We're Just A Band Not Demigods Series Behind the Scenes

Being a demigod isn't all about fighting bad guys, monsters, and going on quests. There are other problems to face, including each other. A look into our heroes lives as they experiences being a demigod more times than most.

We're Just A Band Not Demigods
Music and Monsters
Lies, Music, and Monsters

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4. Visiting Hecate Cabin and Spending Time in Apollo Cabin (Cecilia)

This drabble is set before the Pre-We're Just A Band Not Demigods, featuring Ceci and Giselle.

It was a normal day. Everything about the day was normal till you visit Hecate and Apollo cabins.

Everyone knows you ALWAYS have to knock on Apollo and Hecate cabin doors. If you just walk in Hecate cabin then you might set off one of the magical traps they set up, and no one was ever in the mood to be turned purple or into a guinea pig.

As for Apollo cabin well everyone knows that Apollo kids could curse people to rhyme or sing for a few days, weeks, and once even months when disturbed when they're at the archery range or making music in their cabin. 

I had decided to visit Hecate cabin came in and just look around to see if I could use something of theirs to use on people I don't like.

My eye caught sight of a jar full of green gas. Me being me I picked it up to get a closer look when the jar slipped out of my hands smashing onto the floor. 

~Timeskip brought to you by Zayn's High Notes~

I woke up on the floor. With Lou Ellen and Giselle looking at me. Wait! I'm standing! Why am I so close to the floor than?! I looked at the floor.

My clothes fit me big. I began to freak out.

Lou picked me up wrapping my clothes around me. "Shh. Stop crying Ceci. Know you've been told to be careful."

I tried to say I wasn't crying, but only a hiccup came out.

Oh no! I am crying in front of my best friend and was basically wearing nothing since I was drowning in my clothes since they were too big. My crying increase and I started to scream.

Giselle took me from Lou. "Shh. Luxy, calm down. No one will hurt you." She said nicely.

I kept crying. She should be scolding me for not listening and coming into Hecate's cabin alone.

"Let's go to Apollo cabin while Lou comes up with a cure to get you back to normal." Giselle said picking me up and taking me to her cabin

~Timeskip to Apollo Cabin brought to you by the Winter Soldier~

I sat on Giselle's bed playing with some toys that Giselle had for what reason I don't know while Will and her were talking about music or something.

 "I'm hungwy." I said causing the two to look at me 

"Okay hold on I'll go get you food." Giselle said walking out of the cabin

Will looked at me before grabbing me some colors and large white paper for me to draw on.

I happily began to draw while he watched me and began to make some more arrows for his quiver.

I continued drawing when Connor and Travis both walked into the cabin looking for Will.

"Hey Will you're needed in the infirmary." Connor told him

"I can't leave. Giselle wants me to stay with Ceci." He told them causing the two to look at me

"Giselle told us what happen as she walked to get her something to eat.'' Travis said causing me to look at him

Will sighed but nodded getting up looking at me with a stern look "Don't leave the cabin until Giselle or Lou come to get you." Before following the Stolls out leaving me alone.

I went back to drawing before I began to get bored wondering where Giselle was with my food before I looked around the cabin. 

The interior was like a recording studio, with bunk beds all neatly made with trunks on the foot of their beds. There were tables and chairs for demigods to write music. Cupboards filled with medical supplies, art and craft supplies, and for making bows and arrows. Instruments were in cases and music sheets were on music stands.    Me being I wanted to get to the art supplies so I began walking towards the cupboard filled with art and craft supplies that was until Giselle came into the cabin with a plate with a cheeseburger and fries.    "What are you doing?" She questioned me    I just smiled back innocently before sitting on her bed as she gave me the plate of food. She sat down next to me as she looked at the different toys around me.   "Why do you have them?" I asked her as I took a bite out of the burger    She looked at me before looking at the toys "They belong to a friend of mine." She said looking at a stuffed hydra beanbag

I looked at her and noticed a look of sadness flash across her face before she got up from the bed to grab something from her trunk. There was a knock on the cabin door and in walked in Lou with a cup that was smoking.

"I made a potion for you to drink to change you back." She said motioning to the cup

It smelled horrible. "Ew." I said before trying to leave the cabin

Giselle grabbed me and held me in her arms as Lou opened my mouth and tipped the cup making me drink the potion.

There was a poof and then I was back to normal in Giselle's arms who fell to the ground with me on top since she was still holding me.

"I think you learned something today right Ceci? Not to be taking things from my cabin." Lou said before walking out

Giselle stared at me before pushing me off of herself before standing up dusting off her clothes. "You wont do that again right?" she asked me

I stood up nodding my head as we both walked out of Apollo cabin telling her I wasn't doing that again. That was until an Aphrodite child and a Nemesis child passed me off. They ended up being turned into puppies for a week. Both Lou and Giselle me looks of disapproval but I gained highfives from all the Hermes kids and my siblings.

I also left a gift for Will in Apollo cabin when no one was paying attention since they were in archery practice.


Guess Will found my gift I better start running.
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