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Dominique Weasley isn't the typical Weasley. She hates her family, breaks the rules, gets into trouble and doesn't care of the outcomes. What happens when she gets kicked out of Beauxbatons and forced to attend Hogwarts? What happens when she learns the brother she despises, needs her help? What happens when the rebel-Weasley, meets the rebel-Malfoy? This is the story about Dominique Weasley Néé Delacour.


5. Chapter 5

Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter. My hero (and the person I share my birthday with) J.K. Rowling does.

Christmas at the Burrow was always painful, but this time it was awkward. Over night things turned awkward with my family, not the extended family just the siblings and parents. The families all had to sit together while we opened presents, Mum went out sometime yesterday and bought presents from me to give to everybody else apparently so I had no idea what I had gotten anybody except my parents and siblings, Aunt Gabrielle made me buy their presents and send them to England usually, this year she took me shopping days before the incident so I already had their gifts.

When I opened the cheap little hair care gift that Victoire got me I at least tried to act grateful. "Thanks, I love this product." I lied perfectly to her face, she forced a small smile on her face when she opened the scarf I got her. Louis was the same when he opened the set of books Aunt Gabrielle picked out for me to buy him.

"Louis? You've not read those ones have you?" Mum asked him, forcing him to shake his head and open the rest of his presents.

"I'm making a coffee, anybody want one?" I snapped, throwing Vic's cheap present on the floor and walking into the kitchen. I heard somebody come in and shut the door behind them.

"It's not Christmas without a few family arguments is it?" My Uncle Percy laughed, coming to stand beside me. "You need cups if your making coffee sweetheart."

"I tried. I did, I tried to talk to them last night and just then. Well they've had their chance and blew it." I shrugged, getting cups out of the cupboard and pouring coffee and tea out.

"We're all the same, no matter how hard you try to be different, we're still Weasley's. Even James, Lily and Albus, they're name might be Potter, but we're all the same." Uncle Percy told me, confusing me completely.

"What on earth are you talking about?" I asked him shaking my head. It's too damn early to put up with him trying to be wise.

"Dominique." He let out a long breathe and turned me so I was facing him. "I spent nearly three years not talking to my brothers and sister and I never really made up with Fred, not like with the others. You've spent the last six years not talking to Victoire and Louis. Do you really want to be in the position I was in twenty five years ago? Twenty five years and not a day goes by when I regret being a prat and missing out on the last three years of Fred's life." Uncle Percy looked away from me as he said this and looked out of the window, taking in a deep breath. He looked towards me smiled a little bit and then finished making the drinks, taking them in the living room for me.

"I've been in this piece of crap for two days and I already want to Avada myself." I moaned before following Uncle Percy and going into the living room.


Never before has Christmas day been so boring, sat on the sofa squashed between Mum and Aunt Ginny, I was watching Hugo and Uncle Ron have their 'annual' game of chess, really to see who was the biggest loser. There was nothing else we could do, all the food was prepared, I hadn't gotten anything to 'play' with for Christmas just clothes and make-up and other things like that, so this really was the highlight of the day. Unless you counted smoking every twenty minutes in the garden with Scorpius.

"Mum, what time did you say the Scamander's are coming?" Lily asked from her spot over by the window. She was watching for the Scamander's apparating in the yard so she could go greet her boyfriend, quite sweet actually.

"Two darling, it's still ten minutes to two and they're never late." Aunt Ginny smiled and shook her head.

"Is Christmas always this boring here?" I sighed, throwing my hair back over my shoulder after plaiting and re-plaiting it for the last ten minutes.

"Maybe if you came back for a Christmas in the last six years, you'd have found out." Victoire muttered, loud enough for me to hear when I was sat on the other side of the room, without looking up from the book Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron got her for Christmas.

"Excuse me?" Is she being serious? She doesn't speak to me at all, after I've given her at least two chances, and when she does she tries to wind me up. "What did you just say?"

Nobody said anything, not even Dad or Gran, they were all too shocked that 'saint' Victoire had said something nasty and that the 'precious' oldest Weasley Grandchild had started an argument.

"You heard me -" She snapped, looking up from her book. She went to say something else but Lily's little scream distracted everybody.

"He's, - I mean they're here!" She jumped up from her chair and practically flew into the kitchen, our several of the adults following her.

"Dominique. Leave it." Dad warned me when I looked back at Victoire.

"What? I haven't done anything! She started this." I yelled at him, I looked at Mum for support who opened her mouth, just as Victoire did too.

"If you weren't complaining about being bored in the first place, I wouldn't have said anything. Just shut up, it's not as if anybody wants you to be here." She snapped.

"Victoire! Enough!" Mum snapped.

"Forget it. Don't worry, this is the only Christmas where I'll be spending it with any of you." I waved Mum off as I stood up, looked Victoire up and down and shook my head. I picked my jacket up from the hook and stormed into the kitchen where my Grandparents, Aunt Hermione, Uncle Ron, Aunt Audrey, Uncle Percy, Uncle Harry, Aunt Ginny, Lily and Lucy were greeting the Scamander's.

"Look who's here for the Holidays Luna, Dominique! It's been years since -" Gran introduced me to the woman I'd known since I was a baby.

"Move." I snapped at one of her twins, it must have been Lorcan because Lily was grinning like an absolute idiot to the other one away from the adults.

"Please." Lorcan snapped back at me.

"I'm not in the mood idiot! Move or I'll move you!" I threatened him.

"Well, you haven't changed a little bit have you Nicky?" He teased me. What did he just call me? Nicky? I haven't been called that since I was eight.

"Look Lorcan, just move out of my way." I sighed. Aunt Ginny asked Lorcan to move out of my way politely, which he did, and told me to not go far as the meal would be ready in about half an hour.

"I'm not hungry." I shrugged, slamming the door behind me.

Who does she think she is? Of course that will all be my fault, at least Mum tried to stop it. Dad didn't do anything, he wouldn't risk upsetting his darling Victoire.

I couldn't stay in the Burrow or I'd cause a scene and ruin everybody's Christmas so I decided to go for a fly. My broom was still in France though, I didn't have time to pack it with my clothes. James, Fred, Lily, Lucy and Albus were Quidditch freaks though so they'd have their brooms with them.

The shed had a padlock on it and my wand was in my room. A rock worked just as well though in smashing the thing off. I grabbed the first broom I saw, and smiled when I saw Teddy's name on it. Victoire loved Teddy, Teddy loved his broom. Think I might 'accidently' wreck his broom.

"Let's see how fast you can go." I muttered, mounting it and kicking off from the ground. I circled the house at break-neck speed, fully aware of people looking out of different windows. I heard the back door open and heard somebody yell my name, I just snorted and flew upwards, towards the sky and away from relatives who I'd love to kill with my bare hands.



Several hours later I flew back to the Burrow, jumped of Teddy's broom and threw it in the direction of the shed, smiling internally when I heard a faint crack, if it wasn't his broom then it was somebody else's.

"Dominique, are you hungry yet darling? We set a plate aside for you." Mum smiled at me when I walked into the kitchen; she was sat at the table with my Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, Luna and Rolf, their twins and the majority of my cousins. Louis and Victoire weren't there though.

"A bit." I shrugged, sliding into the seat beside her. At the Burrow aside from Rose and Albus, Mum was one of the few relatives I could stand to be around.

"Here you go sweetie." Gran smiled and passed a bursting plate down the table to me, I noticed all of the adults smiled at me when they met my eye.

"Where did you go?" Gran asked me when I started eating my food.

"For a fly. Don't really know where. I can't wait to get my broom from Granddad, I miss flying." I told her. I loved flying, the feel of the wind in your hair, flying over water and letting your toes skim through the water, trying to go as fast as you can, dodging buildings and trees. I hope Hogwarts has a lake I can fly over.

"Sounds nice." Aunt Angelina smiled at me. I never answered just nodded my head, feeling slightly uncomfortable because everybody was watching.

"Do you still play Quidditch?" One of the twins asked me, I couldn't tell who it was but guessed Lysander because Lily was sat beside him.


"Don't you play in school? Beauxbatons has Quidditch teams." The other twin asked me, looking confused.

"I don't go to Beauxbatons." I shrugged, smirking when I saw him roll his eyes.

"She got kicked out Lorcan." Scorpius told him.

"Really? Badass. Well didn't you play when you were allowed to attend the school?" Lorcan chuckled, looking slightly impressed.

"Nope, I wasn't allowed that privilege." I smirked broader and shook my head.

"Quidditch isn't a privilege, it's a right! A human right!" He banged on the table, making everybody at the table laugh.

"Try telling my old Head of year that after I threw a potion of Hair-Growing Potion at my Professor." I laughed, remembering my first ever meeting with Headmistress Posey the first week in school. She'd wrote home and banned me from having a broom. Not that I listened to her, I stole a school broom, cleaned it up a bit and put my name on and handed that in for her to confiscate.

"Wow, can you imagine her throwing a Potion over Professor Smail?" Lysander laughed, again making the other people at the table laugh.

"Smail is the Potions Master at Hogwarts, you'll hate him." Lily told me as she laughed.

"He hates everybody and picks faults in all his pupils." Albus chuckled, pointing to Scorpius who just rolled his eyes.

"I fail to see how I can be to blonde!" Scorpius laughed, making the adults laugh harder.

"He told me I wasn't 'Potter' enough. His face was a picture when I told him he got us mixed up and I wasn't a Potter." Lucy howled. All the other cousins and the twins started comparing stories of this Smail person while the adults laughed and listened in.

"Darling, tomorrow Victoire starts work and your Father and brother are going to some Quidditch matches, how about me and you have a bonding day?" Mum asked me quietly, either nobody was listening or they were tactile enough to pretend they weren't.

"Just me and you?" I asked her, hoping she'd say yes.

"Just me and you." She promised.

"Sure." I smiled at her, quite excited for some time alone with my mother.



Christmas night meant all of the adults and children who were of-age, except perfect Victoire who had an early start tomorrow, were pretty drunk. Dad had kept me away from all the alcohol so I was exceptionally bored.

"Mind if I sit here?" Lorcan asked me, I shrugged but slid over anyway, I was sat on the staircase, watching the Aunts and Uncles dance drunkenly around the living room, listening to the cousins laugh from bedrooms upstairs and trying to get over the fact my parents were sat snogging on the sofa.

"Considering it's Christmas day you're pretty miserable." He commentated five minutes after I didn't say anything to him. I shrugged again, putting my head on my knees.

"Just waiting for this to be over." I mumbled.

"Not a fan of Christmas Nicky?" He asked me quietly.

"Not a fan of much if I'm honest, sisters, brothers, Dads, cousins, England. Pretty much everything sucks in my life right now." I sighed, cringing at how pathetic I sounded.

"Everything? What about your friends?" He asked me.

"Don't have any, just Albus and Rose. Scorpius too I guess." I guess after sharing a bed with somebody and having them defend you in a fight with strangers after knowing them for a day counts as friendship. My friends from France all refused to talk to me, they believe I 'maliciously attacked Peter.' Even my own cousin Miquel believed that.

"Hey, and me! We used to be friends." He reminded me, I didn't have the heart to tell him I only used to talk to him to make fun of him.

"Well that changes everything. My life is perfect, going to a school I can't stand, living with family who don't want me here, having to look at me parents snog like a pair of kids, knowing that my fifteen year old cousin is getting more action than me right now." I laughed humorlessly, I saw Lysander and Lily go into a bedroom an hour ago and they hadn't surfaced yet. "But being friends with you makes all that better." I sniggered, shaking my head at him.

"I know something that will make you feel better." He whispered, leaning his head closer to mine. He kissed me quickly, biting my lip gently. I opened my mouth to let his tongue in before I knew what I was doing. I didn't mind it but it was still quite weird, with my family surrounding us.

"Now you're getting more action than you're fifteen year old cousin." He whispered as he pulled away. I laughed and looked around to see if anybody had seen, my Aunt Ginny winked at me when she walked past but didn't say anything. What made my Christmas though was when I looked at my darling sister, she was sat looking horrified that I'd done such a thing. Smirking back at her I turned back to Lorcan, got his head between my hands and pulled him closer to me, meeting his lips with my own.

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