A ray full of sunshine ~Twilight Story~

When Jacob's 4 year old niece comes to visit, she becomes friends with a strange little boy that the Cullens have taken in. The two children struggle to remain friends, despite their families protest. Can the two be friends without causing a war?
OcXOc love story

sadly i dont own anything except my ideas and characters.
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2. Chapter 2

"Carlisle, he's doing it again!" Edward screamed.
Carlisle sighed, walking out of his study and down into the living room. "Ethan, please stop chewing on Edward's pants."
Ethan looked up from gnawing on Edward's pant leg. "But my teeth hurt. I have to chew on something!"
Edward growled and pulled his leg away from Ethan's tight grip. "Well, find something besides my pants to chew on." He frowned down at all the tears that now adorned his pant leg.
"Poor Ethan." Alice cooed, scooping the small boy up into her arms. "You're still trying to get used to everything."
Esme walked over and took Ethan from Alice. "All of you need to go or you'll be late for school."
Rosalie and Alice both kissed Ethan goodbye on the cheek while Emmett ruffled Ethan's red hair affectionately. Jasper nodded to Ethan and gave him a small smile. Edward glared at the small boy before storming out of the house. Carlisle put on his coat and kissed Esme goodbye and ruffled Ethan's hair.
Esme smiled down at Ethan. "What would you like to do today, Ethan?"
Ethan pouted. "Why can't I go to school?"
"You're still a newborn, Ethan." Esme sighed, sitting down on the couch with Ethan in her lap. "Maybe you can start school in the fall, once you've gotten a little more control. So, since you can't go to school, what do you want to do?"
Ethan thought for a moment. "Can we call Juliet?"
Esme hesitated. "I don't think that would be a good idea."
"But why? She misses me. She wants us to play together."
Esme raised an eyebrow. "How do you know that?"
"I can hear what she's thinking." Ethan replied. "I can hear yours, and Carlisle's, and Alice's, and everybody's!" Ethan threw his hands up in the air. "Well," he frowned. "not everybody's. Just people's that I've touched."
Esme closed her eyes. "What am I thinking?"
"You're thinking that you want to play baseball." Matthew said proudly.
Esme smiled. "Does Edward know that you can read minds."
"Yeah." Ethan said. "He gets mad when I read his mind when he's thinking about Bella."
Esme laughed. "So, since you can't go to school or play with Juliet today, how about we go to Port Angeles and get you some new toys?"
Ethan's eyes lit up. "Really!?"

"I want this one and this…"
Esme smiled as Ethan ran down all the aisles in the toy store. Having Ethan around had brought a bit of excitement to the household. After Ethan had initially woken up, he had refused to go hunting. He mourned the death of his mother for a few days and then, he just stopped. He said that his mother had told him not to be sad and that it was her destiny to die.
Esme looked up in time to see Juliet running towards Ethan. She put on a smile when she saw Billy following behind Juliet. "Hello Billy." Esme said politely.
Billy frowned but nodded his head. "C'mon Juliet. We need to go home."
Juliet pouted, grabbing Ethan's hand. "But I want to play with Ethan."
Ethan looked pleadingly at Esme. "Please?"
Esme smiled at Billy. "I don't think it would hurt the two of them to play for just a few minutes together."
Billy sighed. He looked down at his granddaughters pleading eyes. "Fine. But just for a little while."
Juliet squealed and dragged poor Ethan out of the store. "Let's go, Ethan!"
Esme smiled as her and Billy followed the two children out of the store. "Juliet seems like a nice little girl."
"Yes." Billy answered gruffly. "I never thought your kind would sink so low as to turn a child."
Esme sighed. "It was unfortunate. If there had been any other way to save him, we would've done it in a heartbeat. He would've died if we had left him as he was."
Juliet had dragged Ethan to the small play area. "You wanna swing, Ethan?"
"Sure." Ethan said quietly. "I'll push you, okay?"
"Okay!" Juliet plopped herself down in the swing, not minding that it was still wet from the morning rain. She laughed happily as Ethan began to push her.
Ethan grinned. He liked hearing Juliet laugh and the happy thoughts that flew through her mind. After a few more minutes, he stopped pushing her and got on the swing next to her. The two children swung back and forth, both laughing excitedly.
"Hey, Juliet, have you always lived here?" Ethan asked.
"Nope." Juliet said as she swung her legs back and forth. "I'm from Hawaii."
Ethan blinked. "So, what are you doing here?"
Juliet's smile disappeared and her brown eyes saddened. "Mommy and Daddy are fighting right now. They don't want me to see it so that sent me to live with Grandpa Billy and Uncle Jacob."
Ethan frowned as he heard Juliet's sad thoughts. "It's not your fault!"
Juliet blinked. "How'd you know that's what I was thinking?"
"Um, it's a secret." Ethan muttered. Carlisle had told him he couldn't tell anyone about what they really were.
"I can keep secrets." Juliet said as she stopped swinging.
"Ethan," Esme walked forward and smiled at the two children. "it's time to go home. Say bye to Juliet."
Ethan frowned. He hopped off the swing at the same time as Juliet. He tensed when Juliet hugged him. "Bye, Juliet."
Juliet grinned at him. "We can play again, right, Ethan?" He's mad at me. He doesn't want to be my friend anymore.
Ethan nodded his head. "Yeah! I'm not mad at you or anything! Maybe Bella will let us play at her house soon."
Juliet's eyes lit up. "Okay."
"Juliet, it's time to leave." Billy called. He watched the two vampires nervously.
Juliet smiled up at Esme. "Bye, Ethan's Mommy! Bye, Ethan!"
Ethan waved at Juliet as she and Billy disappeared around the corner. "I wasn't gonna tell her, Esme."
Esme ruffled his hair. "I know you weren't. Billy was getting very uncomfortable."
Ethan frowned as he took Esme's hand. "Why does Juliet's grandpa hate us so much?" It was frustrating not being able to read Billy's mind but Ethan was scared that if he tried to touch Billy that he'd get in trouble.
Esme walked towards the car with Ethan in tow. "Ethan, you have to understand that Juliet's family hates our kind."
"Nu uh!" Ethan argued as Esme strapped him into his car seat. "Juliet doesn't hate me!"
"That's because she doesn't know our secret, Ethan. Besides, she may never become one of them so she may never know our secret." Esme got into the drivers seat and began driving the two back home.
"What's Juliet gonna become?" Ethan asked, alarm twisted into his words. Were they going to hurt her?
"Ethan," Esme said gently "there's nothing for you to worry about. Juliet is fine. There may come a day when she won't want to be your friend anymore. A day where she will in fact be your enemy. I just don't want you to be too upset if that day comes. It most likely won't though since Juliet is a girl so there's nothing for you to worry about. You just have to understand that her family won't like her playing with you."
"I don't care." Ethan pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. "She's my friend and she likes to play with me. Her family can just deal with it."
Esme laughed. The two pulled into the driveway. "How are your teeth feeling?"
"They still kind of hurt." Ethan whined. While he had been playing with Juliet, he had forgotten all about the painful teeth in his mouth. "I really need to chew on something."
Esme helped him out of his car seat. "Can you hold out for a few more hours? The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so we'll leave to go hunt tonight."
"I guess." Ethan pouted. He wandered into the house. He really needed to chew on something! He knew better than to chew on Edward's clothes since it angered Edward so much. Maybe Edward had something else in his room that Ethan could chew on. With that thought in mind, Ethan made his way up to Edward's room.

"Where's Ethan?" Rosalie asked as she and the others returned home from school.
Esme looked around. "I don't know. He wandered off a couple of hours ago and I haven't seen him since. Poor things teeth have been hurting him so badly lately."
Edward rolled his eyes. "I know where he is." Edward stomped up the stairs to his room. "You better not have destroyed anything, Ethan!" He frowned when he saw a clearly upset Ethan sitting on his couch. He sighed. "What's wrong?"
If Ethan could cry, he would've been. "M-my teeth really hurt and I wanted to chew on something b-but I know you got mad this morning 'cause I chewed on your pants s-so I came up here to see if there was something I could chew on b-but I know how i-important your CDs and stuff are and my teeth really hurt!" Ethan began wailing at the top of his lungs.
Edward groaned in frustration. He didn't want Rosalie and Alice to yell at him again for picking on 'poor little Ethan'. He sat on the couch by Ethan. "Look, just stop with the screaming. As soon as Carlisle gets home, we'll go hunting."
Ethan whimpered. "B-but my teeth hurt now!"
Edward sighed. He really liked the sweater he was wearing but he didn't seem to have much other choice. He picked Ethan up and sat him in his lap. "Just chew on the sleeve and be quiet."
When Carlisle came home, the family prepared to leave for their hunting trip. "Edward, Ethan," Carlisle called "it's time to go!"
Ethan walked down the stairs holding Edward's hand. Edward looked a little annoyed but not angry. He was more irritated that he would have to buy a new sweater now since Ethan had just ruined his.
Thank you, Edward. I'm really sorry I messed up your sweater.
It's fine. Just get the teething thing out of your system before I run out of clothes.
Ethan grinned at Edward. "Okay."

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