Fire. - *Movella of the Year 2016*

- - December 2016 - Story of the month- -Dancing. Flames are mystically dancing around me as they gradually begin to engulf my soul. How did I get here? How did my life fall to this? So much has led up to this moment of despair. Trapped beneath the rubble's hold, there is nothing that I can do to escape from the ever advancing flames. -- Cover by @Lady Panda --


14. The end.

Running. I was running as fast as I could away from the tower and towards the weapons vault. Stage 2 was in progress but now I didn’t have much time. Alarm bells must have been ringing as the broadcast was shown on every screen and radio in the nation. I had no doubts that the military were sending people in to kill me or to at least stop me from doing any more damage. They had underestimated how far I was willing to go to stop them and now were panicking. I was the only person who could stop them and now I was freely wandering inside of their top base. I was dangerous and they had to stop me.


Reaching the door to the weapons vault, I swiped Evan’s card through the slot and in response, the door clicked open. Stealing from a dead body was not something that I wanted to do but I was given no choice. He had given me no choice. Discarding the card and walking through the door, I could hear the whirring of machinery and the sound of creaking all around me. It was eerie to say the least but I couldn’t afford to feel fear, not now and not after everything that I had done. I had just ended the life of the only person who I had ever truly loved and now I was just as much as a monster as the people that I was fighting against. If I went down, they would burn with me and that was exactly what I had planned.


Flicking the light switch, I could finally see the weapons around me. Illuminating the ceiling with hundreds of lights, the gleam of metal was visible in all directions. The sheer quantity of metal killing machines forced me to take a breath as I stepped between the shelves and examined the shelves. All of them were from my designs and from work I was proud of at the time when I showed them to my side. I never could have guessed the scale in which they wold be produced. Tracing my fingers over the cold metal, I thought of how these weapons were used to slay and destroy lives and families. Each gun, although barely visible had blood on them, blood which was on my hands. At first, it was exiting, it was good to be depended on and respected by the Military but then I found out the truth and it all fell to pieces. 


Now, I was simply drowning in a never ending sea of blood and despair.


The vast room could have housed a city of people and yet it housed an armoury of weapons ready to be used. I was in awe. The potential for destruction was too great for me to leave untouched. This collection could annihilate life on earth and could tear the world in two, literally and mentally. These weapons had unlimited potential to destroy but in different hands could be used to save. But the risk was too great. They were tainted and born through bloodshed; they were dangerous and had the purpose to destroy. I couldn’t even trust myself with such power, forget anyone else; corruption seemed almost imminent as the power of life and death would destroy anyone. Humanity could no wield such power.


Surrounded by my children of nightmares, I felt smaller than ever before. This was of my doing and the blame lay with me and those who had taken my sketches and my blueprints and had made themselves an arsenal of devastation. I may not have seen it at the time, but know I knew what I had really done. I had armed a side which had used my work to create chaos in order to bring the dawn of their supposedly new age.


As I heard footsteps behind me, I slid back to the doors and locked them closed. Snapped out of thoughts, I knew that I didn’t have very long to act. In my planning period, I wasn’t sure if I would follow through with the second stage but know I was certain that I had no other choice but to end it. Never again should a single group wield so much power. By now, the riots would have begun and the Military would begin to feel the true heat of what they had done. As people made their way out of the bunkers that they had lived in for the past few years, they would see what had been done and would know what had been payed for their freedom. They would smell the ashes and blood which plagued the streets as they witnessed the carnage inflicted on their homes and their lives. Some would accept it but many would not. That was what I was counting on; basic humanity and rebellious spirit.


 Because with that, vengeance would come in tow.


Hurrying over to the row of explosives, I examined how they were positioned and how the flames would spread across them. Thousands of explosions would follow a single lit fuse. And I was the fire. I was the flame which would light the fuse and ignite the end which would lead to the new beginning. I was the spark and the trigger which would lead the way back into the light. We had veered so far off the pathway and it was my job to guide us back into unity a peace.


One flame would destroy everything and would bring the complex down around me.


One flame would destroy my legacy and would leave the Military defenceless.


One flame would break through the darkness.


And that one flame was me.


Reaching into my pocket and dragging out a lighter, I let my tears freely fall. In what I knew would be my last moments, I was allowed to be weak because emotion was all that I had left. I had no friends and no family; I had no home and no life. I was victim in twisted game but I had broken the wall and had broken out of the lives and back into reality.


Igniting the flame, I held it before my eyes as it danced and begged to be freed. I wanted chaos but within order. With barely a moment of hesitation, I held it next to the mountain of explosives and let the fire take its hold.


“I’m sorry.” I called out, voice deadly calm. I was saying it to my parents, to Evan but also to myself. This wasn’t what I wanted but now I only saw a way out.


“I’m so sorry,” I whispered as I fell to my knees in defeat.


Finally, as the flames tore through my vision, I didn’t resist.


They were dancing around me as they gradually began to engulf my soul. Cruel beauty surrounded me and yet the heat was almost unbearable. So much had led up to this moment of despair but trapped beneath the rubbles hold, there was nothing that I could do to escape from the ever advancing flames.


It didn't matter anymore; the end was near. Peace and stillness awaited. The amount of lives that I had stolen was too big of a number to count but still this was my only shot at redemption.

The base was crumbling around me, burying my weapons and me with it. But that was okay; this is what I want; this is how I want it to end. Always by fire. It was only fitting that fire took my life just like it had taken my old life.


As the night fell to its knees and the dawn burned above me, I closed my eyes and let it win. As the ground sunk and the smoke thickened, I let the darkness enshroud me. I was looking for an out and begging for an end which shortly would become my reality.


A hollow feeling filled my chest. I'd lost so much in my life time, too much by any stretch of the definition but now I was losing my life. For most of my existence, I'd never really had anything to lose but now, staring death in the eyes, I wanted to leave it all behind and erase my past.


Swallowed by fire and lost to pain, a feeling of serenity and satisfaction washed over me. I had done my job, and that was all that mattered. I had lived up to my parents name and had avenged them like I had promised all of those years ago. I had righted my wrongs.


As the smoke began to thicken, I was at peace with my nightmares and my demons.


I was at peace with my loss and the pain that I had suffered.


I was at peace with myself as the sound of my raspy breath began to slow.


After all of my pain and sorrows, black filled my vision until finally, finally it was all over...


“I’m sorry.”

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