Lies, Music, and Monsters Book 3

Sequel to Music and Monsters
5SOS are the last band members demigods that Ben needs. They get found by Ben and are told lies. This takes place a few months after Ben wanted to steal the Book of Hecate. The Wanted, One Direction, and 5SOS-Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Heroes of Olympus Crossover

Previous story We’re just a band not demigods and Music and Monsters

I don't own Percy Jackson Rick Riordan does.
I also don't own The Wanted, 5SOS, or One Direction.
I only own my ideas.
thank you for reading.
leave any comments for some new ideas.
also some of the scenes are from the books.
sorry if any characters seem OC.


8. A New Quest and Sorta New Demigods?

~Next Day Nathan's POV~ I woke up in my cabin after being shaken by Jay who was in my cabin. "It's time for breakfast, Nate." He said before walking out the cabin I quickly got dressed and walked out of the cabin to see my bandmates and One Direction there waiting for me. "Where's Ceci?" I asked not seeing the brunette "She said she was going to get our schedules." Liam said "I got 'em." She said handing them to each one of us appearing from behind Tom, Max, and Louis "How was patrol?" Niall asked Max "It was fine I guess. No monsters." He said grabbing his schedule They all looked at their schedules to see they had the same activities. "Let's go get breakfast before heading to Ancient Greek lessons with Athena cabin." Jay said The others nodded walking towards the dining pavilion. As they sat down at their respective tables they watched as other campers and cabins walk up sitting down. Harry watched as Giselle and Will spoke with each other grabbing quickly food giving up an offering before eating. Zayn stared at them weirdly to which they both dismissed as they continued to eat finishing and placing their plates in the container where all the dirty dishes went before waking off to the archery range. Luke and Sam were both discussing something before separating going to their tables to eat following the routine Will and Giselle did. Jay and Liam carefully observed the their movements before going to their activities with their friends. ~Timeskip brought to you by Crowley Annoying the Winchester Brothers~ All the Boybanders and Ceci collapsed in exhaustion after an intense training by all the older demigods. The group was at the beach all knocked out on the beach relaxing since they had free time before dinner. "What do you think Luke, Sam, Will, and Giselle were talking about?" Siva asked kicking a soccer ball towards Louis Tom, Louis, Siva, Niall, Max, Zayn, Jay, and Liam were all playing a game of soccer while Ceci, Nathan, and Harry were all sitting on the sidelines watching since they had to were volunteered for the climbing wall. "No idea." Ceci said laying down on a blanket in the sand "Maybe a new quest they have or something." Niall said kicking the ball towards the goal only for Jay to stop it "Or maybe they have information on 5SOS." Max said They all shrugged not knowing the answer, but quieted down when they saw Giselle walking towards the ocean not seeing them by the looks of it. They all turned in the direction she was staring at to see a big cruise ship was cutting across Long Island Sound, its white-and-gold lights glowing against the dark water. Luke, Sam, Will, Clarisse, and Chris all walked up to her all watching the ship tense. They stayed that way until the ship got smaller and smaller before it wasn't in their line of sight anymore before they left going to the dining pavilion at the sound of the conch signalling dinner time. Everyone walked to the pavilion following the same routine as always before going to the sing-a-long. Harry managed to pull aside Giselle dragging her towards the boybanders and Ceci who proceeded to ask her about the ship. She sighed "It's the Chimera and we think someone we used to know is on there with 5SOS." "So that means we get a new quest right." Jay asked "Not yet at least. Not at least we know for sure they're on that ship. We aren't going on a suicide mission if they aren't there." Luke said coming from behind Giselle with Sam following him "Who said you're going?" Harry questioned annoyed Luke rolled his eyes at him before pulling Giselle by her wrist towards Chiron "He needs us a satyr reported a child of Hades, Aphrodite, and Hephaestus. The three looking like reincarnations of them." Giselle seemed to understand what he meant and she motioned towards Clarisse, Will, Sam, and Chris. Edmund was with the new demigods happily talking to them. "We want to help." Liam said stopping the trio in their tracks "No. This isn't like the quests you have gone on before." Sam was the one who replied "Plus you guys are needed here for now. Train until we come back then we can go get the 5SOS crew." Giselle said looking at them They all nodded not likely staying behind, but they respected her decision until what Luke said next " You need to decide on who's going on the rescue team. All can't go not if you want to attract to much attention than we already are when we get on that ship." "Who said you're going to go?" Tom and Ceci questioned "I did." Giselle said making Harry feel betrayed "Why?" Jay, Max, Siva, Louis, and Liam questioned "He needs to be there for the allie that is on the Chimera. That's why." Sam said Niall and Nathan looked at them before they nodded at each other and began to calm down their friends. Sam went to go get Will, Clarisse, and Chris while Luke went to Chiron, and Giselle went to get their equipment. Before the night was done the six demigods were on their way to Alaska to pick up the three new demigods. And now the boybanders and Ceci had to make the decision on who was going to go on the rescue team to get 5SOS and their new allie from the Chimera.
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