Lies, Music, and Monsters Book 3

Sequel to Music and Monsters
5SOS are the last band members demigods that Ben needs. They get found by Ben and are told lies. This takes place a few months after Ben wanted to steal the Book of Hecate. The Wanted, One Direction, and 5SOS-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods and Music and Monsters

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I only own my ideas.
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also some of the scenes are from the books.
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12. Hotels and Quests

~3rd POV~
The demigods got off the train stretching as they had no stops on the train getting a direct train towards Canada where they got on a plane to Juneau,  Alaska. After using the Mist they got a rental car heading towards the hotel Giselle had booked on the train after landing from the plane and a lot of praying to Zeus so they wouldn't be blasted out of the sky.

~Timeskip the Car Ride brought to you by Katniss being the MockingJay~
Luke drove from the airport to the Aspen Suites Hotel getting directions from Sam. Will, Clarisse, Chris, and Giselle were all in the backseat getting fidgety about sitting down for too long.

"Are we there yet?" Chris asked sitting next to Clarisse 

"Don't start or I'll throw you out of the car and into the snow." Luke said giving a glare to his half-brother through the rear view mirror

Sam snickered but looked back at the phone map when Clarisse shot him a look causing him to quiet down.

Will and Giselle sighed looking at each other before seeing the hotel appear up ahead.

"Look the hotel is up ahead." Will said leaning forward and pointing to the hotel

"Finally." Clarisse said

Giselle nodded in agreement "I need to take a shower."

"Got that right." Clarisse said causing the guys to groan in unison

"Shut up!" The girls snapped at them causing the boys to laugh

They got to the hotel with Chris and Will getting out of the car quickly going to check in leaving everyone else behind at the car. Giselle, Sam, Luke, and Clarisse all got off getting their things as Will and Chris came back with the room keys. Clarisse and Giselle both grabbed one leaving the boys with the other.

  "The suites are adjoining so we can be connected incase something happens." Will said leading them towards the rooms   Giselle and Clarisse quickly opened walked into their suite dropping their things on the bed quickly getting clothes before taking turns in the shower.   The boys on the other hand were all arguing about the sleeping arrangements.    "I call a bed!" Luke and Chris yelled running over to one of the double beds    "Sofa!" Will and Sam yelled jumping towards the sofa. Will got on the sofa first pushing Sam to the floor when he sat on the sofa.   "Hey!" Sam yelled slightly   The door to the adjoining girls room opened up with Giselle and Clarisse walking in with wet hair.    "Why is Sam on the floor?" Giselle asked looking at the son of Hades   "I have no where to sleep." He grumbled standing up    Clarisse sat on Chris' bed as Giselle looked at her.   "You can sleep on the couch in our room if you want." Giselle said leaning against the door frame    "Okay." Sam said going over the room and placing his things on the couch    "Why does he get to sleep there?" Luke asked   "He has no where to sleep." Clarisse said standing up "Take a shower you guys are starting to smell."   "Hey!" All the guys yelled before following her instructions

"I call the bathroom first." Luke said taking his bag into the bathroom locking it before any other boys got it first

Sam went into the girls bathroom while Giselle called for room service for everyone. 

Luke came out of the bathroom giving Chris a turn while Sam gave Will a turn for the shower.  Giselle and Clarisse were eating watching tv when Luke and Sam joined them. Chris and Will both got out joining the group eating before Will asked about where the demigods could be.

"Easy we look for clues for where they could be." Sam said eating a pizza slice 

"What clues would those be genius?" Chris asked sarcastically

Sam gave him a glare before continuing to eat.

"Stop it." Will said eating some grapes 

"Enough. This isn't solving anything." Luke said

"We look for them where ever we can. We have to make sure  they don't get found by Ben's minions." Giselle said

"She's right even if we have to split up to find them." Clarisse said looking up from her food

Everyone nodded before going to sleep after a long day of being stuck in a car and train and airport for a while.

~Dream Start Giselle's POV~ 
Ben called forward a demigod that looked Ethan Nakamura and the 5SOS guys into the grand ballroom where in the center was a large golden coffin. Even though Kronos’ essence was scattered in Tartarus once more he still wanted to destroy the Gods. Ben smirked evilly as he the boys stare at the coffin walking into the room. 

"Boys I want you to meet Kronos." Ben said motioning to the coffin

The boys stayed silent and just looked at the coffin before shivering as the room temperature dropped a few degrees.

"I know you've been training and all, but it's time for a quest that I want you to do for us." Ben said walking in front of us   

"Okay what do we have to do then?" The reincarnated demigod asked

"Prove yourself with this quest. Easy just retrieve Nike's Chariot before our enemies retrieve it first." Ben said like it was the simplest thing in the world 

"They don't have enough training for a quest that big." He exclaimed

"That's why you're going with them." Ben said as if it was obvious

Ezekiel stared at him hardly as the four other guys tensed up.

 "If I were you I would get your things ready, and leave on your quest." Ben said before turning away from them

The guys all stared at Ben before walking away to their rooms to get their things and leave for their quests.

~End of Dream~
I woke up with a start before looking out the window to see the moonlight shining through the curtains. There was a demigod that looked like Ethan and 5SOS were with Ben and they were going on a quest for Nike's chariot.

"Damn it." I said getting up looking through my backpack for my magic mirror that had a link to camp contacting Chiron. 

"Chiron we have a problem." I said when I saw an image of him 
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