Every single love story is romantic. Some unique, others very similar. GOTTA love what the mind can think of. However, mine will be unique... Abnormal infact... Paranormal?


3. Chapter Two: HOODINI.

I might have fell asleep watching YouTube. Also known as... MY NIGHTLY ROUTINE! I slowly stirred and my eyes shot right open. Joe was just floating above my bed, his eyes fixated on my phone screen. "HOODINI!" Joe laughed. "H-huh... What is going on..." I groan as I stretch my limbs. "What do you call an owl magician?" Joe questioned me, his eyes fixated now on me instead of the screen. I just grunted unattractively in reply. "HOODINI!" I face palmed so hard. God Dammit! That reminds me of my friend Ella... Always making puns, always making stupid comments.

Wait, I'm supposed to be meeting her today... I glanced over at the alarm clock. It was One in the afternoon. I was going to be late... Wait, I was already late! In a huge hurry, I scrambled out of bed, due to my humongous clumsiness I tripped over my duvet and fell on my face. At least it wasn't as bad as dropping your phone on your face. Trust me, that is the absolute worst!

"Hey! What's the big rush?" Joe floated over towards me while I was struggling to fit into my black skinny jeans. "I'm late for a meeting with my friend... I was supposed to be at StarBucks ten minutes ago!" I gritted my teeth and slid on my fall out boy black band tee. I quickly grab my black beanie and run for the door. I slide my black converse on. "Goodbye, Joe. " I wave. "Good Riddance." Joe laughs.


Word Count: 256 words.

Sorry that this second chapter is short, but I update this daily right? That makes up for it. I don't know actually... Does it?

Anyways, don't be a silent reader. Comment your opinions on the story so far! One day I hope this book will blow up. It's on my bucket list!

See you in the next chapter... A.k.a Tomorrowwwwww!

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