Stars (Poetry Collection, Part I)

"A falling star fell from your heart and landed in my eyes." - 'Cosmic Love', Florence and the Machine.

Poetry centering around love and the stars, part one of a poetry collection.


3. My Spiral Staircase

I think I might be scared of heights

And I think this is because 

I have climbed quite high before

Only to discover that there is no way back down

And I have jumped from quite high before

Only to discover I never had a parachute.


But with you, with this

Even though there is the chance 

That I could end up on the floor 

With not only my heart but my whole being

Cracked in so many places

I think I will climb as high as possible anyway

Because I think you will be 

The spiral yet stable staircase

That I have been looking for

And I think I will jump from a great height anyway

Because if you do not turn out to be my parachute

I think you will be the one to fall with me

And you will hold both of my hands

As we fall all the way down to Earth together.

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