and He is five in a half. This means I don't have anytime with my friends. They are throwing me into a completely new environment. 

          I sighed, "When do we leave?" I just wanted to get this over with.

          "Tomorrow morning, get packing!" She smiled at me and danced out of the room. Only she could be happy about this. 

          I packed all the essentials, clothes, bathroom products, etc. I put all of it neatly into my bright blue suitcase and fell back on my bed. The mattress didn't feel right on my back, so I rolled over looking at where I just was. There sat my pair of ruby red sunglasses. I picked them up holding them in my hands. In a split second decision, I packed them in my suit case and zipped it up. I was as ready as I'll ever be.

          I woke up at five am, with just enough time to shower and grab something to eat for breakfast. I dragged myself into the bathroom, examining myself in the mirror. My blond hair was suffering from major bed head. My dull blue eyes were complemented by bags right under them. I groaned shutting the bathroom door. It was going to take a miracle to survive this summer.

          "EMILY! IT'S TIME TO GO!" I took one last look in the mirror and headed down the stairs. I was greeted by a sweet little hug from Micah. He was the reason I was still sane. I swept him up, twirling him around. He giggled as I sat him down. He loved twirling. My mom smiled down at us grabbing our bags. She hauled them to the car and Micah and I followed in pursuit. This may not be the ideal plan of action but I wanted to get away. It was a break from the same old routine. At least that's what I continue to tell myself.

         "Good Afternoon passengers, please buckle your seat belts, as we will be landing here shortly." They always sounded so mono toned on speakers. I looked over at Micah who fumbled with his seat belt. I giggled softly as this was one of his many "big boy in training" moments, or so he calls them. I reach over and solve his problem with a simple tug and click. He smiled up at me in awe. These were the most precious moments of all. I looked at the window. The view was breath taking. I squeezed Micah's hand looking back at him. No matter what happened this summer, I would have him. 


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