Dear Diary

My name is Kayla Parker. My life may not be perfect, it has it flaws, yet it has its advantages. I can blend into the crowd, the crowd of social misfits. Drama, Drama, Drama. And for some reason I'm the centre of it all. Why...


3. Im sorry.

Sorry about not writing for a while... I'm just going through a rough patch right now, and by that my heart is being stupid. I feel broken and worthless, kind of ashamed of me for leaving you guys who read the book ashamed for never actually updating. I'm trying to stay strong and I hope you guys stay strong too. I have one piece of advice for all you girls out there who are experiencing heartbreak. Sweetheart, while you are losing sleep that someone is sleeping peacefully knowing he hurt you. Just please... Don't get too attached to a boy, unless you know it is true.

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