Lies, Music, and Monsters Book 3

Sequel to Music and Monsters
5SOS are the last band members demigods that Ben needs. They get found by Ben and are told lies. This takes place a few months after Ben wanted to steal the Book of Hecate. The Wanted, One Direction, and 5SOS-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods and Music and Monsters

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, 5SOS, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
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4. It's Not True

~Ben's POV~
Me and Kelly were walking around New York when Kelly spotted four familiar guys that were all over the social network along with the screaming girls. They were 5 Seconds of Summer.  We were going to get them on our side by tricking them and getting them to pledge to Kronos. Of course it would be hard seeing as they were friends with One Direction.

"We need to get them alone." Kelly said watching girls throw themselves at the boys

I nodded in agreement watching them we can go to their hotel and convince them there or their dressing room. In the end I chose their dressing room since that's how my sister got One Direction and The Wanted members. 

“This is it.” Kelly told me bringing me out of my thoughts

I pulled out a bobby pin and started to pick the lock. I was picked up a few things along the way during my journey with Justin.

“Got it.” I said pulling on the door. It swung right open.

We walked inside. Kelly had a knife in her hand. And I had my knife at-the-ready also. We had to knock out a few guards but don’t worry, we didn’t kill them just roughed them up a bit.

We made it to the dressing room. There, a big man was leaning against the wall with his back to us.

“Go.” I mouthed to Kelly

She nodded and tiptoed up to the man ready to knock him out. But suddenly, he whipped around and knocked Kelly to the ground. Her knife flew out of her hands and skidded about five feet away.

“You should train harder demigod.” The man smiled

“Hey Jessie.” I said

He looked up and grinned at me. Jessie was a cyclops. He was assigned to watch over 5SOS until we came for them.

“Time already.” He said


Suddenly, four very attractive boys walked in. Kelly recognized them blushing as 5 Seconds of Summer. I know who they were right away since I was Son of Apollo. I know this musical stuff.

“Who are they?” the tall one with blue-green eyes, Michael asked

“I’m Ben Sollux.” I said “That’s Kelly Blue.”

“Well what do you want? An autograph? Pictures?” the dirty blonde one, Ashton asked

“We need to take you with us before our enemies take you.” Kelly said

“Wait what?” Calum asked

“Have you ever heard of Greek and Roman Myths?” I said

“Well yeah” Luke said

“Remember demigods?” Kelly added


“Well you guys are demigods.” Jessie said

“You’re kidding.” Michael said

“No.” Jessie said “Now listen to me boys….”

“Prove it.” Calum said

I looked at Jessie and he sighed. He started to take on his true form.

“Whoa! Jessie!” Luke yelled backing away from him with the others

Jessie smirked and continued until he was in his true form.

“Whoa.” Ashton gasped

“Yeah.” Jessie said changing back to his other form. “These two are here to protect you from the One Direction and The Wanted members. Follow them, and do whatever they say.”

“But we've been on tour with 1D!” Calum said “They can't be our enemies!”

“Either you can get killed or you can join us and we can protect you.” Kelly snapped

“No. We are not going with you and we certainly don't believe you.” Ashton said sternly

I sighed and looked at Jessie. He nodded and I sighed.

“I am so sorry about this….” I said pulling out an arrow

“Sorry for what?” Calum asked

I sighed again and shot the arrow. A gas seeped out and surrounded the boys. 

“So, sleepyyyyyy….” Michael said and fell to the ground.

Then, the rest fell too.

“Alright. Let’s get them into the car.” Jessie said picking up Ashton and Michael

 Kelly and I dragged Calum and Luke placing them in the car before driving to the Chimera.

After carrying them into a spare room we left them alone to come to before going to grand ballroom to go over battle plans.

~Ceci's POV~
Me and Tom got to 5 Seconds of Summer dressing room only to find it deserted and an arrow on the ground.

"We were too late." Tom mumbled

"Hopefully they won't fall for their tricks." I said out loud

Tom nodded and looked at the dressing room "We should get their things in case we have a chance to rescue them."

I nodded "Good idea. I'll IM Chiron and Giselle. Maybe she has better luck than us."

Giselle and Luke had been working overtime with training, and doing anything to stop Ben from getting new demigods. So far the two had been on four quests bringing back demigods to camp.

Edmund Keynes son of Dionysus 
Ashley Amor daughter of Aphrodite
Twins Lucas and Aiden Edwards sons of Hermes
And last but not least Isabel Blanc daughter of Iris

All of them were brought safely to camp. Giselle, Luke, and occasionally Edmund, Will and Sam went with them all got minor injuries. At the moment the five of them were at a boarding school picking up three new demigods reported by a satyr. The three were rumored to be sons of Hebe, Tyche, and Hypnos. 

I grabbed the boys things placing them inside a magical bag making sure nothing stayed behind before me and Tom went to their hotel rooms packing their things before IMing Chiron and Giselle.

The IM gave me and Tom a view of the group of demigods which let me tell you was not a pretty sight to see.

Giselle and Will were treating Sam, Luke, Edmund, and the three new demigods who all looked like they've been through Tartarus.

"Hey." I yelled catching all their attention 

"Hey Ceci." Giselle greeted me looking up from giving an ambrosia square to the new demigods 

Yeah we're friends again. We made up after they brought Edmund to camp. She explained to me everything along with The Wanted members making amends with us.

"What happen to you guys?" Tom asked 

"Manticore." Sam and Edmund said together groaning

"Okay your turn Ed." Will said after treating Luke

Edmund nodded moving towards him wincing at the pain.

Luke leaned again a tree "How's your guys quest going?"

I flinched slightly "We were too late."

Giselle sighed as Sam winced as she treated him "We might be able to save them once we find out where they are."

"Sorry we failed guys." I said quietly 

"You didn't fail. We just need to expand our resources a bit more." Luke said

We (Me and Tom) stared at him then we looked at the others who nodded at what Luke said. Giselle and Will took a drink of nectar before settling down on their bedrolls. Will being between Sam and Edmund. The trio of newbies in the middle of the others, Giselle and Luke next to each other with Sam and Edmund being close to them. 

"See if you guys can find a trail. Maybe we can sneak them off the Chimera." Sam said summoning a few skeletal warriors getting disapproving looks from the two Apollo children 

"What?" Sam questioned innocently 

"Sleep before I knock you out with one of my arrows." Giselle said causing Edmund to snicker

"That's goes for you too." Will said causing Edmund to pout at him but obeyed the order 

"So where are you guys right now?" Tom questioned 

"Somerville Academy Military School for Boys. Well in the forest to be exact." Will answered as he laid on his back and watched the stars

"Military academy?" I asked

They nodded and Sam and Edmund both fell asleep along with the three new demigods leaving Giselle, Luke, and Will up.

"Try and find them then go back to camp. We'll make a plan from there." Giselle said before the IM went away

I looked at my brother and we got to work hoping to find a lead before the last Boybanders pledged themselves to Kronos.

~Will's POV~

I watched as the skeletal warriors Sam summoned guard our campsite as the others slept. I was wide awake along with my sister. I watched as Luke laid down on his bedroll not before quickly checking if my sister was alright before sleeping. Me and Giselle were taking first watch. 

"Do you think they'll find a trail?" I asked her

"Maybe." She replied sitting on her bedroll watching the fire we made 

"Something's bothering you." I said sitting up 

"It's nothing." She said dismissively 

I frowned " Any news from 1D?" 

"Yeah Zayn IM me saying they were coming back to camp." She said looking at me

I nodded before a peaceful silence fell upon us. This lasted until it was Sam's and Luke's turn for watch. We gently shook the two awake before settling down to sleep ourselves. 

I watched as Sam took out his sword getting up to walk the perimeter and in time to see Luke hold Giselle like how Jacob held Bella in Eclipse before I was consumed by sleep.

~Luke's POV~

I had Backbiter next to me while I held Giselle as she slept.

"You know I wish you two would just get together already." Sam said to me as he was swinging his sword around

"We wanted to start over." I said watching him

"Yeah, but you both act so cute it makes me want to puke." He said smirking 

"Shut up." I said before looking down at her

He laughed quietly "Go to the Lotus Casino spend sometime there and go on a date or something. Me and Ed need to win the bet against Malcolm and Lacy."

"What bet?" I said looking at he sharply

"The bet we made on when you would get together. Me and Ed said in Valentine's Day. Lacy and Malcolm said Spring Break." He replied 

I shook my head and thought about it "Maybe I'll take her to the casino. Don't know yet."

"Well I want you both together not her and lover boy." He said watching my reactions carefully 

I rolled my eyes "They're friends now."

"Friends right. He might still be in love with her or something." He said swinging his sword at warrior who deflected his attack 

I watched the two spar and then at her before thinking what Sam might be true. "It might not be true, but I won't lose her again. Not when I was given a second chance." I thought moving a few stray hairs from her face.

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