Trouble | C.T.H

I never thought I'd fall for a person like him.

But look at me now.


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I woke up in a room that I didn’t recognize with arms wrapped around my waist. I looked back to see who’s arms they were, Calum. Oh god what did I do? I rolled away from him making sure that he didn’t wake up.

I sat up wishing that I didn’t because I had a major headache. After a while of just sitting there the memories from last night ran through my head. Ugh, Alex why do you have to be so stupid you barely knew the guy and you let him take you v-card.

I got up trying to find my clothes. After I was fully dressed I walked in the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom. First thing I saw was my reflection in the mirror. Instantly cringing. My hair was all messed up, my mascara was smeared around my eyes, and lastly because I had a few love bites that trailed from behind my ear and down my neck.

I quickly combed out my hair to the side trying to hide my love bites then I washed my face. I looked in the mirror and I didn’t look as bad as I did before. I grabbed my phone from my pocket. I had 27 text messages from Spence and Michael and 6 missed calls from Spencer. Walking out the bathroom I noticed Calum sitting on the bed on his phone. Damn it I thought that he’d still be out of it.

“Round two?” He asked being cocky.

“Hell no.” I said as my phone started ringing.

I quickly answered it. “WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!” Spencer yelled.

“I am still at that house.” I said, before I could say anything else she spoke.

“What the heck. Last night we were looking all over for you and Calum. How come you didn’t answer any of our messages?” She said. “Wait you were with Calum were you?”

“No why would I be with him?” I mumbled.

“Really,” Calum said.

“Shut up!” I said to him.

“Is Calum with you?” Luke asked.

“Yeah I found him this morning when I was looking for you guys.” I lied, I saw Calum roll his eyes.

“Meet us out front we’ll be there soon to pick you guys up.’ Spencer said before hanging up.

I looked over at Calum he was laying there with only the sheet covering him. “Get dressed,” I said to him.

He got up from under the sheets and he was fully naked. I turned around walking out the door.  I began walking down the stairs when I felt a little bit of pain in my lower abdomen.  Made out of the house and sat down on the stairs waiting for Spence.  By the time she got here Calum came out of the house with a sandwich.

We had to crawl in the back seat. When I tried climbing in Calum smacked my bum. Luke and Spencer didn’t see anything. Once we both got in the car I punched him on the arm. “Don’t ever do that a again,” I growled. 

All he did was laugh. I looked over at him and saw that he a few love bites on his neck. I opened my phone and checked if mine were noticeable. They were. God I hope none of them point it out because spencer wouldn’t leave it alone until I told her who gave them to me. 

Looking out the window at everything. Everything was so pretty unlike the town I live in. It's way smaller than here.

I wonder why my mom hasn't texted or at least called yet. I texted her last night that I made it here safely but she didn't even respond back. It didn't take long for us to get to the hotel.

"Where's the others?" I asked.

"There in our room." Spencer said, looking into the mirror as she parked. "They came early this morning wondering if you or Calum made it back to the room."

I nodded. Finally the car stopped and we got out of the car. "Why does it have to be so bright." Calum mumbled as he got out of the car.

Spencer and Luke had walked together they were really close together. I wonder if something happened between them?Probably not, Spencer wouldn't do that. But yet again I wouldn't have done what I did with Calum.

When we made it into the hotel Calum pulled me to the side. "Hey," He said.

"Hey?" I mumbled. 

I didn't realize how close we were. "I am sorry about the way I acted when we first meet." He said. "But i would like to take you on a date later. If you'd like plus i could show you who I really am. Instead of the person you meet before."

I smiled. I want to go but then i don't know if i should because i barley know him plus he'll leave in a two days so whats the point. But then- you know what fuck it. "Yes" I smiled, which caused him to smile too.

He leaned in pecking my lips softly. "Alex?" Spencer said walking around the corner. 

I backed away from him so she wouldn't think anything was going on. "Yeah?" I asked. 

"What you doing?"  She asked.

"Nothing Calum wanted to tell me something." I said walking towards her. 



We were all playing truth or dare.
"Lucas!" Ashton shouted at the top of his lungs, "truth or dare?" he asked Luke, his voice now quiet and calm as he leaned back in his chair.
We all laughed at him, Ash joining in after a while.
"Dare," Luke answered confidently smiling.
"I dare you to run around the whole fucking parking lot screaming, "I love Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber is bae." Oh, and you have to yell it loud enough for the fans waiting outside to hear." Ashton said smiling, crossing his arms over his chest, satisfied with himself.
Luke sighed, "do you want my life to be ruined?" He asked Ashton, trying to be serious as he stood up, chuckling quietly as we followed his actions and made our way down to the lobby.
"Just a little bit," Ashton joked as we got into the elevator.

Three minutes passed and I was sitting with my legs crisscrossed on the pavement of the parking lot.
"You know what you have to do Hemmo," Ashton said encouragingly, patting Luke on the back, obviously trying not to laugh.

Luke sighed loudly before he started running off towards the middle of the parking lot.
"I love Justin Bieber! Justin Bieber is bae!" Luke shouted at he top of his lungs.
"We can't hear you!" Spencer yelled at Luke laughing.
"I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER! JUSTIN BIEBER IS BAE!" Luke practically screamed out.

Then a couple girls started screaming and laughing, startling Luke, causing him to trip and fall on his face into a small area of grass that was in the middle of the lot, causing the rest of us to laugh even harder.

"Please tell me someone recorded that!" Michael exclaimed laughing his ass off.
Calum laughed, holding up his phone, showing us the video.

Luke came walking over to us laughing, but he looked shamed out as well.
"That's not right." He laughed after he finished watching the video on Calum's phone.

"Alright-" Ashton said laughing, "your turn." He told Luke as we started making our way back into the lobby.
"Truth or dare?" Luke immediately asked Ashton.
"Dare." Ashton replied, shrugging his shoulders.
"I dare you to go up to that lady over there-" Luke paused, pointing to a older lady, who looked as though she were in her early eighties.
"And you got to flirt with her and ask for her number." Luke finished, smirking confidently.
"Ashton has a thing for older women," Michael whispered to me, laughing afterwards, showing that he was only joking around.

"I can deal with that." Ashton said, rolling up the imaginary sleeves of his Nirvana tee shirt, making his way over to the elderly lady.


The five of us quickly making our way to the lounge area close to where Ashton and the lady were at.

"Excuse me ma'am but I have to call my mum but my phone died," Ashton asked politely.

"Sure," She said pulling out her phone. "Here you go."
Ashton quickly typed his number into the phone. He waited for his phone to ring once it did he hung up and handed the phone back to the lady. "Thanks for the number. Call you later babe," he said winking at the lady.
The lady's face got so red, I couldn't tell if she was blushing or if she was pissed. Ashton ran back to us showing up the lady's number.
 "Okay," he said looking at the group. " Calum, truth or dare?"
"Dare," He smirked at Ashton.
"Okay I dare you to give Alexandra a lap dance," Ashton dared Calum like it wasn't a big deal.
"Why me?!" I exclaimed a little too loudly.
"Because Spencer is already taken." Ashton pointed, in a 'duh' sort of tone.
"By who?!" Spencer exclaimed questionably at Ashton.
"Luke." Ashton giggled before quickly running away towards the elevator.
"That's not funny!" Spencer said as she ran after him.     ... S E V E N T E E N ... M I N U T E S ... L A T E R ...   "I refuse to ever go  though something like that ever again." I mumbled out, scarred from what just happened.
I can't believe ii had to sit through all of that. First he started twerking in my face, then he shoved my face into his chest as he shimmied, and then-  well I don't want to speak of the rest.
"Don't pretend you didn't love it." Ashton joked, nudged my shoulder.
"Shut up. Have Calum give you a lap dance and tell me if you loved it." I told him, nudging him back.
He only laughed.
"Alright, my turn..." Calum started, looking at all the people in the group, "Spencer, truth or dare?"
"Truth." Spencer replied to Calum quickly.
Calum rubbed his chin with his thumb and forefinger, thinking.
"What happened between you and Luke last night?"   __________________________________________________________________________________   A/N   Sup.. it's Dusti.
Sorry we really haven't been posting much. School starts for us in about ten days so I'm not too sure if we'll be doing the 500 reads; new update thing anymore.
But yeah, new update, hope you like it.
  So... that's about it..
Peace, I guess.


- That Clifford Kid & irwinn94

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