Trouble | C.T.H

I never thought I'd fall for a person like him.

But look at me now.


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"Nothing," Spencer easily replied to Calum's question without another word.

"You sure about that?" He asked her, "whatever Ashton seen last night tells me something different."

"Nothing happened." Spencer snapped at Calum obviously wanting to change the topic.

"Whatever," Calum murmured, "liar," I heard him whisper as he stared down at his feet.

"Michael," Spencer sighed, her finger messing with her bangs, "I dare you to go up to a random hotel room and knock on the door then ask for a condom,"

"That shouldn't be so hard," Michael smiled, standing up.

"You didn't let me finish," Spencer smirked, "the entire time... you have to be naked,"

"Fuck my life," We all heard Michael mumble before he walked off into the bathroom.

"You just wanted an excuse to see his ass," Calum laughed and I laughed as Spencer slapped his shoulder.

Laughing, Calum put his hand over his shoulder. "I guess he isn't that much of a dick," Spencer whispered to me, making me laugh.

Seconds later we heard Michael come out. He walked around the corner in nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Hey! We were going to use those!" I exclaimed, grabbing a pillow from behind me and throwing it at him.

"So you'd rather have me use the pillow?" Mikey asked.

"Ewwww no!" I exclaimed.

"So we going to do this or not?" Spencer asked.

"Yeah..." Michael sighed.

We all walked out to the hallway and Michael walked in front of us with the towel still wrapped around his waist. Calum smirked and ran up behind Michael and pulled down the towel. I covered my eyes and walked behind Ashton. "Your so childish," Ashton laughed.

"Shut up!" I hit his back.

He just chuckled.

"What room?" Michael asked as I seen Spencer shielding her eyes, one hand on Luke's shoulder so she wouldn't run into him if he stopped, hiding herself behind him.

Chucking, Spencer replied, "373," without hesitation. Almost like she knew who was in there.

"Okay... here goes nothing," Michael signed as he walked up to the door and we stay back far enough for us to still hear what was going on.

One, two, three knocks. Then the sound of a door opening was heard.

"Jesus bro! What the fuck?!" I heard a familiar voice exclaim.

"Is that...?" I looked over to Spencer and asked, my eyes going wide and my eyebrows being raised. 
She just nodded in response.

"Umm... do you mind if I get a condom from ya mate?" We heard Michael confidently ask. I had to bite my hand to bust into a fit of laughter. I looked over at Spencer and seen her biting her lip to keep from laughing while the others were chuckling quietly.

"Best dare ever," Calum praised, giving Spencer a high-five. "I like the way your mind thinks. How'd you even come up with that?" Calum asked as Michael came around the corner, covering his junk with one hand and the other with a small silver package.

"Just came to mind," Spencer laughed as Calum handed Mike the towel and he wrapped it around his waist again.

"I'm never doing that again," Michael groaned, handing Spencer the condom.

"And why the fuck do I need to have this?"

"Well considering what I seen happen between you and Luke last night... who knows, you'll probably need one," Mike smirked as we began walking back to our room.

"Fuck you Mike," Luke snapped, hitting the back of Michael's head.

I looked over at Spencer with my eyebrows furrowed. She just shook her head before we walked all the way back to our room and back to 'my' comforting bed.

Then Calum came over and sat by me, "What time do you wanna leave?" He whispered into my ear.

"At least after I shower and get ready," I whispered back as he nodded and we went back to the game.

"Alexandra. That just leaves you... truth or dare?" Michael asked, smirking.

"Dare," I confidently replied, crossing my arms over my chest.

Mike shared a look between him and Ashton before looking back at me.

"I dare you and Calum to play too hot," He told me, a smirk upon his lips.

"Too hot?" I questioned, looking at the five around me.

"It's a game where the two players kiss without stopping or without touching each other. If one player touches the other, that person loses. And the loser has to do whatever the winner wants them to." Spencer told me the rules and I wondered how she knew that.

"Oh... then on that case," I began," Why?!" I exclaimed to Michael.

"Because you picked dare and that's what I said your dare was... now. Get on with it." He smirked, Spencer practically pushing me on Calum's lap.

"Just to let you know... I never lose at this." Calum smirked as I got comfortable on his lap.

"O-Okay," I stuttered, pushing my hands into my pockets.

"Ready. Go." We heard Spencer exclaim before Calum forced his lips onto mine. 
Our lips moved in sync.

He practically shoved his tongue down my throat but I wasn't complaining. The longer we kissed it felt right like it wasn't supposed to be. But it can't happen.

He's cute and all but I don't really see him in that way. Before I could even think, my hands gripped onto his shirt and we both pulled away.

"Fuck." I exclaimed, getting off his lap.

"Calum, one. Alexandra, zero!" Calum exclaimed.

"Fuck you," I mouthed to him.

"You already did," he laughed and I slapped his arm.

I looked around and no one noticed. "So what do I have to do?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"You'll find out... later," he smirked.

My eyes grew wide. What the fuck is he going to make me do?

"Okay okay... we all had a dare or a truth. Now what?" Ashton asked everyone.

Getting a shrug in response from each of us.

"Uh-- Spencer and I were gonna go see a movie. So I guess we'll see you guys later," Luke told us and they both got up.

"Oh, okay..." Ashton murmured.

Spencer grabbed her phone and waved at me before they both left the room completely.

"Um I'mma head back to the hotel then..." Michael said, standing up.

"I'll come too," Ashton said, standing up as well.

They both started walking towards the door before Mike stopped and turned around. "You coming Cal?" He asked Calum, who just shook his head in response.

"I'm just gonna hang out here for a little while longer... if that's alright?" He questioned, looking towards me.

I just nodded my head, not really caring if he did or not.

"Okay... well I guess we'll see you guys later then," Mike mumbled, him and Ashton leaving the room.

"Finally," Calum whisper-yelled, his hand moving my hair to one side as he started to kiss my neck.

"Whoa whoa. What do you think you're doing?" I exclaimed, standing up off the bed and away from him.

"You don't get it do you?" Calum smirked, standing up and walking towards me. I began walking backward as he got closer.

"N-No." I stuttered and mentally punched myself for stuttering.

"No?" Calum smirked as my back hit the wall and he trapped me against it.

"No," I sternly answered him.

"It's the game, remember. You do whatever I want. And all I want is you." Calum said as he started to kiss my neck again.

"But I don-" I cut myself off with a sigh, secretly loving the feeling of his soft lips on my neck.
"Calum, we can't be doing this." I told him, trying to make my breathing as calm

He smirked starting to kiss my neck once again. I quietly moaned, my hands gripping his shoulders.

Fuck, Alexandra shut up!

"Calum." I said sternly, he only continued, "Calum stop," I pushed him off of me.

He had a mixture of a sad look on his face and an angry look.

"We can't be doing this," I told him, "it's not right."

"Does it matter? I mean, who's going to know?" He asked, his voice clearly angered.

"Of course it matters. Look, I just lost my virginity to you last night. You think that's a thing I wanted?" I asked, not waiting for him to respond before I continued, "I didn't. But it happened. And it's not going to happen again." I told him.

"Come on, Alexandra." He groaned loudly, "we both know you want this." He smirked.

"No, I don't. Now can you just leave and get away from me." I demanded more than I asked.

I looked away from his eyes, making sure I didn't look back.

"Fine... but here," I heard him walk over to a coffee table in the room, grabbing a piece of paper, writing something down before hearing the paper rip.

He held a folded piece of paper out in front of me.

I took it in my hands, looking down at the paper in my hands questionably.

"My number," he said.

It converted to awkward silence quickly.
"So I'm guessing this means our date is off," he chuckles nervously.

I didn't speak.

"I- uh... I'll see you later. Text me," he quickly said before walking over to the door.

He left without another word.
I shoved the paper into my pocket, walking over to my bed, flopping down on it, surrounding myself with the covers.

What have I gotten myself into?
I'm screwed, aren't I?

    Sighing, I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contacts, contemplating if I should talk text someone to pass time or just go to sleep. After a while of being bored, I just put my phone on the charger. Then I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

God, I'm so stupid. I should've never went with Calum last night. I'm pretty sure now he just pictures me as another one of his hookups. That isn't something I want to be. Nor did I even want to lose my virginity to him. I wish I never met him in the first place.

Maybe this trip would be a lot more worth it if Calum, Michael, Luke, and Ashton weren't around.





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